Date Format by Country 2022

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What Are the Different Date Formats?

It is important for people to know what day it is, particularly when they travel overseas. That way, they do not get lost, end up in the wrong place, or miss a train or a plane. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for people to tell what date it is depending on the format that is used. There are several different date formats that countries use across the world, and people need to know what format is being used. Some people use a format that goes: day, then month, then year. There are other countries that use the format: year, then month, then day. There are even countries that use the format: month, then day, then year. Which countries use which format?

The United States Tend To Be an Outlier

Even though the United States is one of the biggest countries on Earth, it is a bit of an outlier when it comes to the date format. It is the only country on Earth that uses the format: month, then day, then year. Therefore, in the United States, 1/10/2022 stands for January 10th, 2022. This is the date format across all of the United States, and many of the US Island territories also follow this format. When visiting US territories, this format is not Universal, so it is important for people visiting the islands to ask for clarification. That way, they know what date it is.

Most of the World Uses the Day, Month, Year Format

The vast majority of the world uses the format: day, then month, then year. Using the example above, 1/10/2022 would stand for the 1st of October, 2022. Clearly, this is very different than what it would mean in the United States. Just about every country in Europe uses this format. This includes the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, the Netherlands, and numerous other countries. The vast majority of countries in South America also use this format. This includes Peru, Argentina, Brazil, and Venezuela. Countries in Western Asia also follow this format. This includes Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and numerous other countries in the Middle East.

What Is the Most Common Date Format Used in Asia?

The other common date format that people will see is the year, then month, then day. For example, January 10th, 2022 would be written as 2022/10/1 in Asia. Most of the biggest countries in Asia use this date format. This includes China, Japan, and South Korea. In addition, this format will be seen in a few scattered countries in Central Asia, including Nepal, Sri Lanka, and a few others. This is the date format that is hardest to confuse because the year is written first; however, if the year is only represented by two numbers, it may be possible for people to get confused. The most important thing for people to remember when they are traveling is that they need to ask for clarification if something is unclear.

Date Format by Country 2022

Date Format by Country 2022