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Country Mottos 2024

United States – In God We Trust

The United States has had two country mottos in its history with its current motto being in God we trust. The most recent motto has been reaffirmed by Congress in 2011 in a 396 – 9 vote. Prior to that, the Seal of the United States contained the motto E Pluribus Unum (Latin) which means, “From many, one” or “Out of many, one” a motto that is on the Great Seal of the United States. Historians of the nation still refer to that motto, which was affirmed by an Act of Congress in 1782.

Canada – From Sea to Sea

Canada has a few country mottos that are unofficial in nature, but the official country motto for Canada is “A mari usque ad mare” (Latin) or, “From sea to sea.” This motto is the Latin translation of a phrase that comes form Psalm 72:8 in the Bible which reads, “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the Earth.”

France – Liberté, égalité, fraternité

The country motto for France is Liberté, égalité, fraternité, which, translated from French to English means, Liberty, equality, fraternity. The motto was born in the Age of Enlightenment which occurred in the eighteenth century when France became a leader in the world for enlightening Europe in intellectual and philosophical pursuits. The movement was inspired by the great thinker Louis XV also known as “The Beloved” who inspire France from 1715 to 1774. The country motto prevailed in the French Revolution and was written into France law in the Constitution in 1958.

Greece: Ελευθερία ή θάνατος

The motto for Greece is Ελευθερία ή θάνατος which is pronounced Eleftheria i Thanatos which translated into English means Freedom or Death. Of the many country mottos of the world, this one came from a song during a fight for independence and resistance. The motto was adopted in 1814 by a secret group known as Filiki Eteria and was launched as a means to overthrow the Ottoman rule. By the 1820s, when the Greek War of Independence occurred, it became the war cry. It is said that the 9 stripes showcased by the Greek flag is to represent 9 syllables of the motto.

Argentina -- En unión y Libertad

The country motto for Argentina is "En union y Libertad" (Spanish) which means “In Unity and Freedom.” The motto is seen on the National Coat of Arms where there are two people shaking hands. The hand shaking symbolizes the unity of the many provinces of Argentina. In between the hands is a pike, held by the hands, and this represents the power to defend and preserve liberty in the country. The hands represent unity, the pike represents power, and the cap on the pike symbolizes freedom.

  • Many mottos have been translated from their official language.
  • Some countries, such as Andorra and Angola or Senegal and Mali, share the same motto.
  • National mottos may differ at times from national slogans.

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Country Mottos
AfghanistanThere is no god but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.
AlbaniaYou, Albania, give me honor, give me the name Albanian
AlgeriaBy the people and for the people
American SamoaSamoa, God is first
AndorraStrength united is stronger
AngolaStrength united is stronger
AnguillaUnity, strength and endurance
Antigua and BarbudaEach endeavouring, all achieving
ArgentinaIn union and liberty (unofficial)
ArmeniaOne Nation, One Culture
ArubaOne happy island
AustraliaNo official motto, formerly "Advance Australia"
AustriaIt is Austria's destiny to rule the whole world
AzerbaijanThe land of fire (unofficial)
BahamasForward, Upward, Onward Together
BahrainOur Bahrain (unofficial)
BangladeshVictory to Bengal (national slogan)
BarbadosPride and Industry
BelarusLong live Belarus! (unofficial)
BelgiumUnity gives strength
BelizeUnder the shade I flourish
BeninFellowship, Justice, Labor
BermudaWhither the fates carry [us]
BhutanGross national happiness (unofficial)
BoliviaUnity is strength
BrazilOrder and progress
BruneiAlways in service with God's guidance
BulgariaUnity makes strength
Burkina FasoUnity, Progress, Justice
BurundiUnity, Work, Progress
CambodiaNation, Religion, King
CameroonPeace - Work - Fatherland
CanadaFrom sea to sea
Cape VerdeUnity, Work, Progress
Cayman IslandsHe hath founded it upon the sea
Central African RepublicUnity, Dignity, Work
ChadUnity, Work, Progress
ChileThrough reason or by force
Chinanone, but motto of ruling CCP is "Serve the People"
ColombiaFreedom and order
ComorosUnity, Solidarity, Development
Costa RicaPure life
CroatiaGod and Croats
CubaFatherland or death
CuracaoFeel it for yourself
CyprusNo official Motto
Czech RepublicTruth prevails
DenmarkKing and fatherland
DjiboutiUnity, Equality, Peace
DominicaAfter God, the Earth
Dominican RepublicGod, Fatherland, Liberty
DR CongoJustice, Peace, Work
EcuadorGod, homeland, and feedom
EgyptLife, Health, Well-Being (unofficial)
El SalvadorGod, Union, Liberty
Equatorial GuineaUnity, Peace, Justice
EritreaVictory to the Masses!
EswatiniWe are the fortress
Ethiopianone, formerly "Ethiopia holds up her hands unto God"
Falkland IslandsDesire the right
Faroe IslandsLive free or die
FijiFear God and honor the King
FranceLiberty, equality, fraternity
French GuianaWork creates abundance
French PolynesiaLiberty, equality, fraternity
GabonUnion, Work, Justice
GambiaProgress, Peace, Prosperity
GeorgiaStrength is in Unity!
GermanyUnity and justice and freedom (unofficial)
GhanaFreedom and Justice
GreeceFreedom or Death
GrenadaEver Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People
GuamLand of the chamorus
GuatemalaGrow Free and Fertile
GuineaWork, Justice, Solidarity
Guinea BissauUnity, Struggle, Progress
GuyanaOne People, One Nation, One Destiny
HaitiLiberty, equality, fraternity
HondurasFree, sovereign and independent
Hungarynone, formerly "With the help of God for Homeland and Freedom"
IcelandIt will all work out okay (unofficial)
IndiaTruth alone triumphs
IndonesiaUnity in diversity
IranGod is the Greatest
IraqGod is the Greatest
Irelandnone, but historical motto is "Ireland forever"
IsraelIf you will it, it is no dream (unofficial)
JamaicaOut of many, One People
Japannone, though some sources suggest "Let the rising sun bloom"
JerseyGod and my right
JordanGod, Homeland, King
Kazakhstannone, though some sources suggest "Freedom, unity, progress!"
KenyaAll pull together
KiribatiHealth, Peace, and Prosperity
KuwaitGod, the Nation, the Emir
LaosPeace, independence, democracy, unity and prosperity
Latvianone, though some sources suggest "For fatherland and freedom"
LebanonWe are all for the Country, the Sublime and the Flag
LesothoPeace, Rain, Prosperity
LiberiaThe love of liberty brought us here
Libyanone, though some sources suggest "Freedom, socialism, unity"
LiechtensteinFor God, Prince and Fatherland
LithuaniaFreedom, unity, prosperity (unofficial)
LuxembourgWe wish to remain what we are
MadagascarLove, Ancestral Land, Progress
MalawiUnity and Freedom
MalaysiaUnity is strength
MaldivesState of the Mahal Dibiyat
MaliOne people, one goal, one faith
MaltaStrength and consistency
Marshall IslandsAccomplishment/Achievement through joint effort
MartiniqueCommunity service in the country
MauritaniaHonor, Fraternity, Justice
MauritiusStar and key of the Indian Ocean
MayotteWe are vigilant
Mexiconone, but congressional motto is "The homeland is first"
MicronesiaPeace, Unity, Liberty
Moldovanone, though some sources suggest "Our language is a treasure"
MonacoWith God's help
MongoliaGreat Mongol (unofficial)
MontenegroMay Montenegro be eternal! (unofficial)
MontserratA people of excellence, molded by nature, nurtured by God
MoroccoGod, the Country, the King
Myanmarnone, formerly "Happiness through harmony"
NamibiaUnity, liberty, justice
NauruGod's will first
NepalMother and motherland are greater than heaven
NetherlandsI will maintain
New CaledoniaLand of speech, land of sharing
New Zealandnone, formerly "Onward"
NicaraguaIn God We Trust
NigerFraternity, Work, Progress
NigeriaUnity and Faith, Peace and Progress
Niuenone, formerly "Onward"
North KoreaPowerful and propserous nation
North MacedoniaLiberty or Death
Norwaynone, but royal motto is "Everything for Norway"
PakistanFaith, Unity, Discipine
Palaunone, though some sources suggest "Rainbow's end"
PalestineFrom river to the sea, Palestine will be free (unofficial)
PanamaFor the benefit of the world
Papua New GuineaUnity in diversity
ParaguayPeace and justice
PeruSteady and happy for the union
PhilippinesFor God, for the people, for nature and for the country
PolandFor our freedom and yours (unofficial)
PortugalThis is my beloved blessed homeland
Puerto RicoJohn is his name
Republic of the CongoUnity, Work, Progress
ReunionI will flourish wherever I am brought
RomaniaNothing without God (unofficial)
Russianone, though some sources suggest "God is with us"
RwandaUnity, Work, and Patriotism
Saint LuciaThe land, the people, the light
Saint Pierre and MiquelonFrom the sea, work
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesPeace and justice
SamoaGod be the Foundation of Samoa
San MarinoLiberty
Saudi ArabiaThere is no God other than God and Muhammad is the Messenger of God
SenegalOne people, one goal, one faith
SerbiaOnly Unity Saves the Serbs
SeychellesThe end crowns the work
Sierra LeoneUnity, freedom, justice
SingaporeOnward Singapore
Sint MaartenAlways progressing
Slovakianone, formerly "Faithful to Ourselves, Together Ahead!"
Solomon IslandsTo lead is to serve
SomaliaArise Somalis! (unofficial), some sources suggest "Go forward, and never backward"
South AfricaDiverse people unite / Unity in diversity
South KoreaTo broadly benefit humanity / Devotion to human welfare
South SudanJustice, Liberty, Prosperity
SpainFurther beyond
Sri Lankanone
SudanVictory is Ours
SurinameJustice, piety, loyalty
Swedennone, but royal motto is "For Sweden – in the time"
SwitzerlandOne for all, all for one (unofficial)
SyriaUnity, Freedom, Socialism
TajikistanIndependence, Freedom, Homeland!
TanzaniaFreedom and Unity
ThailandNation, Religion, King (unofficial)
Timor LesteUnity, Action, Progress
TogoWork, Liberty, Homeland
TokelauTokelau for the Almighty
TongaGod and Tonga are my Inheritance
Trinidad and TobagoTogether we aspire, together we achieve
TunisiaFreedom, Order, and Justice
Turkeynone, but motto of Parliament is "Sovereignty unconditionally belongs to the People" and "How happy is the one who says I am a Turk!" is one of multiple unofficial mottos
TurkmenistanTurkmenistan is the motherland of Neutrality!
Turks and Caicos IslandsOne people, one nation, one destiny
TuvaluTuvalu for the Almighty
UgandaFor God and My Country
UkraineGlory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! (unofficial)
United Arab EmiratesGod, Nation, President
United KingdomGod and my right (unofficial)
United StatesIn God We Trust
United States Virgin IslandsUnited in pride and hope
UruguayLiberty or Death
UzbekistanThe Strength Is in the Justice!
VanuatuWith God we stand
Vatican CityBy giving mercy and by choosing (unofficial)
Venezuelanone, but historical motto is "God and federation"
VietnamIndependence, Liberty/Freedom, Happiness
Western SaharaLiberty, Democracy, Unity
YemenGod, Homeland, Revolution, Unity
ZambiaOne Zambia, One Nation
ZimbabweUnity, Freedom, Work
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What are the most famous country mottos?

Some of the most famous country mottos include the US (In God We Trust), Canada (From Sea to Sea), France (Liberté, égalité, fraternité), Greece (Ελευθερία ή θάνατος), and Argentina (En unión y Libertad).

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