Most Homophobic Countries 2022

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Same-Sex Death Penalty

Northern Nigeria

This country is on Newsweek’s 2014 top 12 most homophobic countries list, and death penalty for same-sex acts occurs in the northern states. As of 2021, it’s also reported as the most dangerous place to travel in the world for people interested in others of the same gender. A 14-year prison sentence happened to one person just for having a same-sex attraction, and same-sex PDA is forbidden.


In 2019, Brunei reportedly backed down on administering the death penalty to people involved in same-sex activities. However, the ILGA World reported in December 2020 that the country still enforces the use of capital punishment. If not death, corporal punishment is still inflicted on both men and women having same-sex relations as of 2021.


Also, on the list of being the 15th dangerous place for LGBTQIA travelers, this county imposes severe penalties. People found guilty of same-sex intercourse suffer 100 lashes if not the death penalty. Other non-intercourse same-sex acts typically are punishable by 31 whips. The only loophole allowed here is gender reassignment surgery.


Women and women who have sex with one another could end up in prison for terms from three months to two years. Fines they pay could pay range from 5,000 to 60,000 Mauritanian Ouguiya (about $138-$1661 USD). Laws state that men who have sex with one another will face death by stoning. However, it hasn’t been enforced. Still, this is one of the most dangerous places and most homophobic countries in the world.

Saudi Arabia

It’s the top two most dangerous places for people attracted to the same sex to travel. Public whipping, lashings, flogging, life in prison or death are some possible penalties administered for same-sex relations. Illegal same-sex activities include transgendered relations, cross-dressing, and same-sex partnerships or marriage.


Punishment for any kind of sexual relations between men and men or women and women result in severe punishments. Imprisonment and 100 lashes for single people is on the books, but death for married men who engage in same-sex behavior are possibilities.

Dangerous Same-Sex Travel


People engaging in same-sex relations can face up to 20 years in prison, and it’s the third riskiest place to travel for them. Hefty fines and whipping also are possible. Asians preferring the same gender would often fear for their lives when traveling here. This country also forbids transgender relations.


Men could spend 14 years in prison and women could spend at least five years in prison for same-sex acts. Laws also state that a man could go to prison for six months for having hair reaching down to his mouth. No LGBTQ+ organizations or expressions about same-sex relationship support is allowed. It’s the 4th riskiest place for visitors with same-sex attractions.


At least two women or at least two men who engage sexually with one another could receive as much as a three-year prison sentence. For imitating someone of the opposite sex, the government could impose a one-year jail sentence. This country’s laws forbid LGBTQ+ organizations from visiting. It’s labeled the “5th worst” risky place to travel and one of the most homophobic countries.

Most Homophobic Countries 2022

Country 2022 Population
Saudi Arabia36,408,820

Most Homophobic Countries 2022