Most Conservative Countries 2021

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When discussing politics or religion, the term “conservative” comes up often, but what does it mean? Someone who is conservative is someone that has traditional values and beliefs.

In the United States, those with conservative values desire a smaller, deregulated government; aim to preserve the philosophy and regulations int eh Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and have an aversion to rapid change and hold a strong belief that traditional morality needs to be preserved, such as that articulated in the Bible.

Furthermore, a conservative person is likely in favor of marriage between a man and a woman. A conservative person may not believe in divorce, abortion, or other controversial issues. A conservative person is typically very resistant to change.

People worldwide have different beliefs and values, and many of these people are more traditional. However, it’s impossible to measure exactly how many conservatives live around the world. Studies, reports, and research give an idea of which nations around the world are the most conservative. While it’s possible that this data is incomplete or there are some inaccuracies, this is the best way to measure which countries are the most conservative.

MoveHub compiled data to create a list of the most and least conservative countries in the world. Data was pulled from three studies performed in 2016. The studies used to compile this list include the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Report, the Social Progress Index, and the Environmental Performance Index. These studies evaluate categories including religious tolerance, freedom of the press, and gender parity.

Based on the data, Yemen is considered the most conservative nation in the world. The data show that this country has the largest gender gap and performed poorly in corruption and access to education. Coming in second as one of the world’s most conservative countries is Mali. Mali scored low in advanced education and gender parity. It was found the be one of the least tolerant and progressive countries in the world. Ranked third, Iran is another one of the world’s most conservative countries. It ranked poorly in personal rights and gender parity.

The top 10 most conservative nations based on the data compiled by MoveHub are:

Conversely, the most liberal countries are Iceland, Finland, and Sweden.

Most Conservative Countries 2021

Rank Country 2021 Population
Saudi Arabia35,340,683

Most Conservative Countries 2021