Most Liberal Countries 2020

The world “liberal” is thrown around a lot, especially around election time, but what does it really mean? Liberal is defined as being open to new opinions and behaviors beyond traditional beliefs and values.

For example, for many years, people believed that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. A person with liberal views believes that marriage can be between any two people, regardless of their gender.

Throughout the world, people have their own set of beliefs. Some people have more traditional views on issues such as marriage, divorce, and abortion, while others are more open and willing to accept things that are outside of the traditional.

Measuring the most and least liberal nations is a difficult task that has not been perfected. Data, reports, and surveys can be used to get an idea of the most liberal views and opinions in nations around the world.

In 2017, Movehub used three different surveys taken in 2016 to find the most liberal nations in the world. The study uses the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap report, the Environmental Performance Index, and the Social Progress Index and looked at categories including LGBT tolerance, religious tolerance, and gender parity.

According to this study, Iceland was found to be the most liberal nation in the world. This country had the smallest gender pay gap in the world and was also one of the most eco-friendly.

Finland and Sweden were ranked second and third, respectively. Finland ranked high in health and safety, while Sweden ranked high in gender equality.

The top 10 nation on this list are: