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Most Feminist Countries 2024


Sweden leads the pack in self-identifying feminist with 46% of the women in that country giving the nod to that description. Considered the gold standard of gender parity, Sweden’s equal opportunity in employment, health care, and a litany of social safety protections.


France ranks directly behind Sweden with a 30% of women claiming that they are feminist. Sharing many of the societal safety nets as Sweden, French women benefit from a standard of living that allows for a sense of parity in the country.


Italian women self-identify as feminist at an approximate rate of 25% of the population. Woman enjoy a myriad of policies aimed towards parity of genders in the economy, and the country has in place family-friendly policies, such as paid maternal leave.

Great Britain

Great Britain’s female population roughly mirrors the numbers shown in France, 25%, which has witnessed growth in rights and privileges under the auspices of the nation’s social safety net. Heath care and economic parity fuels the belief of this portion of the population in feminism.


In the Land Down Under, Australia’s women consider themselves feminist by a fairly large percentage. Like all nations in the Commonwealth, social engineering and access to healthcare allows for a feeling of gender parity.

United States

Of women in the United States, 20% of the country have given the nod to the self-identification as feminist. Unlike some European countries however, the lack of an adequate social safety net belies the actual level of parity between the genders.


Long the most western looking of the Arab nations, Turkish women have outstripped their Arab colleagues in identifying as feminists. This secular outlook, as compared with other nations in the region, helps boost the identification of women in the nation as feminists.


Like many countries of Northern Europe, women in Denmark identify as as a feminists, but unlike those other nations, Danish women are probably more likely to ignore catcalls as unimportant or trivial. It can be postulated that the Dane’s opinions on what is acceptable in society.

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Which country is most feminist?

About 46% of women in Sweden consider themselves a feminist, which is the highest percentage of feminists in the world.

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