Average Vacation Days by Country 2023

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In most countries, employees are entitled to a given number of paid vacation days to allow them to relax and refresh themselves. Here is a listicle of the average vacation days by country.


Kuwait is a republic in western Asia. As per Kuwait labor laws, employees in the country are entitled to 30 vacation days per year. However, vacation days can only be granted if one has offered not less than nine months of continuous service under one employer, when working for five days a week.

Besides the 30-day leave, workers also enjoy 13 public holidays, including hegira new year, Eid Al-Fitr, Eid Al-Adha, etc. Workers who agree to work during these public holidays are entitled to double their regular daily pay plus an extra one day off.

Further, workers who offer not less than two years of continuous service to one employer qualify for additional 21 days of paid leave. This brings the total vacation days to 64 days, excluding the sick-offs.


Cambodia is a republic in Southeast Asia, nestled in the southern section of the Indochinese Peninsula. According to sources, workers in Cambodia are entitled to 27 paid public holidays, including International New Year Day, Victory Over Genocide Day, Meak Bochea Day, International Woman’s Day and Khmer New Year (3 Days), among others.

The 27 vacation days above add to the 1 1/2 days of annual paid leave for every month served, giving 42 vacation days. Over and above that, an employee qualifies for an additional vacation day after every three years of continuous service under one employer.


Austria is a republic in the southern section of central Europe. Employees who have worked in the country for not more than 25 years qualify for at least 30 days of paid annual leave plus 13 paid public holidays.

On the other hand, employees who have worked in the country for 25 years and more get 36 weeks of paid annual leave, amounting to 49 vacation days, excluding the sick offs. Workers who render their services during public holidays are entitled to a double wage.

The country also offers additional vacation days to work under strenuous conditions, like night workers.


France is a republic in northwestern Europe. Sources indicate that employees in the country are entitled to 2.5 paid vacation days per month. This accumulates to 30 paid vacation days per year, with the employees working for 35 hours a week.

The country has 11 public holidays, with Labor Day (May 1st) being the statutory paid holiday alone. Workers who work on labor day are entitled to a 200% wage. While the state doesn’t provide payment for the other public holidays, most companies compensate their workers based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Syria is a republic on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Southwestern Asia. Workers in the country enjoy 24 paid vacation days and 13 paid public holidays, giving them 37 paid vacation days. However, workers must have served under one employer for at least a year to qualify for the same. According to the world atlas, the number of vacation days increases to 30 after a worker attains at least ten years of service or 50 years under one employer.

Average Vacation Days by Country 2023

Average Vacation Days by Country 2023