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Which Country Eats the Most Chocolate in 2024?

Switzerland is the country that is responsible for the most amount of chocolate consumed per capita. Even though there are certainly countries across the globe that consume more total chocolate than Switzerland, Switzerland consumes the most chocolate per person. In Switzerland, the average person consumes approximately 8.8 kg of chocolate every year, which is approximately 22 lb. Switzerland has developed a powerful reputation across the world for its exceptional chocolate industry. For example, Toblerone, which is a Swiss company, is one of the most recognizable chocolate companies in the world. Given the long lineage of popular chocolate companies in Switzerland, it should come as no surprise that Switzerland consumes a tremendous amount of chocolate.

Which Country Consumes the Second-Most Amount of Chocolate Every Year?

Second to Switzerland, Austria consumes a tremendous amount of chocolate as well. While Switzerland consumes about 22 lb of chocolate every year, Austria consumes about 20 pounds of chocolate every year per person. Even though Austria doesn't have quite the same number of chocolate-producing companies as Switzerland, it is still a country that loves chocolate. Furthermore, given how close Austria is to Switzerland, it should come as no surprise that Austria also loves a lot of chocolate.

Does the United States Consume a Lot of Chocolate Every Year?

The United States also contains a fair bit of chocolate every year. The United States is one of the top 10 chocolate-consuming countries in the world, with the average person consuming approximately 4.5 kg of chocolate every year. This is approximately 10 pounds of chocolate per year per person. While the United States is not exactly known for having the same quality chocolate as some of its European counterparts, the United States is known for Hershey’s chocolate, which is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. Furthermore, there is a Hershey's theme park that people like to visit every year. The United States also imports a fair amount of chocolate from major European chocolate companies, including table round and Lindt.

Which Country Has the Most Popular Chocolate?

There are several countries in the world that produce a tremendous amount of chocolate every year, and all of these countries have very popular chocolate brands. For example, Cologne is widely recognized as the chocolate capital of Germany. Some of the most popular chocolate brands in Germany include Tortchen and Leonidas.

In addition, Belgium is known for its impressive chocolate history. One of the most famous chocolate companies in the world, Godiva, is based in Brussels. Therefore, Belgian chocolate has a large following across the globe, and Belgium has strict regulations regarding how its chocolate can be produced.

Italy is also well-known for being one of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality chocolate in the world. Some of the most popular chocolate brands to come out of Italy include Perugina and Caffarel. These brands are universally recognized as some of the top chocolate brands on Earth.

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Who are the biggest consumers of chocolate in Europe?

Switzerland is the largest consumer of chocolate in Europe at roughly 8.8 kg (19.6 lbs) annually.

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