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Creole-Speaking Countries 2024


The Caribbean island nation of Jamaica is one of the more fluent creole-speaking countries. Although it isn't the native tongue, a whopping 94% of the Jamaican population can speak Creole.


The people of Guyana are no strangers to speaking Creole. An impressive 96% of those in the South American country of Guyana can speak Creole.


In the Bahamas, Creole isn't an unfamiliar tongue. A reported 89% of the people who live in this Caribbean nation are Creole speaking.


Among all the countries that have a high number of creole-speaking citizens, no other country has more than the Caribbean country of Grenada. In fact, 100% of the people who call Grenada home also speak Creole.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Another Caribbean nation, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, also speak Creole. An eye-popping 99% of the people in Saint Vincent can use the language.

Costa Rica

While Creole has found a home and popularity in many cultures, it hasn't caught on everywhere. While the country of Costa Rica in Central America speaks Creole, that applies to only 2% of the population.

Antigua and Barbuda

Another Caribbean nation where Creole is a familiar and common tongue is Antiqua and Barbuda. It is estimated that 95% of those in Antiqua can speak Creole.


Although Creole isn't the language of the country, in Dominica 100% of the population can speak Creole. That also gives Dominica something in common with other Caribbean nations.

Saint Kitts and Nevis

Not to be outdone, the Caribbean nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis are also creole-speaking people. To be precise, 100% of the people in Saint Kitts and Nevis have the ability to speak this unique language.


While the language of Creole isn't a popular one in Colombia, it is a language that may be occasionally heard in this South American country.

Trinidad and Tobago

The Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago are also places where Creole is rarely spoken. In fact, less than 3% of the population speak Creole here.


The Central American country of Honduras also has some slight familiarity with Creole, although less than 1% of the people here use the language.

Although the language of Creole is the national language of none, it is spoken by many. Creole is also a very distinctive sound, and it is undoubtedly a unique language. And if you are in the right place, it may also be a fairly common language too.

  • Linguistically, creole languages are "in-between" languages that appear in regions where people groups who speak separate primary languages need to communicate, so a blended "creole" language develops over time. Due to this unique method of origin, creole languages are rarely an official country language even in countries where some form of creole is widely spoken.

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Creole Variant(s) Spoken
Official Language
# of Native Speakers
LiberiaLiberian KreyolWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
Sri LankaCreole-PortugueseSouthern Asia, South Central Asia0%
Guinea BissauCreole-PortugueseWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa36.4%766,000
Equatorial GuineaCreole-PortugueseMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
Cape VerdeCreole-PortugueseWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa90%534,000
Sao Tome and PrincipeCreole-PortugueseMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
BrazilCreole-FrenchSouth America, Latin America0%
ReunionCreole-FrenchEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa91.5%810,000
French GuianaCreole-FrenchSouth America, Latin America64.3%190,000
CameroonCreole-English-French-CameroonianMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
MalaysiaCreole-English, Creole-PortugueseSouth-Eastern Asia0%
GrenadaCreole-English, Creole-FrenchCaribbean100%125,000
DominicaCreole-English, Creole-FrenchCaribbean100%73,000
GuyanaCreole-English, Creole-DutchSouth America, Latin America96.4%780,000
United StatesCreole-EnglishNorthern America0%
NigeriaCreole-EnglishWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
JapanCreole-EnglishEastern Asia0%
United KingdomCreole-EnglishNorthern Europe0%
ColombiaCreole-EnglishSouth America, Latin America0.1%52,000
AustraliaCreole-EnglishAustralia and New Zealand0%
Papua New GuineaCreole-EnglishMelanesia0%
Sierra LeoneCreole-EnglishWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
SingaporeCreole-EnglishSouth-Eastern Asia0%
Costa RicaCreole-EnglishCentral America, Latin America2%104,000
Trinidad and TobagoCreole-EnglishCaribbean2.9%44,000
SurinameCreole-EnglishSouth America, Latin America0%
BelizeCreole-EnglishCentral America, Latin America32.9%133,000
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesCreole-EnglishCaribbean99.1%103,000
Antigua and BarbudaCreole-EnglishCaribbean95.7%90,000
Saint Kitts and NevisCreole-EnglishCaribbean100%48,000
KenyaCreole-ArabicEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
UgandaCreole-ArabicEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
South SudanCreole-ArabicMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa0%
IndiaCreole, Creole-PortugueseSouthern Asia, South Central Asia0%30,000
MauritiusCreole, Creole-FrenchEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa86.5%1,092,000
SeychellesCreole, Creole-FrenchEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa89.1%89,000
NicaraguaCreoleCentral America, Latin America0.5%35,000
PanamaCreoleCentral America, Latin America8.2%362,000
Sint MaartenCreoleCaribbean29%13,000
Saint MartinCreoleCaribbean, Latin America39%12,000
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How many countries speak Creole?

No single nation uses Creole officially. However, 12 countries in and around the Caribbean Sea speak Creole.

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