School Lunches in Other Countries 2022

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Many meals in Japan are healthy for kids and revolve around rice, fish, and vegetables as the main ingredients. Unlike other countries with adult volunteers or teachers who serve the kids lunch daily, the students service other students in Japan. To help teach kids responsibility and respect, students are accountable for serving and cleaning up after their counterparts.


Lunches are a big affair in France, and most students receive a four-course meal for lunch. Meals usually start with a fresh vegetable or salad followed by a main course with protein. Salmon is usually served with a vegetable like broccoli. Then, the third course of jam, fresh bread, and cheese is served to students. A sweet dessert like a pastry is served last before students return to class.


In Finland, lunches for students are free, and the government ensures that lunches meet high nutritional standards. Usually, there are plenty of veggies, like turnips and beetroot, to balance out some starches and grains. Crêpes topped with jam offer a sweet treat, while the protein in Finland usually takes the form of smoke ham or hernekeitto. Usually, some crispbread is served on the side to balance out the meal.


In Nigeria, students receive a balanced and healthy meal every day. Main meals consist of tomato rice that usually is mixed with chicken and a steamed vegetable on the side.


The typical student lunch in Ukraine consists of three courses. First, students get a rich soup, like a beef soup mixed with beets and cabbage. Then, students will have meat and starch for the main course. A common meal for lunch is grilled sausage with cheese stuffed dumplings. Then, a sweet dessert will finish the meal. A shortbread biscuit is an everyday treat to serve with lunch.

South Korea

In Korea, student lunches are about having the right portions of meats, starches, and vegetables. The majority of the meal consists of rice. Smaller quantities of soup, kimchi, veggies, and marinated pork shoulder help to round out the perfectly balanced meal.


In Italy, students will typically receive a two-course meal for lunch. If the students attend school in Rome, local law stipulates that 70% of the meal must be organic. The first course consists of pasta mixed with protein or vegetables, usually grilled chicken. The second course is a light tomato salad or some mozzarella. Some fresh fruit is used for a sweet dessert.


Students in China must purchase lunch for their children. The monthly fee equates to about $0.70 per day. Included with the price is a boxed lunch for every student. Students can find a healthy blend of rice, meat, and vegetables inside the boxed lunch.

School Lunches in Other Countries 2022

School Lunches in Other Countries 2022