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Protestant Countries 2024

  1. United States The United States is home to the largest Protestant population in the world with 160 million Protestants. Approximately 20 percent of the world's population of Protestants is in the United States. America has been one of the Protestant countries since the United States was a colony of the British. You'll see the largest Protestant populations in American along the Eastern seaboard, and particularly at schools such as Harvard and Yale.

  2. Nigeria Nigeria has a high density of Christians in their population at 85 million. Their Protestant population is 60 million, making Nigeria the African country with the most Christians. Again, Nigeria has been influenced as a British colony, though conflicts remain between Christians and Muslims.

  3. China China has the world's most people, but not the world's most Protestants. It will rank number three on the list with a rough estimate of 58 million Protestants. In China, Christianity is the fastest growing religion with a 10 percent growth rate. Some experts predict China will have more Protestants by 2030 than America.

  4. Brazil Brazil has a high Christian population of 185 million, making almost 90 percent of the South American population. Roman Catholics make up the most Christians in Brazil. It is renowned as one of the Protestant countries in the world with approximately 41 million Protestants.

  5. South Africa South Africa is densely populated with Christians, with 85 percent of their population being Christian, and 36 percent of its population being Protestant. Approximately 37 million live in South Africa.

  6. United Kingdom The United Kingdom was once home to the largest population of Protestants but is now number six on the list. Still, almost half of Britain are Christians, and 34 million of Britain's 65 million are Protestant.

  7. DR Congo The Democratic Republic of Congo is a highly Christian country with approximately 95 percent being Christian. As one of the Protestant countries, approximately 32 million are Protestants and that includes those in the Kimbanguist religion. It is estimated that roughly 48 percent of the country's population are Protestant.

  8. Germany The population of Germany is approximately 63 percent Christian. The Roman Catholic community is the largest with 29 million or 29.5 percent of the country's population. That is followed by Protestants of which there are 27 million, or, 27.9 percent of the German population. Many historians would say that Germany was the original starting point for Protestants, when a religious group broke from the Roman Catholic Church to form their own religion and church.

  9. Kenya The country of Kenya is approximately 84 percent Christian with a Christian population of 40 million in the entire population of 48 million. Of those Christians, it is estimated that 47.7 percent or 24 million are Protestants.

  10. India The country of India has a very low Christian population, but a large population density. There are 28 million Christians in India which make up 2.3 percent of the population. Of those, 19 million are Protestants.

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Which countries are mainly Protestant?

The United States, Nigeria, China, Brazil, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Germany, Kenya, and India are mainly Protestant countries.

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