Countries that Celebrate Easter 2023

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Just like many other holidays, Easter is celebrated by anyone of the Christian faith. Christians around the world come together to remember the death of their lord and savior, Jesus Christ, where it has been said that he reincarnated into his physical body just three days later. The 40 days leading to the death of Christ are similar, but largely different, throughout the many different sects of Christianity. Romania is one of the world's most observant of the Orthodox faith, which brings with it differences in calendar days as compared to more popular faiths, such as Catholicism and Protestants.

Romanian Orthodox people believe that the 40 days leading up to Easter is a time for sacrifice, and no meat or animal by-products can be consumed. For a country that relies on its fresh produce, including eggs, milk, and various carnivorous diets, this signals the ultimate sacrifice one can make during this time to mimic the pain and suffering that Christ felt wandering the desert for 40 days without food and water. Some days are also designated "black fast", which means on extremely holy days no food, water, or digestive items can be consumed.


While it is situated in Northern Africa, a large part of the Egyptian population observes the Christian faith, more specifically the Coptic faith. The Coptic sect is a superficially Egyptian branch but welcomes all followers. It was mostly created to resist the Islamic influence and traditions of its surrounding nations. Egypt is well situated between Africa and Europe and was famously conquered by the Roman empire in antiquity. Once Emperor Constantine had officially recognized Christianity throughout its states, many of the former, and once current, counties had become part of the Holy Roman Empire, which eventually was considered Byzantium.

This has given Egypt a unique deep faith tied in with the rest of Christianity, similar to the Orthodox faith. It is considered older than even Catholicism and is one of the three faiths that travel to Jerusalem during Easter day to receive the Holy Flame. Easter is widely celebrated in this country. Although it has historically been state recognized, the growing Islamic influence in government has attempted to discredit the Coptic faith - notably refusing to declare Easter a state holiday in 2021.


Ireland, specifically southern Ireland, is one of the most devout Catholic countries in the world. To the Irish, Catholicism is more than just a faith, but a sense of national identity. Much of Irish history has been in contention with the greater United Kingdom, specifically England. Tensions were at their highest when Southern Ireland seceded from the Union, dividing families and friends alike. The Northern Irish had also followed the Protestant faith, which was the predominant faith in the United Kingdom at the time.

The Irish have kept their connection to God and their faith as a symbol of defiance and identity, one that can not be shaken by those who wish to conquer them.

Countries that Celebrate Easter 2023

Countries that Celebrate Easter 2023