Dog Ownership by Country 2023

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The United States is Home to the Most Dogs

When looking at rates of dog ownership by country in the world, the United States tops the list. In the United States there are approximately 76 million dogs that are domesticated and owned by Americans. The country has spent a lot of money investing into the life of dog ownership for its citizens. In addition to health care and insurance company rates, infrastructure such as the development of dog parks have been established to make life easier and more enjoyable for both Americans and their domesticated furry friends.

Every state also has its own legislation regarding the regulation of dogs and safety laws. Personal injury lawsuits as a result of bites are a significant cost to Americans every year, ranking in billions for work lost and injuries suffered. At the same time, dog ownership costs Americans billions of dollars every year. Certain breeds have also been outlawed in many states for safety purposes, with some laws not being as stringent as others. At the same time, the welfare of dogs in America is strenuously considered by state legislators and the Congress of the United States.

Half of Brazil Owns a Dog

Brazil comes in second as the country where the most domesticated canines live. The dog market in Brazil is estimated to be approximately 15 billion, with most of that being revenue for the country. It also appears by some reports that dog ownership is on the rise in Brazil, with approximately 50 percent of Brazilians being dog owners.

The economy of Brazil is able to sustain a dog life, with most of Brazil being a middle class economy. It is also reported in some sectors that high infertility rates contribute to the high rate of dog ownership in Brazil.

China Loves Their Canines

China is the third country on the list with the most dogs in the world. The Chinese own approximately 27 million dogs in total, with both domesticated and strays becoming important parts of life to the Chinese. Like Brazil, this may have something to do with fertility rates.

In China, birth rate laws exist where families are not allowed to have more than one child due to overcrowding in the country. Dogs are the next choice for family members for many citizens of China. In addition to domesticated living, stray dogs in China are particularly cared for more than they are in other parts of the world.

Dog Ownership by Country 2023


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Dog Ownership by Country 2023