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Most Introverted Countries 2023


The country of Switzerland is not only surrounded by mountains, but it maintains a policy of military neutrality to this day. No, the Swiss aren't interested in getting involved in much outside its borders (it is neither a member of NATO nor the EN) but don't mistake introverted for unfriendly though, as Switzerland is also a great tourist destination.


Another surprising name on the list of the most introverted countries is Ireland, again don't think that being introverted means being unkind or cold. Irish eyes are smiling, and this country loves to have visitors and guests, but other than that, however, one might be quick to learn just how deep Irish blood runs.


Not only does Russia have the geography for being an introverted country, but they also bank on it, literally. Russia is home to many B&B-style inns and destinations, made for those who want to get away from, well - everyone.


Another location that is geographically inclined toward being more introverted is Finland. As the northernmost country in the Scandinavian region, Finland is an ideal home for those who love nature, quiet, and space - people like introverts.


It must be difficult, to be a neighbor of the most powerful nation on earth and yet still go unnoticed. Don't be mistaken though this is just the way Canada wants it, like any good introvert who shuns attention.


This country on the southernmost tip of South America is located in the right place for an introverted country. While Argentina shares a continent, it is definitively a country of its own and one of the most introverted countries in the world.


The vast desert land doesn't hurt this country's leaning toward keeping to itself. Once again, friendly people, but that doesn't mean that visitors should overstay their welcome.


The country of Poland might have a bit of a reputation for being cold, and the weather there is rather frigid too! This might be more of a demeanor and cultural trait among the people of Poland, but it must feel introverted to outsiders.


This might look like an error on the surface, but the acclaim, innovation, and technology that Japan is recognized for isn't indicative of a very private culture. These quiet people have also shown the world that big things aren't always big - in either personality or size.


One of the least surprising names on the list of the most introverted countries, Lithuania has a reputation and image of being introverted, and that reputation and image aren't wrong. Lithuania is also one of the quietest places in the world to live, but it might be wise to be certain you are welcomed first.

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Which country has the most introverts?

Switzerland is among the most introverted countries, which extends to the national level in its policy of neutrality. Other introverted nations include Japan, Canada, Argentina, Namibia, Russia, and Ireland.

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