Countries without Coca-Cola 2022

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Have you ever wondered if there were countries without Coca-Cola? Yes, we know - shudder, scary thought, isn't it? As it turns out, there are two countries that do not have coca-cola or at least access to the worldwide famous beverage.

The Coca-Cola Embargo

Those two countries dealing with the misfortune of not having coca-cola or coca-cola products are Cuba and North Korea. The reason for these awful circumstances is the result of long-term trade embargoes and sanctions against these countries.

It also has been quite some time since these two countries have had the joy of cracking the top open of an ice-cold refreshing coca-cola beverage. For Cuba, they have been enduring this embargo and a world without coca-cola since 1962.

Life Without Coca-Cola

If that seems like a long time, it has been even longer for the people of North Korea. The embargo on North Korea was enacted in 1950, creating it more than 70 years since the product saw the land of North Korea.

That doesn't mean, of course, that coca-cola doesn't find its way into Cuba and North Korea under the radar, but it is difficult to imagine a world where we have to smuggle coca-cola. It is also a factor that the Coca-Cola company isn't hurting without the business of these two countries.

Last year, as an example, Coca-Cola brought in revenues that totaled more than $38 billion. That also means that if anyone can afford to lose a customer, or a country or two, it would be the Coca-Cola company.

Another interesting fact about Coca-Cola is that America is not the largest consumer of its beverage products. That honor would go to neighboring Mexico, followed by the US, Brazil, and Canada. In any event, Coca-Cola is doing just fine, and it will be just fine if it goes another hundred years without North Korean or Cuban customers.

Coca-Cola for Almost Everyone

For most of us, it would be hard to imagine a life without one of our everyday staples, like coca-cola. Yet, for Cuba and North Korea, it is a reality. Perhaps one day these embargoes will be lifted, and the people of these two nations will discover what it means to have a coke and a smile.

Until then, we are just happy that we don't have to endure such hardships or be deprived of such wonderful pleasures. Sorry North Korea and Cuba, but for the rest of us, bottoms up.

Countries without Coca-Cola 2022

Countries without Coca-Cola 2022