India States 2021

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The federal union of India is broken into 29 states and seven territories. All of the states and unions of the nation have three capitals.

The first is the administrative capital, which is home to the executive government offices. The judicial capital is where territorial high courts are located. Finally, legislative capitals are where state assemblies meet.

Each state has an elected form of government. The head of government is the Chief Minister, who serves a five-year term. The territories of Puducherry and the National Capital Territory of Delhi have a similar form of government. The remaining regions are ruled through a central government.

In terms of area, the state of Rajasthan located in Northern India is the largest of all the states with a total area of over 342,269 square kilometers. When breaking it down by population, the largest Indian state is Uttar Pradesh, which has a total population of over 199 million people.

By population, the smallest state is Sikkim, which is the only state with a population that is less than 1 million. The smallest by area is Goa, which has a total area of just 3,702 square kilometers.

These states are also very diverse, with multiple official languages throughout. These include Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, Nepali, Kannada, and other languages. Many states have two or more official languages, with the primary second languages being English and Urdu.

There were also several former states. In alphabetical order, those states were:

  • Ajmer State
  • Bhopal State
  • Bilaspur State
  • Bombay State
  • Cooch Behar State
  • Coorg State
  • Easter States Union
  • Hyderabad State
  • Kutch State
  • Madhya Bharat
  • Madras State
  • Mysore State
  • Patiala and East Punjab States Union
  • Saurashtra
  • Travancore-Cochin
  • Vindhya Pradesh

India States 2021

India States 2021