Triple Landlocked Countries 2024

Landlocked countries are those which are geographically surrounded by land and do not touch an ocean, sea, or other body of water. Roughly one-fifth of the world's countries are landlocked (such as Uganda, Ethiopia, and Austria), as are 21 US states. There are also two double-landlocked countries, which are not only landlocked, but also completely surrounded by countries which are also landlocked. A triple-landlocked country would be one ringed by double-landlocked countries-however, no triple-landlocked countries exist.

Which countries are double landlocked?

There are only two countries that are double landlocked Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan. Not only are they landlocked, but the countries that border them are as well.

Are there any triple landlocked countries?

Currently, there aren't any countries in the world that are triple landlocked. There are several that are landlocked and two that are double-landlocked, however.

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