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Car Companies by CountryInformation on car companies by country, including which car companies does each country have, which country has the most car companies, and which car companies are present in each country.
Car Production by CountryInformation and data regarding car production by country, which countries produce the most automobiles, production of commercial vehicles by country, and the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).
China Exports by CountryInformation on China's exports by country, including which countries get the most exports from China, United States imports from China, and which country exports the most to China.
Coal Production by CountryData on coal production by country.
Coal Reserves by CountryData on coal reserves by country, including which countries have the largest coal reserves, which country has the most coal, and which country's coal reserves are the biggest.
Cobalt Production by CountryData on cobalt production by country, such as which country produces the most cobalt, uses of cobalt, and why Tesla stopped using cobalt in its batteries.
Cobalt Reserves by CountryData on cobalt reserves by country, including which country has the largest cobalt reserves, cobalt reserves around the world, and which country has more than 50% of the world's cobalt.
Copper Production by Country
Diamond Production by Country
Gold Production by Country
Gold Reserves by Country
Iron Ore Production by Country
Lithium Production by Country
Lithium Reserves by CountryData on lithium reserves in various countries, including which country has the largest lithium reserves in the world and why lithium is important in the modern world.
Manganese Production by Country
Manufacturing by CountryDetails on the world's leading manufacturing countries and which product sectors make up the largest portion of each country's manufacturing industry.
Manufacturing CountriesInformation on the top manufacturing countries in the world, as well as the importance of manufacturing to a country's economy and the main products made in each of the world's leading manufacturing countries.
Manganese Production by Country
Metals by Country / Metals Production by CountryInformation regarding the world's leading metal-producing countries, including the countries that produce the most aluminum, copper, gold, lithium, and more.
Mineral Production by Country
Natural Gas by CountryData and details on natural gas production, natural gas consumption, and natural gas reserves in 70+ countries.
Natural Resources by Country
Newly Industrialized Countries
Nickel Production by CountryData and rankings on the countries that produce the most nickel in the world, as well as the countries with the largest nickel reserves in the world.
Palladium Production by Country
Phosphate Reserves by Country
Platinum Production by Country
PMI Index by Country
Potash Production by Country
Pyrite by Country
Rare-Earth Reserves by Country / Rare-Earth Metals by CountryDetails on which countries have the largest reserves of rare-earth elements (sometimes called rare-earth metals or rare-earth oxides), which are a vital must-have ingredient in many modern technologies and electronic devices.
Rubber Production by CountryData on the production of rubber in various countries, including the country that makes more natural rubber than any other country in the world: Thailand.
Salt Production by Country
Ship Exports by Country
Shoe Production by Country
Silicon Production by Country
Silver Production by Country
Steel Production by Country
Textile Exports by Country
Thorium Reserves by Country
Tin Production by Country
Titanium Production by Country
Uranium Production by Country
Uranium Reserves by Country
US Aluminum Imports by Country
What Countries Have Lithium in ?Details of countries with natural deposits of lithium, a highly sought-after metallic element that is a vital material in modern rechargeable batteries.
Zinc Production by Country
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