Health is the state of physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. This category includes metrics such as life expectancy, infant mortality rate, disease prevalence, and access to healthcare. There are also articles covering abortion, drug use, and vaccination status.


There are currently 139 articles in this topic.


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Abortion Rates by State
Abortions Due to Rape by State
Alcohol Consumption by State
Allergy Friendly States
Anti Mask Laws by State
Arthritis Friendly States
Assisted Living Costs by State
Assisted Suicide States
Autism Benefits by State
Autism Rates by State
Autistic Adult Friendly States
Autopsy Laws by StateState-by-state breakdown of the laws regarding when an autopsy is required or discretionary and when it is not.
Average Cup Size by State
Average Height by State
Baker Act States
BCBA Salary by State
Botox Laws by State
BSN Salary by State
Cancer Rates by State
CBD Legal States
Cigarette Prices by State
Circumcision Rates by State
Clinical Psychologist Salary by State
Contact Lens Prescription Expiration by State
Controlled Substance Laws by State
Cost of Long Term Care by State
COVID Vaccine Mandates by State
CRNA Schools by State
Death Rate by State
Death with Dignity States
Delta 8 Legal States
Delta 9 THC Legal States
Depression Rates by State
Disability Benefits by State
Distance Counseling Laws by State
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Laws by State
Drug Use by State
Dry Needling Legal States
Edibles Legality by State
Emotional Support Animal Laws by State
Employer Health Insurance Laws by State
Ephedra Legal States
Euthanasia Legal States
Eyeglass Prescription Expiration by State
Flu Rates by State
Food Insecurity by State
Good Samaritan Law States
Health Care Costs by State
Healthiest States
Hearing Aid Coverage by State
Heart Transplant Waiting List by State
Helmet Law States
Hepatitis by State
HHC Legal States
HIV Statistics by State
Hospital Rankings by State
Infant Mortality Rate by State
Involuntary Commitment Laws by State
IVF Coverage by State
K2 Legal States
Ketamine Legal States
Kidney Transplant Waiting List by State
Kratom Legal States
Late Term Abortion Laws by State
LCSW Requirements by State
Least Obese States
Life Expectancy by State
Liposuction Limits by State
LPC Requirements by StateDetails on the education, experience, and fees required to attain a Licensed Professional Counselor degree in each US state.
LSD Legal States
Mad Honey Legal States
Mandatory Reporting Laws by State
Marijuana Laws by State
Maternal Mortality Rate by State
Meat Glue Legal States
Medicaid Asset Limits by State
Medicaid Enrollment by State
Medicaid Expansion States
Medicaid Income Limits by State
Medical Billing and Coding Salary by State
Medical Malpractice Payouts by State
Medical Marijuana States
Medical Records Retention Laws by State
Meldonium Legal States
Mental Health Statistics by State
Meth Use by State
Mold Count by State
Most Depressed States
Most Obese States
Most Overweight States
Most Stressed States
Most Unhealthy States
NCLEX Requirements by State
Newborn Drug Test States
Nurse Patient Ratios by State
Nurse Salary by State
Nurse Shortage by State
Nurses Pay by State
Nursing Compact States
Nursing Home Costs by State
Nursing Pay by State
Obama Care Prices by State
Obesity Rate by State
Opioid Epidemic by State
Optometrist Salary by State
PACE Programs by State
Paid Maternity Leave by State
Physician Assistant Salary by State
Plan B Laws by State
Planned Parenthood Abortions by State
Pseudoephedrine Laws by State
Radiation Therapist Salary by State
Radon Levels by State
Right to Die States
RSV Rates by State
Safe Haven Laws by State
Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners by State
Self-Prescribing Laws by StateDetails of each state's laws on self-prescriptions by physicians.
Service Animal Laws by State
Smoking Age by State
Smoking Rates by State
Sonographer Salary by State
Spanish Flu Deaths by State
Speech Pathologist Salary by State
States Without Obamacare Exchanges
STD Rates by State
Suicide Rates by State
Surrogacy Legal States
Teen Pregnancy Rates by State
Telehealth Laws by State
THC Gummies Legal States
THC-O Legal States
Tubal Ligation Laws by State
Uninsured People by State
Vaccination Rates by State
Vaccine Exemptions by State
Vaping Laws by State
Vitamin B17 Legal States
Yaba Legal States
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