Law is the system of rules and regulations that govern human behavior and interactions within a society. This category includes metrics such as the rule of law, judicial independence, and access to justice. Other factors such as legal framework, human rights protection, and enforcement capacity are also included.


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Abandoned Property Laws by State
Abortion Bans by State
Abortion Laws by State
Absinthe Legal States
Adoption Requirements by State
Age a Child can be Left Home Alone by State
Age of Consent by State
Age of Consent for Mental Health Treatment by State
Age of Majority by State
Age to Start Kindergarten by State
Airbow Legal States
Airsoft Gun Laws by StateDetailed breakdown of how each state's gun laws view Airsoft guns, including minimum ages required to purchase.
Alabama Rig Legal States
Alcohol Laws by State
Alcohol Vaporizer Legal States
Alkaline Hydrolysis Legal States
Ammunition Limits by State
Anonymous Lottery States
Anti Mask Laws by State
Assault Rifle Legality by State
Assisted Suicide States
Asylum Approval Rate by State
At-Will Employment States
Automatic Weapons Legality by State
Autopsy Laws by StateState-by-state breakdown of the laws regarding when an autopsy is required or discretionary and when it is not.
Axolotl Legal States
Ayahuasca Legal States
BAC Limit by State
Bad Check Laws by State
Baker Act States
Balance Billing Laws by State
Ban the Box States
Banned Books by State
Bartending Age by State
Bartering Legal States
Bath Salts Legal by StateDescription of the drug known as "bath salts" and details regarding states where bath salts are legal and which states have outlawed bath salts.
Baton Legal States
Beastiality Legal States
Best State to Be a Police Officer
Best State to Incorporate in
Best States for Gun Owners
Bet365 Legal States
Betcha Legal States
BetMGM Legal States
BetOnline Legal States
BetRivers Legal States
Bicycle Laws by State
Bigamy Laws by State
Binance Legal StatesDetails on the state-to-state legality of Binance and its US-specific subsidiary, Binance.US
Binary Trigger Legal States
Black Panther Legal States
Blue Laws by State
Body Armor Laws by State
Body Camera Laws by State
Botox Laws by State
Bounty Hunter Legal States
Bovada Legal States
Brass Knuckles Legality by State
Bridge Laws by State
Buckshot Legal States
Bump Stock Legality by State
Burial Laws by StateState-by-state details of burial laws such as where a body can be buried, what type of casket is legally required, and how the body must be prepared.
Burris Oracle Legal States
Bush Baby Pet Legal States
Butterfly Knife Legal States
Caesars Legal States
Capital Gains Tax by State
Car Dealer Fees by State
Car Insurance Rates by State
Car Registration Fees by State
Car Sales Tax by State
Car Seat Laws by State
Casinos by State
Castle Doctrine States
Cat Declawing Legality by State
Catalytic Converter Laws by State
CBD Legal States
CCW Age by State
CDL Age Requirements by State
Cell Phone Driving Laws by State
Child Care Ratio by State
Child Discipline Laws by State
Child Marriage Laws by State
Child Support Percentage by State
Chinchilla Legal States
Clothing Laws by State
Cockfighting Legal StatesDetails on the legality of cockfighting, including a list of states in which cockfighting is illegal and discussion of penalties for crimes related to cockfighting.
Coin Pusher Legality by State
Common Core States
Common Law Marriage States
Communism Legal States
Community Property States
Concealed Carry Reciprocity States
Concealed Carry States
Conjugal Visit Laws by State
Constitutional Carry StatesList and details of which states have legally authorized constitutional carry, also known as permitless carry, as well as the minimum ages at which it is legal.
Contact Lens Prescription Expiration by State
Controlled Substance Laws by State
Conversion Therapy Ban States
Corporate Tax Rates by State
CPA Requirements by State
Critical Race Theory Ban States
Crossbow Laws by State
Dash Cam Laws by State
Death Penalty States
Death with Dignity States
Deer Farming Legal States
Delta 8 Legal StatesList of states that legally allow products containing delta-8 THC, also known as delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol and Delta 8 THC.
Delta 9 THC Legal States
Deportation Statistics
Dispensaries Open by State
Distance Counseling Laws by State
Distilling Laws by State
Divorce Rate by State
Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Laws by State
Dog Breeding Laws by State
Dog Consumption Legality
Dog Leash Laws by State
Dog Limit per Household by State
DraftKings Legal States
Drag Performance Laws by State
Drinking Age by State
Drivers License Cost by State
Driving Age by State
Drone Laws by State
Drug Possession Charges by State
Dry Needling Legal States
Dry States
Dual Agency Legal States
Dumpster Diving Legal States
Duty to Inform States
Duty to Retreat States
E-Verify Requirements by State
Early Voting States
Edibles Legality by State
Electric Scooter Laws by State
Emotional Support Animal Laws by State
Employer Health Insurance Laws by State
Engagement Ring Laws by StatePer-state details of whether or not an engagement ring must be returned if the wedding is called off.
Ephedra Legal States
ERA Ratification States
Escheatment Laws by State
ESPN Bet Legal States 2024 / Barstool Sportsbook Legal StatesList of states where ESPN Bet sportsbook, formerly known as Barstool Sportsbook, is legal.
Esthetician License Requirements by StateDetailed information on the education and training standards required to obtain an esthetician's license in each state.
Euthanasia Legal States
Everclear Legal States
Executor Fees by State
Exhaust Laws by State
Eyeglass Prescription Expiration by State
FanDuel Legal States
Federal Firearms Licensees by State
Felony Theft Amount by State
Feral Cat Laws by State
Ferrets Legal States
Fifteen Dollar Minimum Wage by State
Filial Responsibility Laws by State
Final Paycheck Laws by State
Fireworks Laws by State
Flamethrower Legal States
Food Truck Regulations by State
Four Loko Legal States
Fox Bet Legal States
Free the Nipple States
Gambling Age by State
Garmin Xero Legal States
Gay Marriage by State
Genet Legal States
Ghost Gun Legality by State
Gift Card Laws by State
Gila Monster Legal States
Gold and Silver Legal Tender States
Good Samaritan Law States
Governor Term Limits by State
GPS Tracking Laws by State
Grandparents Rights by State
Gun Laws by State
Hanging Legal States
Hardest Bar Exams by State
Hardest Real Estate Exams by State
Hawk 250 Legal States
Helmet Law States
HHC Legal States
High School Graduation Requirements by State
Hitchhiking Legal States
Hollow Point Legal States
Homeschool Laws by State
Homestead Exemptions by State
Horse Meat Legal States
Horse Racing Legal States
Horse Slaughter Legal States
Hotstreak Legal States
How Many States are Needed to Ratify an Amendment in ?
Ignition Casino Legal States
Illegal Border Crossings by State
Incest Laws by State
Independent Contractor Laws by State
Inheritance Tax by State
Insurance Cancellation Laws by State
Internet Sales Tax by State
Involuntary Commitment Laws by State
Jackpocket Legal States
Judgment Expiration by State
Jury Duty Pay by State
K2 Legal States
Kei Truck Legal States
Ketamine Legal States
Kinkajous Legality by State
Knife Laws by State
Kratom Legal States
Labor Laws by State
Lane Splitting Legal States
Late Fee Laws by State
Late Term Abortion Laws by State
Lawyer Friendly States
LCSW Requirements by State
Legal Babysitting Age by State
Legal Open Container States
Legal Separation States
Leupold Vendetta Legal States
License Plates by State
Lien Theory StatesList of lien theory states and an explanation of what lien theory states are and how they differ from title theory and intermediary theory states.
Life Jacket Laws by State
Liposuction Limits by State
Liquor Shipping Laws by State
LLC Cost by State
Lockpick Laws by State / Lock Pick Laws by StateList of states in which lockpicks are legal, as well as details on state regulations revolving around lockpicks and lock picking.
LSD Legal States
Lunch Break Laws by State
Mad Honey Legal States
Magazine Capacity Laws by State
Mandatory Reporting Laws by State
Marijuana Laws by State
Marital Rape States
Marriage Age by State
Marriage Friendly States
Maximum Driving Age by StateDetails on the maximum allowed driving age in each US state.
Meat Glue Legal States
Medicaid Asset Limits by State
Medical Malpractice Payouts by State
Medical Marijuana States
Medical Records Retention Laws by State
Meldonium Legal States
MGM Sportsbook Legal States
Minimum House Size by State
Minimum Wage by State
Minimum Working Age by State
Moonshine Legal States
Mushroom Laws by State
Mutual Combat States
MyBookie Legal States
NCLEX Requirements by State
Net Listing Legality by State
Newborn Drug Test States
Next States to Legalize Weed
NitroFire Legal States
No Cash Bail States
No Estate Tax States
No-Fault Divorce States
No-Fault States
Noahide Laws by State
Non Extradition States
Notary Fees by State
Number of Days in School Year by State
Nunchuks Legality by State / States Where Nunchaku are LegalState-by-state details on the legality of nunchaku, answering questions including "Are nunchaku legal in my state?" and "Where are nunchuks illegal?".
Nurse Patient Ratios by State
Nursing Compact States
NYRA Bets Legal States
Ocelot Legal States
Off-Grid Living Legal States
Online Gambling Legal States
Open Carry States
Oreion Reeper Street Legal States
Outhouses Legality by State
Overtime Laws by State
Paid Maternity Leave by State
Palcohol Legal States
Pepper Spray Laws by State
Pet Alligator Legal States
Pet Armadillo Legal States
Pet Bear Legal States
Pet Bobcat Legal States
Pet Capybara Legal States
Pet Caracal Legal States
Pet Deer Legal States
Pet Fennec Fox Legal States
Pet Fox Legal States
Pet Hedgehog Legal States
Pet Monkey Legal States
Pet Opossum Legal States
Pet Otter Legal States
Pet Owl Legal States
Pet Raccoon Legal StatesList of states where one may legally adopt a pet raccoon, as well as details on raccoon behavior and best care practices.
Pet Skunk Legal States
Pet Sloth Legal States
Pet Squirrel Legal States
Piranha Legal States
Pitbull Legal States
Plan B Laws by State
Polaris RZR Street Legal States
Polygamy Legal States
Polymer80 Legal States
Porn Site Verification States
Power of Attorney Requirements by State
Powerball States
Prairie Dog Legal States
Prevailing Wages by State
Privacy Laws by State
Private Prisons by State
PrizePicks Legal States
Probate Costs by State
Profanity Laws by State
Pseudoephedrine Laws by State
PTO Payout Laws by State
Public Indecency Laws by State
Pull Tabs Legal States
Purple Paint Laws by State
Pygmy Marmoset Legal States
Quaker Parrot Legal States
R34 Legal in States
Radar Detector Legal States
Raffle Laws by State
Rainwater Collection Legal States
Raw Milk Legal States
Real ID Compliant States
Recreational Weed States - States That Have Legalized Weed
Red Flag Laws States
Red Light Cameras by State
Registered Weapons by State
Required School Days by State
Restricted Dog Breeds by State
Right to Die States
Right to Work States
Roobet Legal States
Sable Pet Legal States
Safe Haven Laws by State
Salvia Legal States
Same Day Voter Registration States
Same Sex Marriage States
Sanctuary States
Savannah Cat Legal States
Scarification Legal States
School Counselor Requirements by State
Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners by State
Seat Belt Laws by State
Self-Prescribing Laws by StateDetails of each state's laws on self-prescriptions by physicians.
Serval Legal States
Service Animal Laws by State
Sexting Laws by State
Shall Issue States
Short-Barreled Rifle (SBR) Legal States
Single Party Consent States
Skydiving Age Limit by State
Smoke Detector Laws by State
Smoking Age by State
Snow Removal Laws by State
Social Security Number by State
Sodomy Laws by State
Spear Hunting Legal States
Speed Cameras by State
Speed Limit Map by State
Speed Limits by State
Sports Betting Legal States
Squatters Rights by State
Stand Your Ground States
State License Plate Laws
States that Don't Teach Evolution
States that have Banned 5G
States Where ATVs are Street Legal
States Where FGM is Legal
States where Lynching is Legal
States where You Can't Pump Your Own Gas
StatHero Legal States
Statute of Limitations by State
Statute of Limitations on Debt by State
Stop and Identify StatesA detailed list of which states have Stop and Identify laws, a definition of Stop and Identify Laws and what they do and do not entail, and specific details regarding every state's Stop and Identify law.
Straight Pipes Legal States
Strictest Gun Laws by State
Strike Anywhere Matches Illegal States
Stripping Laws by State
Studded Tires Legal States
Stun Gun Legal States
Stupid Laws by State
Sugar Glider Legal States
Sui Rates by State
Superdraft Legal States
Suppressor Laws by State
Surrogacy Legal States
Switchblade Legal States
Tannerite Legal States
Taser Legality by State
Tattoo Laws by State
Tax Deed States
Taxes on Lottery Winnings by State
Telehealth Laws by State
Termination Requirements by State
Texting and Driving Legality
THC Gummies Legal States
THC-O Legal States
ThriveFantasy Legal States
Time Clock Rounding Rules by State
Tint Laws by State
Tiny House Laws by State
Tire Chain Laws by State
Title Theory StatesA list of title theory states and an explanation of what title theory states are and how they differ from lien theory and intermediary theory states.
Toll Roads by State
Tongue Splitting Legal States
Total Loss Threshold by State
Trailer Towing Laws by State
Truck Axle Weight Limits by State
Tubal Ligation Laws by State
TVG Legal States
Twinspires Legal States
Two Party Consent States
UBE (Uniform Bar Examination) States
UBE Scores by State
Umarex Airsaber Legal States
Underglow Legal States
Unibet Legal States
Universal Life Church Legal States
Unmarked Police Car Laws by State
Usury Laws by State
UTMA Rules by State
UTV Street Legal States
Uzi Legal States
Vacation Payout at Termination by State
Vaccine Exemptions by State
Vaping Laws by State
Vehicle Repossession Laws by State
Video Surveillance Laws by State
Vigilantism Legal States
Vitamin B17 Legal States
Voter ID Laws by StateDetails regarding each state's voter identification laws, which states require a photo ID to vote, and other voter ID requirements by state.
Wage Garnishment Laws by State
Waiting Period for Guns by State
Wallaby Legal States
Weird State Laws
Welfare Drug Test States
Whistleblower Laws by State
Wolfdog Legal States
Worst Prisons by State
WSOP Legal States
Yaba Legal States
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