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Which Countries Require 6 Months of Passport Validity 2023

What is a six-month passport validity rule?

Most countries of the world require international visitors to carry a passport to prove their identity upon entering the country. Additionally, most countries require that the passport must be valid for a set number of months before and/or after a visitor's arrival date. The length of time a passport must be good past a visitor's intended arrival date varies from one country to the next, with three or six months being the most common. Countries which require a visitor's passport to be valid for at least six months after that visitor's arrival date are described as having a six-month passport validity rule.

Passport requirements often change. Many countries modify their passport entry requirements depending upon which country issued the visitor's passport or which country served as the departure point for the visitor's trip. For example, the United States typically requires six months of passport validity for incoming visitors, but waives that requirement for visitors whose passports were issued by certain countries, such as the United Kingdom. Passport-holders from these countries need only ensure their passports are valid until their intended return date.

In addition to country-of-origin variations, external circumstances such as political developments, wars, or environmental factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic can also cause countries to enact additional limitations on international visitors. Passport colors often vary depending upon the country issuing them, and are different from a visa, which is often also required for international travel—although a US passport enables visa-free travel in some countries.

Which countries require six months of passport validity?

More than 70 countries require visitors to have six months of validity remaining on their passports in order to enter that country (see full table below). These include many African, Asian, and Oceanic countries. While most European countries belong to the Schengen Agreement and officially require only three months of passport validity, countries may at any time implement heightened security measures, including a six-month validity requirement.

A six-month passport validity rule can be inconvenient—particularly if the traveler is unaware of it before arriving at the airport and attempting to board a flight. However, it prevents complications that could arise if the visitor's trip were to be extended due to an emergency or other change of plans and their passport expired during that time.

Which countries require three months of passport validity?

Several countries stop short of requiring six months of passport validity, but do enforce a three-month passport validity rule. In these countries, a visitor's passport must be valid for three months past the visitor's intended arrival date. For example, Europe's Schengen area has a three-month requirement, though individual countries may raise it to six months. For more information on countries that require three months of passport eligibility, see the table below.

- Requirements and conditions may change permanently or temporarily at any time. As such, the listed data should not be considered definitive and travelers should always confirm requirements with official channels at their destination countries.
- Data pertains to US citizens holding US passports and traveling from the US. Those traveling with passports issued by other countries or traveling from another country of origin may encounter different requirements.
- Countries marked "3 months ARV" require a visitor's passport to be valid for three months after the visitor's planned arrival date.
- Countries marked "3 months DEP" require a visitor's passport to be valid for three months after the visitor's planned departure date.

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Can you travel with less than 6 months on your passport?

You can travel to some countries with less than six months of validity left on your passport. However, there are more than 70 countries that require visitors to have at least six months of validity on their passports to enter the country.

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