US Passport Visa-Free Countries

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A United States passport is a powerful document to have, ranking 6th in terms of travel freedom according to the Henley Passport Index. The Henley Passport Index is a global ranking of countries according to the travel freedom of their citizens. The US passport is tied with Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Canada, Greece, and Ireland.

As of October 1, 2019, US citizens have access to 184 countries and territories without a travel visa or with a visa on arrival. Of the countries that do not require a travel visa, some have different time frames, after which a passport is required. These time frames can be 30, 60, 90, or 180 days and so on or unlimited. Because of the high number of countries that US citizens can travel to without a visa, it's simpler to mention some of those requiring a visa.

US citizens do not need a tourist visa to enter any of the 28 countries that are European Union members. This includes the United Kingdom, which is possibly leaving the European Union, and US citizens will not need a visa either way. If a US citizen wants to travel to Russia, a visa is required, can take up to three weeks to process, and costs $139.

In countries where visas are required, travelers are subject to registration fees, departure taxes and fees, fingerprinting, and being photographed. Additionally, some countries, such as Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Niger, require an International Certificate of Vaccination. In Libya, Sudan, and Syria, anyone with Israeli entry or exit stamps on their passport may be denied entry into the country.

China requires a travel visa for US citizens. The application must include travel dates, itinerary, and proof of onward travel out of China, and the application must be typed with no handwritten corrections. Additionally, every visitor between the ages of 14 and 70 is fingerprinted upon arrival and departure.

US citizens are not permitted to travel to North Korea, with or without a visa. The travel ban took effect in 2017 after a United States student died after being released from a North Korean prison. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in criminal penalties and having one's passport revoked. To travel to North Korea, US passport holders would need to obtain a special passport validation from the United States government. u Before traveling, it is necessary to check the visa requirements of one's destination. It's also important to check any travel advisories a country might have, which are issued by the U.S. Department of State for unsafe countries. Below is a table of each country's visa requirements, including countries that do not require one.

US Passport Visa-Free Countries

Country Visa Requirements 2021 Population
AfghanistanVisa required39,835,428
AlbaniaVisa not required2,872,933
AlgeriaVisa required44,616,624
AndorraVisa not required77,355
Antigua And BarbudaVisa not required98,731
ArgentinaVisa not required45,605,826
ArmeniaVisa not required2,968,127
AustriaVisa not required9,043,070
AzerbaijaneVisa / Visa on arrival10,223,342
BahamasVisa not required396,913
BahraineVisa / Visa on arrival1,748,296
BangladeshVisa on arrival166,303,498
BarbadosVisa not required287,711
BelarusVisa not required9,442,862
BelgiumVisa not required11,632,326
BelizeVisa not required404,914
BhutanVisa required779,898
BoliviaVisa on arrival11,832,940
Bosnia And HerzegovinaVisa not required3,263,466
BotswanaVisa not required2,397,241
BrazilVisa not required213,993,437
BruneiVisa not required441,532
BulgariaVisa not required6,896,663
Burkina FasoVisa on arrival21,497,096
BurundiVisa required12,255,433
CambodiaeVisa / Visa on arrival16,946,438
CameroonVisa required27,224,265
CanadaVisa not required38,067,903
Cape VerdeVisa on arrival561,898
Central African RepublicVisa not required4,919,981
ChadVisa required16,914,985
ChileVisa not required19,212,361
ChinaVisa required1,444,216,107
ColombiaVisa not required51,265,844
ComorosVisa on arrival888,451
Costa RicaVisa not required5,139,052
CroatiaVisa not required4,081,651
CubaVisa required11,317,505
CyprusVisa not required1,215,584
Czech RepublicVisa not required10,724,555
DenmarkVisa not required5,813,298
DominicaVisa not required72,167
Dominican RepublicVisa not required10,953,703
Dr CongoVisa required92,377,993
EcuadorVisa not required17,888,475
EgypteVisa / Visa on arrival104,258,327
El SalvadorVisa not required6,518,499
Equatorial GuineaVisa not required1,449,896
EritreaVisa required3,601,467
EstoniaVisa not required1,325,185
EswatiniVisa not required1,172,362
EthiopiaeVisa / Visa on arrival117,876,227
FijiVisa not required902,906
FinlandVisa not required5,548,360
FranceVisa not required65,426,179
GaboneVisa / Visa on arrival2,278,825
GambiaVisa required2,486,945
GeorgiaVisa not required3,979,765
GermanyVisa not required83,900,473
GhanaVisa required31,732,129
GreeceVisa not required10,370,744
GrenadaVisa not required113,021
GuatemalaVisa not required18,249,860
GuineaVisa required13,497,244
Guinea BissaueVisa / Visa on arrival2,015,494
GuyanaVisa not required790,326
HaitiVisa not required11,541,685
HondurasVisa not required10,062,991
HungaryVisa not required9,634,164
IcelandVisa not required343,353
IndonesiaVisa not required276,361,783
IranVisa required85,028,759
IraqVisa required41,179,350
IrelandVisa not required4,982,907
IsraelVisa not required8,789,774
ItalyVisa not required60,367,477
Ivory CoasteVisa27,053,629
JamaicaVisa not required2,973,463
JapanVisa not required126,050,804
JordanVisa on arrival10,269,021
KazakhstanVisa not required18,994,962
KenyaeVisa / Visa on arrival54,985,698
KiribatiVisa not required121,392
KuwaiteVisa / Visa on arrival4,328,550
KyrgyzstanVisa not required6,628,356
LaoseVisa / Visa on arrival7,379,358
LatviaVisa not required1,866,942
LebanonVisa on arrival6,769,146
LesothoVisa not required2,159,079
LiberiaVisa required5,180,203
LibyaVisa required6,958,532
LiechtensteinVisa not required38,250
LithuaniaVisa not required2,689,862
LuxembourgVisa not required634,814
MadagascareVisa / Visa on arrival28,427,328
MalawiVisa on arrival19,647,684
MalaysiaVisa not required32,776,194
MaldivesVisa on arrival543,617
MaliVisa required20,855,735
MaltaVisa not required442,784
Marshall IslandsVisa not required59,610
MauritaniaVisa on arrival4,775,119
MauritiusVisa not required1,273,433
MexicoVisa not required130,262,216
MicronesiaVisa not required116,254
MoldovaVisa not required4,024,019
MonacoVisa not required39,511
MongoliaVisa not required3,329,289
MontenegroVisa not required628,053
MoroccoVisa not required37,344,795
MozambiqueVisa on arrival32,163,047
NamibiaVisa not required2,587,344
NauruVisa required10,876
NepalVisa on arrival29,674,920
NetherlandsVisa not required17,173,099
New ZealandVisa not required4,860,643
NicaraguaVisa not required6,702,385
NigerVisa required25,130,817
NigeriaVisa required211,400,708
NorwayVisa not required5,465,630
PalauVisa not required18,169
PanamaVisa not required4,381,579
Papua New GuineaeVisa / Visa on arrival9,119,010
ParaguayVisa on arrival7,219,638
PeruVisa not required33,359,418
PhilippinesVisa not required111,046,913
PolandVisa not required37,797,005
PortugalVisa not required10,167,925
QatarVisa not required2,930,528
Republic Of The CongoVisa required5,657,013
RomaniaVisa not required19,127,774
RussiaVisa required145,912,025
RwandaeVisa / Visa on arrival13,276,513
Saint Kitts And NevisVisa not required53,544
Saint LuciaVisa not required184,400
Saint Vincent And The GrenadinesVisa not required111,263
SamoaVisa not required200,149
San MarinoVisa not required34,017
Sao Tome And PrincipeVisa not required223,368
Saudi ArabiaVisa required35,340,683
SenegalVisa not required17,196,301
SerbiaVisa not required8,697,550
SeychellesVisa on arrival98,908
Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival8,141,343
SingaporeVisa not required5,896,686
SlovakiaVisa not required5,460,721
SloveniaVisa not required2,078,724
Solomon IslandsVisa on arrival703,996
SomaliaVisa on arrival16,359,504
South AfricaVisa not required60,041,994
South KoreaVisa not required51,305,186
South SudanVisa required11,381,378
SpainVisa not required46,745,216
Sri LankaeVisa / Visa on arrival21,497,310
SudanVisa required44,909,353
SurinameeVisa / Visa on arrival591,800
SwedenVisa not required10,160,169
SwitzerlandVisa not required8,715,494
SyriaVisa required18,275,702
TanzaniaeVisa / Visa on arrival61,498,437
ThailandVisa not required69,950,850
Timor LesteVisa on arrival1,343,873
TogoVisa on arrival8,478,250
TongaVisa on arrival106,760
Trinidad And TobagoVisa not required1,403,375
TunisiaVisa not required11,935,766
TurkmenistanVisa required6,117,924
TuvaluVisa on arrival11,931
UgandaeVisa / Visa on arrival47,123,531
UkraineVisa not required43,466,819
United Arab EmiratesVisa on arrival9,991,089
United KingdomVisa not required68,207,116
UruguayVisa not required3,485,151
VanuatuVisa not required314,464
Vatican CityVisa not required800
VenezuelaVisa required28,704,954
YemenVisa required30,490,640
ZambiaeVisa / Visa on arrival18,920,651
ZimbabweeVisa / Visa on arrival15,092,171

US Passport Visa-Free Countries