IDP Countries 2023

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It just didn't make sense to require someone to obtain a license for every single country they ever visited, did work, and drove in. That is also why the International Driving Permit (IDP) was such a good idea. Those with IDP privileges, however, need to know which countries are and are not IDP countries.

Current IDP Countries

An IDP license is typically issued today for three years, although one-year license terms are still an option. The following countries are IDP countries that recognize some form of IDP license.

Yes, that is a lot of countries, also meaning a lot of driving privilege. This is another reason why the IDP license is so popular too, but there are a couple other things IDP holders should know.

Things to Know About the IDP License

The three-year license option was established in 1968 and permits an IDP holder to legally drive in IDP countries for three years from the date of issue. If the national driving permit expires before the three-year date of issue, it invalidates the IDP.

The one-year IDP permit was created in 1949 and is valid for one year from the date of issue. It is also worth noting that IDP holders must also have their valid national licenses available with a valid IDP license. Drive safely.

IDP Countries 2023

IDP Countries 2023