Countries with Gun Control 2022

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Gun control has always been a hotly debated issue, but many high-profile incidents involving guns have has put the topic in headlines around the world. Mass shootings have taken over the news, and it’s led many to question whether countries like the United States should implement gun control to curb down on these instances of violence.

Gun control is defined as laws and policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, and use of firearms. In some nations, like the U.S., some level of gun control already exists. For example, convicted felons are not allowed to purchase or possess firearms. Each state has its own laws about carrying guns. Nations around the world have different gun control laws. Some have similar laws in place, while others are stricter. Still others may be even more lenient or have no gun control laws in place at all.

Several nations have what is known as permissive laws. This means that authorities give out licenses on a shall issue basis to anyone that meets the legal requirements of the country. There are a few countries that have permissive gun laws including:

Another category of gun control laws are restrictive. When a nation has restrictive gun control, authorities give out permits on a may issue basis. Typically, this means that any person applying for a permit or license to own a gun must demonstrate a need for owning the gun. Nations with restrictive laws include:

Other nations have very strict gun laws. This means that it is extremely difficult or even impossible to receive a gun legally. Nations with strict gun control include:

Countries with Gun Control 2022

Countries with Gun Control 2022