Politics refers to the activities associated with the governance of a country or organization, including decision-making, policy formulation, and implementation. This category includes metrics such as political stability, government effectiveness, corruption, and representation. It also includes articles on political ideologies, electoral systems, and civil society engagement may also be considered.


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African Union CountriesList of all 55 member countries of the African Union, as well as details of the organization's history, former members, and currently suspended members.
Anarchy Countries
Apostille Countries
ASEAN Countries | Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Autocratic CountriesData and analysis on the world's autocratic countries, what is an autocratic country, and examples of autocratic countries and leaders.
Banana Republic CountriesInformationon banana republic countries, including which countries are banana republics, the definition of a banana republic country, and how to identify a banana republic country.
Brexit Vote by CountryData and analysis on the Brexit vote by country, including how each U.K. country voted on Brexit, which U.K. countries wanted to leave the European Union, and which U.K. countries voted against Brexit.
BRIC Countries / BRICS Countries
British Commonwealth CountriesDetailed list of countries that make up the Commonwealth of Nations, formerly known as the British Commonwealth.
CARICOM Countries
CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) Countries
Commonwealth of NationsList and information on the countries which are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, a group of countries that were once colonies of the British Empire.
Council of Europe Countries | Countries on the Council of Europe
Countries Currently at War / Countries at WarList of countries currently engaged in armed conflict with one another or, in the case of civil wars, with non-government forces within their own borders.
Countries in the UN / Countries in the United NationsList of every country that is currently a member or non-member observer in the United Nations.
Countries Never Colonized
Countries Not in the United Nations
Countries that Hate Each Other
Countries that Recognize IsraelData and information about the countries that recognize Israel's sovereignty and the countries which do not recognize Israel.
Countries that Recognize KosovoDetailed information about which countries recognize Kosovo, which countries do not recognize Kosovo, and countries that recognized Kosovo and have since withdrawn their recognition.
Countries that Recognize Palestine
Countries that Recognize TaiwanDetailed list of the countries that officially recognize Taiwan and the years relations were established, as well as the countries that do not recognize Taiwan and why. Also explains the complex relationship between Taiwan and China.
Countries with Border Walls
Countries with Constitutions
Countries with Female Leaders
Countries with Mandatory VotingList of countries in which voting is mandatory, including countries with mandatory voting and voting-mandatory countries.
Countries with Open BordersA definition of and information about open borders, counties that have open borders, and various alternate types of national border, such as closed borders, conditionally open borders, and controlled borders.
Countries with PresidentsFull list of every country that has a president, as well as information about presidential systems vs semi-presidential systems vs parliamentary systems.
Countries with Proportional Representation
Countries with Royal FamiliesList of countries whose governments include, and may be headed by, a monarch and his/her royal family.
D8 CountriesList of countries who have signed the D8 agreement, which was established in 1997.
DACH Countries
Democracy Countries
Democratic Socialist Countries
Dictatorship Countries
E2 Treaty Countries
Effective Number of Parties by Country
Electoral Systems by Country
Embargoed Countries
Eurozone Countries
Fascist Countries
Federal States
Five Eyes Countries
Fragile States Index
Freely Associated States
G7 Countries
G8 Countries
G10 Countries
G11 Countries / Group of Eleven CountriesList and details of countries in the Group of Eleven, alternately called the G11.
G15 Countries / Group of 15 CountriesList and details of countries in the Group of 15, also known as the G15
G20 Countries
G33 CountriesList of countries that have signed the G33 agreement.
G90 Countries / Countries in the Group of 90List and details of countries in the Group of 90, alternately known as the G90.
G-24 Countries / Group of 24 CountriesList and details of the countries in the Group of 24, alternately known as the G-24 (often abbreviated G24).
G-77 Countries / Group of 77 CountriesList and details of countries in the Group of 77, also known as the G-77 (often abbreviated G77).
GCC CountriesThe GCC, of Gulf cooperation Council, is an alliance of six nations located in the Persian Gulf: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.
Global Entry Countries
Government Budget by CountryBrief overview of government budget by country including data for both gross national expenditure and gross capital formation.
Government System by Country
Green Card Lottery Countries
Highest Paid Government Leaders in the WorldList of countries with the highest-paid government leaders, which countries have the highest-paid government leaders, and which government leaders are the highest paid.
How many Countries are in the World Bank in ?List of countries that are members of the World Bank, including years each country joined the World Bank, total number of countries in the World Bank, and World Bank countries.
Is China a Socialist Country in ?Details on whether China is a socialist country, including why China is a socialist country, what makes China a socialist country
Least Corrupt Countries
Libertarian Countries
List of Countries in the European Union
Major Countries
Monarchy CountriesList of and details on countries whose governments are monarchies
Most Conservative CountriesA brief overview of the most conservative countries based on various factors, providing insights into conservatism around the world.
Most Corrupt Countries
Most Hated CountryDetails on the most hated country in the world, including the world's most hated country and answering the question: Which country is the most hated in the world?
Most Liberal CountriesComprehensive data on the most liberal countries which are characterized by their openness to new opinions and behaviors beyond traditional beliefs and values, including a list of the top ten most liberal countries by MoveHub.
Most Patriotic Countries
Most Powerful CountriesAnalysis of the most powerful countries around the world, based on various factors such as military strength, economic influence, and diplomatic power.
NATO CountriesList of countries who are members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), we well as the next countries that are planning to join NATO in the near or distant future.
NATO Spending by Country
Neutral Countries
Nine Eyes Countries / 14 Eyes Countries / Five Eyes CountriesA definition of the international 'Nine Eyes' intelligence-sharing alliance, a list of the nine-eyes countries, and an overview of the past and present of the nine-eyes coalition.
Non-Schengen CountriesA full list and detailed analysis of non-Schengen countries in Europe, as well as reasons why those countries have either turned down the Schengen agreement or not been extended the chance to become Shengen countries.
OECD CountriesLists countries that are members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), along with the date of their accession to the organization.
OFAC CountriesList of countries sanctioned by the Office of Foreign Assets Control known as OFAC, providing insights into nations subject to economic or trade restrictions due to national security concerns, terrorism financing, or other reasons considered harmful to U.S. interests.
Oligarchy Countries
OPEC CountriesDetailed definition, history, and list of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its member countries both official and unofficial.
Organization of African, Caribbean, and Pacific States
P5+1 Countries / E3+3 Countries / Countries in the JCPOADetails of the countries of the P5+1 agreement, alternately known as the E3+3 countries and the countries of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).
Paris Climate Agreement CountriesList of Paris Climate Agreement countries with the date the agreement was signed and the date confirmation was submitted.
Periphery Countries
Police Spending by CountryOverview of total police spending by country, along with interesting insights related to this topic, like which police carry guns, the total number of police officers, and others.
Political Prisoners by CountryDetails on the number of political prisoners being held in various countries, including the countries with the most political prisoners in the world.
Political Risk Index by Country
Political Stability by Country
Political Term Limits by Country
Polity Data Series by Country
Polynesian Leaders Group
Protected Land by CountryBrief overview of protected land by country, highlighting percentages of protected land within each nation throughout the years.
Public Sector Size by CountryBrief overview of the public sector size by country, offering percentages of the workforce employed in the public sector.
Rebelling Countries
Republic Countries
Ruling Political Parties by Country
SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Countries
Satellite Nations
Schengen CountriesA full list of countries that belong to Europe's Schengen Area, which enables free movement across borders.
Small Islands Developing StatesBrief overview of Small Island Developing States also known as SIDS, providing insight into the history and challenges of SIDS including UN recognition and geographic region of member nations.
Social Welfare Spending by Country
Socialist Countries
South Atlantic Peace and Cooperation Zone
Sovereign Nation
Sovereign Wealth Funds by CountryComprehensive overview of sovereign wealth funds by country, offering insights on investment funds owned and operated by a national government including which country has the most sovereign wealth fund.
TAA Compliant Countries
Theocracy Countries
Third World CountriesDetailed list of countries that classify as Third World countries, including history and definition of the term Third World and its related terms, First World and Second World.
Titles of Leaders of CountriesInformation on the titles of the heads of government in various countries. The titles of government leaders change considerably from one type of government and one dominant religion to another.
Total Aid to Ukraine by Country
Totalitarian Countries
TPS Countries
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Countries
Trust in Government by CountryDemographic details on public trust in the government throughout various countries. Includes profiles of the country with the highest level of trust in government and the level of government trust in the United States.
Unitary States
United States AlliesList of countries considered political allies of the United States, as well as a list of countries considered to be enemies of the US.
United States Involvement in Other CountriesHistoric list of scenarios in which the United States became involved, either politically, economically, or militarily, in the affairs of another nation.
Unrecognized CountriesInteresting overview of the unrecognized countries worldwide, providing various information such as official country names, other claimants to territory, UN member status, level of recognition, and additional details.
Unwritten Constitution Countries
US Enemy Countries / Enemies of the United StatesList of countries generally considered to be political enemies of the United States, including profiles that outline the causes for their international animosity.
V-dem Democracy Index by Country
Veto Power Countries / Countries with UN Veto PowerInformation on which countries have veto power on the United Nations Security Council, including the definition of veto power and examples of when veto power has been used.
Voter Turnout by CountryData and information on voter turnout all over the world, including countries with the highest voter turnout in the world, countries with the lowest voter turnout in the world, and good and bad reasons for high or low voter turnout.
War Torn Countries
Warsaw Pact Countries
Welfare States
What Countries Have States in ?
What Country has the Highest Paid Government Leader in ?Details on countries with the highest-paid government leaders, including which government leaders make the most money and which countries pay their government leaders the most.
Which Countries Have Authoritarian Governments in ?Details on what makes a government an authoritarian government, as well as a list of countries with authoritarian governments.
World Superpowers
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