Titles of Leaders of Countries 2023

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The word president comes from the word praesidere which is defined as “sitting before.” It is also an extension of the word preside, to decide or to monitor the activities of the people at the table before you. The president of any nation is typically the leader of a democracy and the head of state. It is also the head of the armed forces in many cases.

Some countries with presidents also have prime ministers, who serve as the leader of all of the ministers in a parliamentary system.

Prime Minister

Many countries have a prime minister which is a leader in a parliamentary system. This is a key stakeholder in the legislator and the leader that handles the debates and negotiations between parties in the parliamentary system. It is a role that often has more intense and dramatic responsibilities than a president, who is the last vote. The prime minister will manage the debates leading up to the vote.

In a presidential system, the president waits for the people at the table to finish talking. In America, the president isn’t even in the room when they do, but will get the final say. The prime minister is also the head of state.


The country of Germany has a chancellor and they have the same role as the prime minister. A country with a chancellor is a democracy and has a parliamentary system of making laws and voting. The chancellor will be the head of the government as well and typically functions independently. In Switzerland, there is a chancellor but they do not always have the final say here. The title of chancellor is one of the titles of leaders of countries that is ubiquitous in roles and job responsibilities but for Germany who is considered a world power as a result of being part of the Normandy Four.

Kings and Queens

Kings and queens are monarch leaders who identify with the identity of a nation and are typically landowners, and monarchs of the land they own. In some countries, kings and queens can levy enforcement of laws, but in many, they don’t. The royal structure is a political one still, where the family plays a role in world politics in a way that nobody truly understands.

It is the job of a monarch in these cases to defer to the governing bodies of their nations, regardless of their wealth and historical-geographical influence.

Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader of a country is a country that has one person ruling as a head of state and typically in a dictatorial fashion. In this government, there are many leaders, and the head of state is the Supreme Leader. Kim Jong Un is the Supreme Leader of North Korea, and also the Chairman of the head of government and the Worker’s Party of Korea. Other countries with Supreme Leaders include Iran and Japan.

Titles of Leaders of Countries 2023

Titles of Leaders of Countries 2023