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2023 Eligibility



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Green Card Lottery Countries 2024

The green card lottery, also known as the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (or DV program), is a U.S. government lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card, commonly called a green card. The Diversity Immigrant Visa Program was established in 1990 to help enable people from a wider variety of countries to immigrate to the U.S. The ration of diversity visas was originally set at 55,000 per fiscal year but decreased to 50,000 per year starting in 2000. The program is known as the “diversity lottery” because visa recipients are randomly selected from the pool of qualified entries.

In contrast to several other U.S. immigration pathways, preference in the lottery is not given to applicants who have employers or family in the U.S. to sponsor them. Importantly, winning the lottery does not guarantee the applicant a green card. Rather, it simply provides the individual an opportunity to apply for the Diversity Visa—however, with an annual average of more than 13.3 million applicants for just 50,000 visas, winning the lottery is still a significant step in many immigrants' green-card journey.

What makes a person eligible for the green card lottery?

Nationals of countries from which fewer than 50,000 natives have immigrated to the U.S. in the last five years (classified as "low-admittance" countries) are eligible to enter the diversity lottery. Generally, natives of China, India, and Mexico are not eligible for the lottery, as the citizens of those countries have many avenues through which to immigrate—in fact, they are three of the four countries with the highest immigration to the U.S..

To be eligible for a diversity visa, the applicant or the applicant’s spouse must be a native of one of the qualifying countries of origin. The individual must also be admissible to the U.S. under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Additionally, the individual must have a high school education (or equivalent) or at least two years of recent qualifying work experience. Eligible individuals have a short time frame during which to apply electronically each year.

Eligible Countries for the 2023 DV Lottery

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) groups countries into six regions: Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, North America, and South America/Central America/Caribbean. USCIS then calculates each region’s annual diversity visa allotment using recent immigration statistics and an allocation formula. The list is updated every year in September for the year 15 months in the future. For example, the 2023 list was released in September of 2021. Because it is reevaluated each year, the list is subject to change, so a country that has available visas one year may not have the same number, or any at all, the next year. The following countries can participate in the 2023 DV Lottery:

Note: * indicates a country whose territories and dependent areas overseas are also eligible. Although Macau (China SAR) *** is geographically located in Asia, it derives its eligibility from Portugal and so is considered a European country with regard to immigration eligibility. Also, in light of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and Belarus in February 2022, the possibility exists that immigrations from Belarus ** and Russia ** could be suspended.

  • While the UK as a whole is ineligible, citizens of Northern Ireland are eligible.

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2023 Eligibility
IndiaIneligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
ChinaIneligibleAsiaEastern Asia
PakistanIneligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
NigeriaIneligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
BrazilIneligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
BangladeshIneligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
MexicoIneligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
PhilippinesIneligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
VietnamIneligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
United KingdomIneligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
ColombiaIneligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
South KoreaIneligibleAsiaEastern Asia
CanadaIneligibleNorth AmericaNorthern America
VenezuelaIneligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
HaitiIneligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
Dominican RepublicIneligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
HondurasIneligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
Hong KongIneligibleAsiaEastern Asia
El SalvadorIneligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
JamaicaIneligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
IndonesiaEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
RussiaEligibleAsiaEuropeEastern Europe
EthiopiaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
JapanEligibleAsiaEastern Asia
EgyptEligibleAfricaNorthern Africa, The Middle East
DR CongoEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
IranEligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, The Middle East
TurkeyEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
GermanyEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
ThailandEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
TanzaniaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
FranceEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
South AfricaEligibleAfricaSouthern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
ItalyEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
KenyaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
UgandaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
SudanEligibleAfricaNorthern Africa
SpainEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
IraqEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
AlgeriaEligibleAfricaNorthern Africa
ArgentinaEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
AfghanistanEligibleAsiaSouth Central Asia, Southern Asia
PolandEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
MoroccoEligibleAfricaNorthern Africa
UkraineEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
AngolaEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Saudi ArabiaEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
UzbekistanEligibleAsiaCentral Asia, South Central Asia
YemenEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
MozambiqueEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
GhanaEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
PeruEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
MalaysiaEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
NepalEligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
MadagascarEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Ivory CoastEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
CameroonEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
NigerEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
AustraliaEligibleOceaniaAustralia and New Zealand
North KoreaEligibleAsiaEastern Asia
SyriaEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
MaliEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
TaiwanEligibleAsiaEastern Asia
Burkina FasoEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Sri LankaEligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
MalawiEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
ZambiaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
KazakhstanEligibleAsiaCentral Asia
ChileEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
RomaniaEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
ChadEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
SomaliaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
EcuadorEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
GuatemalaEligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
SenegalEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
NetherlandsEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
CambodiaEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
ZimbabweEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
GuineaEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
RwandaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
BeninEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
BurundiEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
BoliviaEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
TunisiaEligibleAfricaNorthern Africa
BelgiumEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
JordanEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
South SudanEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
CubaEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
SwedenEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
Papua New GuineaEligibleOceaniaMelanesia
Czech RepublicEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
AzerbaijanEligibleAsiaWestern Asia
TajikistanEligibleAsiaCentral Asia, South Central Asia
GreeceEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
PortugalEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
HungaryEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
United Arab EmiratesEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
BelarusEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
IsraelEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
TogoEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Sierra LeoneEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
AustriaEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
SwitzerlandEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
LaosEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
NicaraguaEligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
SerbiaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
LibyaEligibleAfricaNorthern Africa
ParaguayEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
KyrgyzstanEligibleAsiaCentral Asia, South Central Asia
BulgariaEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
TurkmenistanEligibleAsiaCentral Asia, South Central Asia
SingaporeEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
DenmarkEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
Central African RepublicEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
SlovakiaEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
FinlandEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
LiberiaEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
NorwayEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
New ZealandEligibleOceaniaAustralia and New Zealand
LebanonEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
MauritaniaEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
OmanEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
PanamaEligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
KuwaitEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
CroatiaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
EritreaEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
GeorgiaEligibleAsiaWestern Asia
MongoliaEligibleAsiaEastern Asia
UruguayEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
MoldovaEligibleEuropeEastern Europe
Bosnia and HerzegovinaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
GambiaEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
AlbaniaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
ArmeniaEligibleAsiaWestern Asia
QatarEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
BotswanaEligibleAfricaSouthern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
LithuaniaEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
NamibiaEligibleAfricaSouthern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
GabonEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
LesothoEligibleAfricaSouthern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Guinea BissauEligibleAfricaWestern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
SloveniaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
North MacedoniaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
LatviaEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
Equatorial GuineaEligibleAfricaMiddle Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Trinidad and TobagoEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
BahrainEligibleAsiaWestern Asia, The Middle East
Timor LesteEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
EstoniaEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
MauritiusEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
CyprusEligibleEuropeEastern Europe, The Middle East
EswatiniEligibleAfricaSouthern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
DjiboutiEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
ComorosEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
GuyanaEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
BhutanEligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
Solomon IslandsEligibleOceaniaMelanesia
MacauEligibleAsiaEastern Asia
LuxembourgEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
SurinameEligibleSouth AmericaSouth America, Latin America
MontenegroEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
MaltaEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
MaldivesEligibleAsiaSouthern Asia, South Central Asia
BruneiEligibleAsiaSouth-Eastern Asia
BelizeEligibleNorth AmericaCentral America, Latin America
BahamasEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
IcelandEligibleEuropeNorthern Europe
BarbadosEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
Saint LuciaEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
GrenadaEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
SeychellesEligibleAfricaEastern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
Antigua and BarbudaEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
AndorraEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
DominicaEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
Saint Kitts and NevisEligibleNorth AmericaCaribbean
Marshall IslandsEligibleOceaniaMicronesia
LiechtensteinEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
MonacoEligibleEuropeWestern Europe
San MarinoEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
Vatican CityEligibleEuropeSouthern Europe
showing: 190 rows

Which countries have green card lottery?

Countries with a green card lottery have had fewer than 50,000 immigrants move to the US in the last five years.

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