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Government Budget by Country 2024

The budget of a particular country’s government is most often measured by Gross Domestic Product (GDP), although it can occasionally be quantified in absolute amounts instead – such as billions or hundreds of millions of dollars.

Not only are government budgets important aspects of a country’s fiscal policy, but tracking and analyzing budgets from country to country can reveal important information about spending priorities, social values, and ongoing objectives.

Here’s an overview of the world countries with the highest overall budgets according to GDP, as well as various factors that might impact a given country’s budget from one instance to the next.

Gross National Expenditure
United States$24.18 Tn
China$17.30 Tn
Japan$5.03 Tn
Germany$3.99 Tn
India$3.46 Tn
United Kingdom$3.15 Tn
France$2.90 Tn
Canada$2.14 Tn
Italy$2.04 Tn
Russia$1.98 Tn

Factors That Can Influence Government Budget and Spending Rates

Naturally, budget structures can be incredibly diverse from one country to the next. However, there are still certain factors that could impact not only the budget itself but also the average rate (and targets) of national spending. Here are some examples.

Economic Goals

Government budgets are often set in accordance with the overall values and objectives of that country. Common goals include but may not be limited to education, healthcare, growth, job creation, and overall social stability. Budgets may be further broken down within each of those sectors, as well.

Ruling Political Party

The political party currently in power in a specific country can drastically affect the way the government budget is set and distributed. For example, right-leaning governments tend to favor objectives like deregulation and defense, while left-leaning governments typically prioritize social programs, healthcare, education, and similar examples.

International Concerns

Potential concerns like international relations, national defense, and emerging world conflicts can direct a government to fix and spend its budget much differently than it would otherwise. For example, international aid and military defense may become significantly bigger priorities.

Infrastructural Needs

When a country has pressing infrastructure-related needs within a certain sector – like energy, transportation, communication, and so forth – those concerns will naturally nudge spending on those directions rather than the alternatives.

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Gross National Expenditure
Gross Capital Formation
Data Year
United States$24.18 Tn$4.92 Mn2021
China$17.30 Tn$7.69 Mn2021
Japan$5.03 Tn$1.28 Mn2021
Germany$3.99 Tn$1.01 Mn2022
India$3.46 Tn$1.05 Mn2022
United Kingdom$3.15 Tn$576,3232022
France$2.90 Tn$740,7892022
Canada$2.14 Tn$525,2102022
Italy$2.04 Tn$437,2962022
Russia$1.98 Tn$499,2882022
Brazil$1.91 Tn$348,3692022
South Korea$1.67 Tn$552,1132022
Australia$1.58 Tn$389,5062022
Mexico$1.43 Tn$305,6282022
Spain$1.38 Tn$293,8922022
Indonesia$1.19 Tn$392,3712022
Turkey$948.66 Bn$317,5862022
Saudi Arabia$923.07 Bn$302,2522022
Netherlands$897.70 Bn$212,4352022
Switzerland$708.54 Bn$207,0442022
Poland$680.52 Bn$165,0482022
Argentina$611.07 Bn$109,5012022
Belgium$592.59 Bn$160,0402022
Sweden$571.72 Bn$164,8522022
Venezuela$553.28 Bn$119,6742014
Egypt$509.21 Bn$81,1372022
Israel$504.88 Bn$137,1422022
Thailand$495.82 Bn$138,0542022
Bangladesh$491.60 Bn$147,4822022
Philippines$467.54 Bn$99,8512022
Austria$464.71 Bn$129,1412022
Nigeria$445.68 Bn$149,1552021
Pakistan$419.40 Bn$57,0132022
Norway$415.06 Bn$119,5412022
South Africa$396.89 Bn$61,3182022
Malaysia$378.16 Bn$97,0482022
Colombia$370.29 Bn$75,1252022
Vietnam$360.69 Bn$122,5372021
Denmark$353.38 Bn$97,1252022
Hong Kong$345.69 Bn$53,8472022
Ireland$332.92 Bn$152,8422022
Romania$322.06 Bn$84,8172022
Iran$313.69 Bn$103,4102018
Chile$312.09 Bn$76,5142022
Czech Republic$291.23 Bn$95,9872022
Finland$290.59 Bn$76,6632022
Singapore$288.42 Bn$102,3282022
United Arab Emirates$270.52 Bn$79,6322020
New Zealand$261.70 Bn$62,7752021
Portugal$258.34 Bn$51,9662022
Peru$242.09 Bn$53,7552022
Greece$239.75 Bn$46,9072022
Ukraine$187.46 Bn$20,2412022
Hungary$186.11 Bn$60,7852022
Algeria$174.18 Bn$65,6632022
Kazakhstan$173.57 Bn$51,6002021
Iraq$162.43 Bn$40,6762021
Morocco$149.74 Bn$43,3182022
Ethiopia$139.56 Bn$32,1272022
Qatar$135.15 Bn$65,9062021
Dominican Republic$127.50 Bn$39,4802022
Kuwait$124.75 Bn$34,0732019
Kenya$122.28 Bn$21,7322022
Slovakia$122.12 Bn$27,3182022
Ecuador$114.30 Bn$25,5912022
Guatemala$110.81 Bn$15,8272022
Cuba$106.65 Bn$10,6012020
Puerto Rico$105.35 Bn$15,1412022
Uzbekistan$94.09 Bn$30,7892022
Bulgaria$88.32 Bn$18,4662022
Tanzania$78.92 Bn$30,9902022
Oman$78.37 Bn$19,7632021
Sri Lanka$77.05 Bn$25,5882022
Croatia$74.24 Bn$18,7242022
Ivory Coast$71.87 Bn$17,6912022
Lithuania$71.73 Bn$18,8042022
Ghana$71.01 Bn$12,1082022
Serbia$70.29 Bn$17,0062022
Belarus$67.79 Bn$15,9972022
Uruguay$67.30 Bn$13,3792022
Costa Rica$66.81 Bn$12,7262022
Panama$64.58 Bn$25,9582017
Libya$64.09 Bn$9,8082019
Slovenia$61.11 Bn$15,2422022
Myanmar$59.59 Bn$19,1762022
DR Congo$55.19 Bn$15,2332021
Luxembourg$54.09 Bn$14,7962022
Nepal$53.75 Bn$15,2772022
Azerbaijan$52.72 Bn$9,9552022
Sudan$51.43 Bn$1,1252022
Tunisia$51.14 Bn$7,4922022
Jordan$50.06 Bn$9,5302019
Angola$48.48 Bn$14,1472021
Uganda$47.82 Bn$11,0282022
Cameroon$44.82 Bn$7,7552022
Paraguay$43.77 Bn$11,2242022
Latvia$43.55 Bn$10,6042022
Bolivia$41.77 Bn$6,8032021
El Salvador$40.43 Bn$6,4872022
Honduras$39.23 Bn$7,4322022
Estonia$37.95 Bn$11,5272022
Senegal$34.00 Bn$11,0532022
Cambodia$31.69 Bn$9,5172022
Bahrain$31.65 Bn$10,0522021
Zimbabwe$29.93 Bn$4,3972021
Lebanon$29.27 Bn$1,2402021
Palestine$28.55 Bn$5,0672022
Cyprus$28.55 Bn$5,7542022
Bosnia and Herzegovina$28.20 Bn$6,8982022
Iceland$28.04 Bn$6,2962022
Georgia$27.10 Bn$5,0952022
Guinea$25.50 Bn$6,3282022
Haiti$24.72 Bn$3,2132022
Macau$24.18 Bn$5,7592022
Turkmenistan$23.99 Bn$16,5982012
Mozambique$21.69 Bn$7,8612021
Mali$20.84 Bn$3,8202022
Albania$20.33 Bn$4,4492021
Armenia$20.10 Bn$3,7832022
Botswana$19.24 Bn$5,0792022
Benin$18.73 Bn$6,3562022
Moldova$18.62 Bn$3,7602022
Nicaragua$18.12 Bn$3,4362022
Zambia$18.08 Bn$7,0352021
Mongolia$17.95 Bn$6,8322022
Laos$17.29 Bn$4,6162016
Jamaica$16.86 Bn$2,8032022
Burkina Faso$16.73 Bn$3,5932019
Niger$16.58 Bn$4,3542022
North Macedonia$16.42 Bn$4,7522022
Madagascar$16.31 Bn$2,9942022
Malta$15.74 Bn$4,6392022
Rwanda$15.36 Bn$3,2612022
Namibia$14.97 Bn$2,1932022
Mauritius$13.70 Bn$2,5802022
Mauritania$13.62 Bn$6,8962022
Bahamas$13.38 Bn$2,7982022
Gabon$11.64 Bn$3,2802022
Brunei$11.44 Bn$4,3122022
Kyrgyzstan$11.38 Bn$2,4362021
Tajikistan$11.27 Bn$3,1172021
Chad$11.23 Bn$1,8462022
South Sudan$11.07 Bn$6902015
New Caledonia$10.73 Bn$2,5502017
Equatorial Guinea$10.59 Bn$8922022
Republic of the Congo$10.05 Bn$1,8792022
Togo$8.93 Bn$1,9142022
Montenegro$7.52 Bn$1,7832022
French Polynesia$7.08 Bn$1,2922020
Bermuda$5.56 Bn$9452022
Barbados$5.40 Bn$8852021
Sierra Leone$5.29 Bn$4752021
Maldives$4.71 Bn$1,8402021
Eswatini$4.70 Bn$6682021
Fiji$4.50 Bn$5392020
Suriname$3.73 Bn$1,5822010
Greenland$3.70 Bn$1,0792021
Curacao$3.68 Bn$1,0052017
Burundi$3.64 Bn$4112022
Faroe Islands$3.63 Bn$1,0122021
Papua New Guinea$3.41 Bn$7852004
Afghanistan$3.40 Bn$4581978
Lesotho$3.34 Bn$6852020
Aruba$3.11 Bn$6202021
Bhutan$3.07 Bn$9102021
Central African Republic$3.06 Bn$5882022
Djibouti$2.91 Bn$292020
Gambia$2.85 Bn$7742022
Eritrea$2.84 Bn$2612011
Cape Verde$2.74 Bn$7152022
Timor Leste$2.62 Bn$5232021
Belize$2.43 Bn$6572022
Antigua and Barbuda$1.88 Bn$7902020
Syria$1.87 Bn$2871969
Seychelles$1.75 Bn$7412022
Sint Maarten$1.62 Bn$4752018
Solomon Islands$1.61 Bn$2572020
Comoros$1.52 Bn$1612022
San Marino$1.37 Bn$4132021
Vanuatu$1.37 Bn$4972022
Somalia$1.17 Bn$1421990
Samoa$1.16 Bn$2902022
Guyana$1.09 Bn$2672005
Dominica$820.10 Mn$1812018
Tonga$758.77 Mn$1032021
Marshall Islands$364.63 Mn$472021
Kiribati$306.06 Mn$322020
Micronesia$191.70 Mn$401983
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Which country has the highest government budget?

Finland currently has the highest government spending % of GDP. The country has a rating of 53.5% of GDP. Belgium comes in second place at 52%.

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