Libertarian Countries 2020

Libertarianism is a philosophy centered on liberty. People that believe in these philosophies are known as libertarians, and libertarians believe in political freedom and freedom of choice. Libertarians believe that a person should be able to use their own judgement when it comes to the choices in their own life. In other words, a person would be able to make their own choices without interference by the government.

Throughout the world, some nations show signs of libertarianism. For example, in many nations around the world, marijuana has been legalized or at least decriminalized. However, there are no true libertarian countries. The nations that have legalized marijuana, for example, may have very high taxes or laws that restrict other activities, such as prostitution.

Since there are no true libertarian countries, let’s explore the countries around the world that provide the most freedom to their residents.

One such nation is England. After leaving the European Union, the nation no longer has a government that is higher than its own federal government. England no longer has to pay taxes and tariffs imposed by the EU, but there are other regulations, such as drugs being illegal.

There are several nations that do not impose income taxes on its citizens. This includes Andorra, which has no income tax for individuals or companies, and Monaco, which is known as a “tax haven” for its lack of income tax.

If you live in a country like the United States, prostitution is illegal. However, it is fully legal in some nations. In Germany, for example, brothels are regulated by the government, must obtain licenses, and pay taxes. The Netherlands also has legal prostitution and has become known for its red-light district.

In some nations, drugs are also legal or decriminalized. In Portugal, possessing any drug for personal use has been criminalized. Portugal also has government-funded therapy programs to help drug addicts. In North Korea, marijuana and opium are not considered drugs. However, use of other drugs could result in major penalties, including death.

Libertarian Countries 2020