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2018 Election Results

2018 Election Results

Setting the Stage for the 2018 Midterm Elections

In 2018, the United States witnessed a pivotal moment in its political landscape with the midterm elections. As voters across the nation headed to the polls, the outcomes of gubernatorial races, state legislative contests, and federal races for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives were closely watched. These elections served as a barometer of public sentiment and political trends, shaping the direction of American governance for the years to come.

Gubernatorial Races: A Mixed Bag of Results

In the arena of gubernatorial races, the 2018 elections yielded a mixed bag of results. While some states saw incumbents retaining their positions, others experienced shifts in party control. Notable victories and losses occurred across the country, reflecting the diverse political landscapes and priorities of each state's electorate.

State Legislative Contests: Battlegrounds and Balances

State legislative contests emerged as battlegrounds for political parties seeking to secure influence and power at the local level. With the balance of power in state legislatures at stake, candidates campaigned vigorously to sway voters and gain control of key legislative bodies. The outcomes of these races had far-reaching implications for policy-making and governance within each state.

U.S. Senate: Shifting Sands in the Upper Chamber

In the U.S. Senate, the 2018 elections saw shifts in the balance of power as candidates vied for seats in the upper chamber. With a number of closely contested races, both Republicans and Democrats sought to gain or maintain control, leading to intense campaigns and high-stakes outcomes that shaped the composition of the Senate for the foreseeable future.

U.S. House of Representatives: Democratic Gains and Republican Holds

The race for the U.S. House of Representatives was closely watched as Democrats aimed to regain control of the chamber. With Republicans defending their majority, and Democrats seeking to capitalize on voter dissatisfaction, the battle for control of the House was fiercely contested. The results of these races had profound implications for national policy-making and the balance of power in Washington.

Implications and Insights from the 2018 Midterm Elections

Overall, the 2018 midterm elections showcased the dynamic nature of American democracy, with voters across the nation engaging in the electoral process to shape the future of their communities and country. As winners celebrated victories and losers regrouped, the outcomes of these elections provided valuable insights into the political landscape and set the stage for future contests and policy debates.

2018 Election Results

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AlabamaRepR+14RepRep 6–1Split
AlaskaRepR+9SplitRep 1–0Rep
ArizonaRepR+5RepDem 5–4Split
ArkansasRepR+15RepRep 4–0Rep
FloridaRepR+2RepRep 14–13Rep
GeorgiaRepR+5RepRep 9–5Rep
IdahoRepR+19RepRep 2–0Rep
IndianaRepR+9RepRep 7–2Rep
IowaRepR+3RepDem 3–1Rep
KentuckyRepR+15RepRep 5–1Rep
MarylandRepD+12DemDem 7–1Dem
MassachusettsRepD+12DemDem 9–0Dem
MississippiRepR+9RepRep 3–1Rep
MissouriRepR+9RepRep 6–2Rep
NebraskaRepR+14NPRep 3–0Rep
New HampshireRepEvenDemDem 2–0Dem
North DakotaRepR+17RepRep 1–0Rep
OhioRepR+3RepRep 12–4Split
OklahomaRepR+20RepRep 4–1Rep
South CarolinaRepR+8RepRep 5–2Rep
South DakotaRepR+14RepRep 1–0Rep
TennesseeRepR+14RepRep 7–2Rep
TexasRepR+8RepRep 23–13Rep
UtahRepR+20RepRep 3–1Rep
VermontRepD+15DemDem 1–0Split D/I
West VirginiaRepR+20RepRep 3–0Split
WyomingRepR+25RepRep 1–0Rep
CaliforniaDemD+12DemDem 46–7Dem
ColoradoDemD+1DemDem 4–3Split
ConnecticutDemD+6DemDem 5–0Dem
DelawareDemD+6DemDem 1–0Dem
District of ColumbiaDemD+43DemDem
HawaiiDemD+18DemDem 2–0Dem
IllinoisDemD+7DemDem 13–5Dem
KansasDemR+13RepRep 3–1Rep
LouisianaDemR+11RepRep 5–1Rep
MaineDemD+3DemDem 2–0Split R/I
MichiganDemD+1RepSplit 7–7Dem
MinnesotaDemD+1SplitDem 5–3Dem
MontanaDemR+11RepRep 1–0Split
NevadaDemD+1DemDem 3–1Dem
New JerseyDemD+7DemDem 11–1Dem
New MexicoDemD+3DemDem 3–0Dem
New YorkDemD+11DemDem 21–6Dem
North CarolinaDemR+3RepRep 9–3Rep
OregonDemD+5DemDem 4–1Dem
PennsylvaniaDemEvenRepSplit 9–9Split
Rhode IslandDemD+10DemDem 2–0Dem
VirginiaDemD+1RepDem 7–4Dem
WashingtonDemD+7DemDem 7–3Dem
WisconsinDemEvenRepRep 5–3Split
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