Infrastructure refers to the physical structures and facilities necessary for a society to function, including transportation, energy, water, and communication systems. This category includes metrics such as road quality, electricity access, internet penetration, and airport capacity.


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5G Bands by CountryList of countries that offer 5G bands for cellular phones and other wireless devices, as well as why 5G is important and where 5G is available.
Apple Pay Supported CountriesEvery country in the world that supports Apple Pay, including which countries support Apple Pay on every continent, including which countries in Europe support Apple Pay, which countries in Asia support Apple Pay, and more.
Blackout Countries / European Union Blackout CountriesData and analysis on EU blackout countries, including list of blackout countries, list of potential EU blackout countries, and which European Union countries are blackout countries.
Coal Reserves by CountryData on coal reserves by country, including which countries have the largest coal reserves, which country has the most coal, and which country's coal reserves are the biggest.
Cost of Electricity by CountryData and analysis on the cost of electricity in each country, including countries where the cost of electricity is highest and countries with the highest electricity costs.
Countries without Electricity
Domains by Country / Domain Names by CountryList of internet domain names by country, including domains by country, every country's domain name, and internet domain names around the world.
Electric Car Use by Country
Electricity Consumption by Country
Electricity Exports by Country
Electricity Production by Country
Energy Consumption by CountryEnergy consumption data and information for the world's countries, including electricity consumption by country, oil consumption by country, and per-country consumption of coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, and renewable energy sources.
Fossil Fuel Subsidies by CountryData and analysis on fossil fuel subsidies by country, including which countries give the biggest fossil fuel subsidies and which countries provide the most subsidies to fossil fuels.
Infrastructure by CountryAnalysis of the level of infrastructure by country, including countries with near-perfect infrastructure, countries with the best infrastructure, and countries with the worst infrastructure.
Internet Speeds by Country
Legatum Prosperity IndexDetails and rankings of each country's place in the Legatum Prosperity Index, including their rankings in more than a dozen subcategories.
License Plates by CountryData and information regarding license plates by country, including license plate country codes by country and each country's international license plate code.
Longest Bridge in the WorldA detailed list of the longest bridges in the world, including data such as their structure type, length, and main form of traffic (railway, expressway).
LTE Bands by Country
Most Urbanized Countries
Natural Gas by CountryData and details on natural gas production, natural gas consumption, and natural gas reserves in 70+ countries.
Natural Gas Consumption by CountryData and details on the countries that consume the most natural gas in the world.
Natural Gas Exports by Country
NTSC CountriesList of countries that use/used the NTSC television broadcast standard, as well as the competing PAL and SECAM broadcast standards.
Nuclear Accidents by Country
Nuclear Power by Country
Number of Coal Power Plants by CountryDetails on how many coal-fired power plants each country currently operates, including countries that have more than 100 coal plants and which newer, cleaner technologies could replace coal in the future.
Number of Heliports by Country
Oil Consumption by CountryComprehensive overview of oil consumption by country through the years, including which country consumes the most oil in the world.
Oil Consumption by Country
Oil Producing Countries
Oil Production by Country
Oil Reserves by Country
Passenger Air Traffic by Country
Phone Codes by CountryList of country phone codes to make it easy to place international telephone calls, including a list of exit codes required to make international calls in some countries.
Phone Number Length by CountryPhone numbers are different lengths in different countries, from a mere 4 digits in Niue to 12 or more digits in several other countries. Find out the phone number lengths of every country and territory in the world here.
Plug Types by Country / Electrical Plug Types by CountryDetails on the types of electrical plugs and outlets used in each of the world's countries.
Rail Usage by Country
Railroads by Country
Recycling Rates by CountryDetails on the rate of recycling in various countries, including the country with the highest recycling rate in the world and the rates of recycling in the United States and select Asian countries.
Renewable Energy by CountryComprehensive data on renewable energy by country, providing insights into global efforts toward sustainable energy and highlighting leading nations in using the largest percentage of renewable energy.
Road Network Size by Country
Road Quality by Country
Russian Gas Exports by Country
Skyscrapers by Country
Solar Power by CountryData and analysis including a list of solar power in every country in the world, countries with the most solar power, and countries that generate the highest percentage of their electricity from solar power.
Trolleybus Usage by Country
Uber CountriesList of countries in which the ridesharing company Uber operates, as well as details of the various hurdles the company faces in different countries.
Uranium Production by Country
US Oil Imports by CountryData on US oil imports by country, highlighting the volume of oil imported from various nations over time.
USPS Eligible CountriesStatistics on countries to which the United States Post Office delivers, and details on the situations in which USPS service to a country has been suspended either temporarily or permanently.
Verizon Travelpass Countries
Voltage by CountryInformation on residential electrical voltages per country, including which countries have the highest residential voltages and which countries use 240-volt power.
Water Fluoridation by CountryBrief overview of water fluoridation by country, offering data on both the total population and percentages of populations consuming fluoridated water.
Water Quality by CountryData on water quality in all the world's countries, including countries with the highest water quality (safest drinking water) and countries with the worst water quality.
Water Stress by CountryDetails on which countries are suffering the greatest amount of water stress and have the least amount of accessible fresh water.
Web Index by Country
Wind Power by CountryData and analysis covering each country's ability to generate electricity using the wind, such as via turbines or windmills. Also includes information on each country's actual yearly production of wind-generated electricity, as well as the amount of electricy generated in offshore wind farms as compared on onshore farms.
Windmill Countries
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