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Phone Codes by Country 2023

Making International Calls

To make international calls there is a procedure. There is a code that must be dialed out first, and this is called an exit code so that the call can exit the country. To make a phone call enter another country, and the country code must then be dialed. From there, a long-distance call can be made as normal.

For example, to call the United States or anyone in North America, the exit code of 00 must first be used. The country code must then be used, which will be 1. The number 1 is the number that will be used first by people in that country calling long distance to the other party. When someone in a country dials 1, they tell the carriers they are calling that country, and then the phone number. After 1, the traditional phone number will be used.

For example, to call someone in North America with the number (123) 456) 7890 from overseas, the following number would be dialed: 00 (exit code) 1 (country code) 123 (area code of the region within the country) 456 7890. List of Exit Codes for International Calls

Below is a list of exit codes for international calls, with the number dialed, followed by the area you are calling

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How do I identify an international phone number?

The first portion of the number you are calling is called the exit code, which indicates which country you are calling. 00, for example, connects with nations in the European Union.

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