Tech/Business refers to the technology and business environment of a country, including its innovation capacity, entrepreneurship, and competitiveness. This category includes metrics such as research and development spending, patent applications, ease of doing business, and access to finance.


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Amazon in Other CountriesList of every country in which Amazon does business, including e-commerce analysis and data on Amazon's biggest competitors and international countries where Amazon is found.
Amazon Revenue by CountryData on Amazon revenue by country, including countries in which Amazon makes the most money
Amazon Sales by CountryDetails on the level of Amazon sales in each country, from the countries where Amazon sales are highest to the countries in which Amazon sales are the lowest.
Barcode Countries OriginInformation on barcode origin countries, how to identify a country's barcode, G51 prefixes of each country, definition of a barcode and how a barcode is created.
Binance CountriesList of binance countries, including a definition of binanace countries, what are binance countries, countries where binanace is banned/illegal, countries where binance is legal, and the biggest binance countries in the world.
Bitcoin Mining by CountryData and analysis on bitcoin mining by country, including countries were bitcoin mining is illegal, acceptance of crypto by country, and countries that do not regulate bitcoin mining and crypto.
Bitcoin Ownership by CountryData on bitcoin ownership by country, including what country owns the most bitcoin, what countries mine the most bitcoin, and crypto oenwership by country.
Cell Phones by CountryDetails on the number of cell phone users by country, including which country has the highest number cell phones per 100 users, which country has the most cell phones overall, and which country has the fewest mobile phones.
Countries that Censor the InternetList and details of countries that censor the internet, including countries where the internet is censored and countries with internet censorship.
Countries That Use CryptocurrencyDetails regarding countries in which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium are considered legal tender.
Countries with the Most IKEAsList of countries with the most IKEAs, including countries where IKEAs are the most common and countries where IKEA has the most locations.
Countries without Coca-ColaList of countries without Coca-Cola, including countries that do not have Coca-Cola, countries where Coke is not sold, and countries in which the Coca-Cola company does not do business.
Countries without McDonald's
Croc Countries / Countries Where Crocs Are SoldList of countries where crocs are sold, countries where people can buy crocs, and crocs countries. Includes countries that buy the most crocs and the number of countries that have crocs.
Data Privacy Laws by CountryDetails and analysis on data privacy laws by country, including which countries have the strictest data privacy laws, which countries have the loosest data privacy laws, and how many countries have data privacy laws.
Date Format by CountryDetails and analysis on date format per country, including descriptions of what the different date formats are, what date format is used by each country, and which countries use each date format.
Domains by Country / Domain Names by CountryList of internet domain names by country, including domains by country, every country's domain name, and internet domain names around the world.
Electric Car Use by Country
Entrepreneurial Countries
EV Sales by CountrySales of electric vehicles (EVs) per country, including EV sales by country, which country has the highest EV sales, and which company has sold the most EVs.
Google Pay Countries / List of Google Pay CountriesList of countries where Google Pay is accepted, list of Google Pay countries.
Instagram Users by CountryStatistics on the number of Instagram users per country, including the countries with the most Instagram users and key Instagram user demographics.
Internet Cost by Country
Internet Penetration by Country
Internet Speeds by Country
Internet Users by Country
Inventions by CountryDetails on countries with the most inventions, alternately stated as inventions by country and which countries have invented the most things.
IP Address by CountryData, information, and analysis regarding the internet protocol address, or IP address in every country in the world.
iPhone Market Share by CountrySales statistics and data on the iPhone market share by country, including iPhone's market share per country, countries where the Apple iPhone sells the most, and countries where iPhone has the largest market share.
LinkedIn Users by Country
LTE Bands by Country
M-Pesa CountriesDetails on countries in which the M-Pesa mobile banking payment system is available, including Kenya, Tanzania, and DR Congo. M-Pesa is one of the most popular mobile-based financial services in the developing world.
Most Innovative Countries
Most McDonald's by CountryDetails of which countries have the most McDonald's restaurants, which country has the most McDonald's restaurants, which countries outside the U.S. have the most McDonald's restaurants, and which countries have no McDonald's at all.
Most Technologically Advanced Countries
Netflix Users by Country
NTSC CountriesList of countries that use/used the NTSC television broadcast standard, as well as the competing PAL and SECAM broadcast standards.
Patents by Country / Number of Patents Per CountryDetails on which countries hold the most patents and patent applications, as well as per-country variations in patent-granting procedures and profiles of the leading patent-holding countries.
Payoneer Countries / Countries Where Payoneer Is AcceptedAn introduction to the Payoneer international payment platform and a list of countries where Payoneer is currently in use.
Paypal Users by Country
Phone Codes by CountryList of country phone codes to make it easy to place international telephone calls, including a list of exit codes required to make international calls in some countries.
Phone Number Length by CountryPhone numbers are different lengths in different countries, from a mere 4 digits in Niue to 12 or more digits in several other countries. Find out the phone number lengths of every country and territory in the world here.
Pinterest Users by Country
Plug Types by Country / Electrical Plug Types by CountryDetails on the types of electrical plugs and outlets used in each of the world's countries.
PS4 Sales by Country / PlayStation 4 Sales by CountryAnalysis of PlayStation 4 (PS4) sales per country, including the United States and Japan, as well as the continent of Europe.
Public Broadcasters by Country
Reddit Users by CountryDetails on countries with the most users of Reddit, the social media site that bills itself as 'the front page of the internet.' Also includes info on Reddit's monthly users and business plan.
Semiconductor Manufacturing by CountryDetails on countries that produce the most semiconductors, including the three countries that manufacture the most semiconductors; China, Taiwan, and South Korea.
Signal Users by Country
Snapchat Users by CountryDetails on the number of Snapchat users in various countries, including the country with the most Snapchat users, uses for Snapchat, and whether companies use Snapchat.
Social Media Users by CountryStatistics and analysis on the number of social media users in various countries, including the number of social media users worldwide, social media growth statistics, and popular social media platforms in each region.
Space Competitiveness Index by Country
Spotify Users by CountryStatistics on the number of Spotify users per country, including information on which country has the most Spotify users, the speed of Spotify's growth, and its user demographics.
Starlink Countries
Steam Users by Country
Subway Restaurants by Country
Telegram Users by CountryStatistics and user data on the number of people using the social networking app Telegram in various countries, as well as its number of active users and other user metrics.
Tesla Sales by CountryData on the sales of Tesla electric vehicles by country, including the top 3 countries whose citizens buy the most Teslas: the United States, China, and Norway.
Tier 1 CountriesA list of countries that are considered Tier 1 for purposes of online advertising, as well as a quick definition of not just Tier 1 countries, but Tier 2, Tier 3, and beyond as well.
TikTok Users by CountryData on the number of TikTok users in various countries, including the top three countries with the most TikTok users in the world: the United States, Indonesia, and Brazil.
Tinder Users by CountryPer-country user data for the dating app Tinder, including total Tinder users in each country, as well as profiles of countries with the most Tinder users.
Top YouTubers by CountryViewership data for the top content creators on the video website YouTube in various countries. Identifies the most popular YouTuber in the world and explains the most popular YouTube categories and the content creators' business model.
TV Networks by Country
Twitch Users by CountryData for users of the live streaming media platform Twitch, organized by country.
Twitter Users by CountryData for users of the social media platform Twitter, organized by country. Includes profiles of the country with the most Twitter users, as well as the largest country with zero official Twitter users.
Uber CountriesList of countries in which the ridesharing company Uber operates, as well as details of the various hurdles the company faces in different countries.
Viber Users by CountryUser statistics on which countries have the most users of the instant messaging app Viber. Includes details of Viber use in the United States, Russia, and Brazil, and information on the most popular chat app in the world.
Web Index by Country
WeChat Users by CountryUser data on the number of users of the social media app WeChat in each country, including the countries with the most WeChat users and the total number of WeChat users in the world.
What Country has the Best Netflix in ?Details of which country has the greatest number of available Netflix titles, as well as most popular programming in several markets.
What Country is Nissan From?Information on the Nissan motor vehicle company, including which country Nissan is from and the history of Nissan.
WhatsApp Users by CountryUser data on the social communication app WhatsApp, including the number of WhatsApp users by country and profiles of the top 10 countries with the most WhatsApp users.
World Intellectual Property Indicators by Country
YouTube Users by Country
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