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M-Pesa Countries 2023


As of 2020, Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi became Kenya’s home. first launched M-Pesa in 2007, and it has become Africa’s largest payment FinTech (banking and financial services) app in 2021.

By 2022, the company announced that M-Pesa has approximately 150,000 large business users that perform almost half of their transactions on it.

More than 2.5 million additional small and medium-sized businesses also use it. According to Fortune reporter Bernhard Warner, more than half of Kenya’s gross domestic product value comes from this app. By 2020, this app already had 50 million active, individual users.


In September 2021, Vodacom, another big name associated with M-Pesa, announced that it will enable Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania to perform direct bank transfers using the app.

This location had a 41% increase of monthly users from 2018 to 2020, totaling about 29.7 million subscribed users. An estimated 272,339,270 mobile transactions took place in June 2020.


Patrick Okwe of the Inclusion Times announced in April 2021 that the M-Pesa Mozambique app will undergo a new look (a “refresh”). By this time, users could already perform similar functions as people who can use PayPal would – send money to family and friends, make payments to merchants and businesses, and log in using a PIN entry system. However, the app reportedly improved speed performances.

DR Congo

M-Pesa became one of the driving forces behind the Democratic Republic of Congo’s initiative to improve mobile money services in the country. In 2011, the DRC Central Bank took initiative to develop policies for streamlined online banking in the nation.

At this time, statistics concerning more than 16 million mobile banking users already did indicate an interest. Time would only tell how far the M-Pesa would grow the DRC.


In July 2021, Vodacom decided that its M-Pesa division in Lesotho will operate under VCL Financial Services. M-Pesas in this location has grown from 1,900 users to more than a million. By this time, this country already had more than 3,000 merchants.


In 2016, Ghana hit a user count of about 280,000, which may include data from other locations. At this time, Vodafone paid out $116,000 of interest to its customers according to local bank provider guidelines.


Vodafone first announced its newfound presence in Egypt and Romania by the end of 2013. However, the Romania launch apparently didn’t take. Fast-forward to December 2021, The Africa Report contributor Sherif Tarek announced that Vodacom agreed to purchase 55% of Vodafone Egypt, the company that oversees the M-Pesa brand.

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M-Pesa is not currently available in the United States.

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