Amazon in Other Countries 2023

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Amazon in Other Countries

Amazon has become a dominant force in the e-commerce marketplace and now exists in over 50 countries all over the world. There are hundreds of warehouses for Amazon in other countries across the world, with Amazon goods waiting to be shipped. It is estimated that approximately 2.7 billion people shop on Amazon. That means that almost three people for every seven people in the world has purchased something from Amazon.

Amazon’s competitors across the world include China-based Alibaba, which comes in second, with 1.1 billion shoppers. eBay, formerly the king of e-commerce, is still very popular but only reaches 800 million customers. Nobody has established the business model that Amazon has, and that is why it has kept number one.

The Amazon Business Model

Amazon has a headquarters of three towers out of Seattle, Washington, that has been open since the 1990s. It is called Day 1 after the Day 1 principle by Bezos, where every day is treated like it is the first day of the company. From there, Amazon has warehouses and employs Americans in every single state.

There are also warehouses all over the world in approximately 58 countries. This kind of coverage makes it easy for Amazon to deliver anywhere in the world very quickly.

Countries Where Amazon is Found

Amazon warehouses are home to billions of dollars of inventory. A customer goes online, buys something, and very often, gets it the next day. Amazon uses everyday sellers to help them, cutting their inventory costs. It has improved the quality of life for billions across the world, and, has made life much more convenient during a pandemic.

These are the countries where Amazon is found.

Middle East and Africa

North and South America

Australia and Asia


Amazon in Other Countries 2023

Amazon in Other Countries 2023