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TV Networks by Country 2024

Television networks across the globe vary significantly in number and type. In the United States, there are over 50 national channels, with the big three being ABC, CBS, and NBC. Other notable American networks include Fox Broadcasting Company, USA Network, Max, and Showtime.

Pakistan boasts 90 television networks, featuring 36 news channels, four educational, and seven religious channels. The United Kingdom, with a more concentrated media landscape, has nine major networks, including BBC, ITV PIC, Channel Four Television Corporation, and Paramount.

Japan's television scene comprises seven networks, such as TV Tokyo Network, the Japanese Association of Independent Television Stations, and five news networks. India has a diverse array of 45 TV networks, sharing some channels with the US like A&E Networks, Disney, and NBC, alongside local networks like Sun TV Network, ETV Network, Living Media, and Odisha Television Network.

South Korea's television industry is dominated by four major networks: KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), SBS, EBS, and MBC, with MBC functioning as a public organization and KBS being government-owned. Turkey has a vast array of 196 television channels, but only 19 are national networks, including top channels like ATV, Show TV, Kanal D, Star TV, and FOX.

Spain's television network includes 12 associations of public regional broadcasting networks, three privately owned networks, and the state-owned RTVE. France has 45 TV networks, a mix of privately owned and government-run channels like Arte, a Franco-German network.

In Denmark and the United States, popular networks such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Hallmark, and National Geographic are common, along with Dutch channels like the Voice TV Danmark, 6eren, and ECTV. China, with its vast media landscape, has thousands of channels. Prominent networks include Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation (JSBC), Beijing Media Network, and Radio and Television Station of Shanghai (RTS), with CCTV-1, Hunan TV, Dragon TV, and Zhejiang TV being among the highest-rated channels.

  • Data regarding the number of TV networks is more readily available in Europe than in other regions. As such, data for countries in other regions (most notably North America) may be absent.

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Which country has the most TV channels?

The United Kingdom is said to have the most TV channels in the world. As of 2020, the country had 586 channels. Russia is in second at 524 channels.

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