Inventions by Country 2023

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There are thousands of human inventions across borders, around the world, and through the ages. Countries known for the most inventions include The United States, Japan, South Korea, German, and Taiwan.

Inventions by Country for Countries with Most Inventions

Invention rarely happens in a single burst of insight. It’s usually a steady incremental process guided by intuition, research, and thorough work.

Here is an overview of inventions by country for the top ten most inventive countries in the world as of 2022, focusing on inventions that have been fundamental in shaping modern society.

  1. The United States
  2. Japan
  3. South Korea
  4. Germany
  5. Taiwan
  6. China
  7. France
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Canada
  10. India

The United States

The U.S. is the hub of all innovative inventions. Most new technology was invented in America -- from personal computers, lasers, mobile phones, video games, photocopiers, and even the internet.

Other inventions from the U.S. include hearing aid, micro-ovens, steamboats, submarines, refrigerators, telegraphs, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, cash registers, electric cookers, electronic TV, credit cards, air conditioners, and much more.


Out of total global inventions, Japan has achieved 15.85% innovations. Japanese have invented numerous electronic gadgets, such as compact disks, DVD, CD-ROM, B.D., Battery(lithium-ion), dry cell Battery, MiniDisk, Optical Fiber, Light Emitting Diode, and White L.E.D.

South Korea

South Korea has brought a lot of innovations in fields such as agriculture, technology, and astrology. They invented soybean cultivation, water gauge, heated greenhouse, pluviometer, Homi, refrigeration, underfloor heating, Korean pagoda, star charts, astronomical observatory, Internet café, table computer, M.P. man, and I.P.S. panel, etc.


German inventors have discovered many inventions, from household items to medical devices. Among their inventions are contact lenses, Bayer aspirin, accordion, automobile, bacteriology, gummy bears, Christmas tree, jeans, printing press, newspaper, pocket watch, motorcycle, automated calculator, parachute, x-rays, and coffee filters, among others.


Besides their popular inventions like the electrical gadgets including floating gate transistor, woodball, xiaoluren, integrated laptop projector, and connect 6, Taiwan inventors have discovered great food products like bubble tea, instant noodles, bubble tea, and a plastic cup.


Some famous inventions are paper making, gunpowder, printing, the compass, silk, tea production, alcohol, mechanical clock, earthquake detector, porcelain, bronze, kite, seed drill, toothbrush, paper money, acupuncture, and others.


France has produced inventions such as braille software, mayonnaise, pencil sharpeners, pasteurization, stethoscopes, canned food, hot air balloons, hairdryers, pressure cookers, submarines, ambulance services, photography, animation, and helicopters.

United Kingdom

The first programmable computer was invented in the United Kingdom, a discovery which makes the heart of other new inventions. Other inventions from the U.K are postage stamps, fire extinguishers, magazines, alternating current, vaccinations, railway, antiseptic surgery, radio, etc.


Canada has made 1.70% of inventions out of the total global inventions. Canadians are highly innovative. Their inventions include an electric wheelchair, insulin, light bulb, wonder bra, zipper, Robertson screw, artificial pacemaker, five-pin bowling, etc.


India has contributed a lot of inventions from mathematics, astronomy, cartography, and metrology. The most significant invention from India is the “zero,” without which mathematics couldn’t exist.

Inventions by Country 2023

Inventions by Country 2023