Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes through formal or informal means. This category includes metrics such as literacy rates, enrollment rates, teacher-to-student ratio, and educational attainment. Other metrics like education spending, curriculum quality, and technological readiness are also included.


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529 Plans by State
Abstinence-Only Education States
Age to Start Kindergarten by State
Asian High School Graduation Rates by State
Average ACT Score by State
Average IQ by State
Basketball Colleges by State
Best States for Education
Best States for Teachers
Best States to Homeschool
Black High School Graduation Rates by State
College Graduation Rates by Race
College Graduation Rates by State
Common Core States
CPA Requirements by State
Critical Race Theory Ban States
CRNA Schools by State
Dumbest States
Educational Attainment by State
States that Don't Teach Evolution
Football Colleges by State
Free College Tuition for Seniors by State
Hardest Bar Exams by State
HBCUs by State
High School Graduation Rates by Race
High School Graduation Rates by State
High School Graduation Requirements by State
Homeschool Laws by State
Least Educated States
LPC Requirements by StateDetails on the education, experience, and fees required to attain a Licensed Professional Counselor degree in each US state.
Medical Schools by State
Most Educated States
MPRE Scores by State
Number of Days in School Year by State
PA Schools by State
Per Pupil Spending by State
Praxis Scores by State
Public School Rankings by State
Required School Days by State
SAT Scores by State
School Counselor Requirements by State
School Shootings by State
Smartest States
Student Debt Relief Eligibility by State
Student Loan Debt by State
Teacher Pay by State
Teacher Salary by State
Teacher Shortages by State
UBE Scores by State
UBE (Uniform Bar Examination) States
U.S. Literacy Rates by State
White High School Graduation Rates by State
Worst School Districts by State
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