Economics is the study of how societies allocate and manage resources to meet human needs and wants. This category includes metrics such as gross domestic product (GDP), inflation, unemployment, and international trade. Other factors such as income distribution, government policies, and economic growth potential are also included.


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Age Dependency Ratio by CountryDetails of the countries with the highest dependency ratios, including child dependency ratio, aged/elderly dependency ratio, and lowest overall dependency ratio.
Automobile Tariffs by CountryList of automobile tariffs by country, including which countries charge tariffs on automobiles and answers to the question of what is the average tariff on an automobile.
Average Net Worth by CountryData and analysis on the average net worth by country, including average per capita net worth by country, which countries have the highest average net worth per capita and countries with the lowest average net worth.
Best Countries to Hide MoneyInformation and analysis on the best countries to hide money, including which countries are the best for hiding money and countries where it is legal to hide money.
Best Countries to Live InDetails of which countries are considered the best to live in based upon the United Nations' Human Development Index (HDI).
Best Countries to Retire
Best Country to Live in EuropeAnalysis on the best country to live in Europe, including which country in Europe is the best to live in, the best countries in Europe to live in, and the best place to live in all of Europe.
Billionaires by Country
Binance CountriesList of binance countries, including a definition of binanace countries, what are binance countries, countries where binanace is banned/illegal, countries where binance is legal, and the biggest binance countries in the world.
Bitcoin Mining by CountryData and analysis on bitcoin mining by country, including countries were bitcoin mining is illegal, acceptance of crypto by country, and countries that do not regulate bitcoin mining and crypto.
Brain Drain CountriesData on brain drain countries including the definition of a brain drain country, which countries are brain drain countries, and how brain drain countries and immigration are connected.
CAPE Ratio by Country
Capital Gains Tax by CountryData and analysis on capital gains tax per country, including countries with the highest capital gains tax, countries with low capital gains tax, and what different countries pay in capital gains tax.
Capitalist Countries
Carbon Tax Countries
Cheapest Countries to Live in
Cheapest European Countries
China Exports by CountryInformation on China's exports by country, including which countries get the most exports from China, United States imports from China, and which country exports the most to China.
Command Economy Countries
Communist Countries
Core Countries
Corporate Tax Rates by Country
Cost of Living by CountryData and insight pertaining to the cost of living in many of the Earth's countries, from the countries with the highest cost of living in the world (the most expensive countries in the world) to the countries with the lowest cost of living in the world (the world's most affordable countries).
National Debt by Country / Countries with the Highest National DebtDetailed ranking of countries by national debt, as well as definitions of debt and debt to GDP ratio, an important indicator of a country's ability to carry and overcome debt.
Countries That Use CryptocurrencyDetails regarding countries in which cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium are considered legal tender.
Countries that Use PesosInformation about the monetary unit known as the peso, including details of which countries have used the peso throughout history and which countries currently use the peso.
Countries that Use PoundsList and details of countries and territories where the British pound sterling is the primary unit of currency.
Countries That Use RupeesDetails of which countries use the rupee as their main unit of currency, including countries that used the rupee previously, but do not any longer.
Countries That Use the EuroA list of countries that use the euro as their primary national currency. List includes European Union countries that use the euro, countries that use the euro but are not part of the EU, and territories that use the Euro.
Countries that Use FrancsList of countries that use the franc, including countries currently using the franc, countries other than France that use the franc, and countries that have used the franc throughout history.
Countries that Use the US DollarDetails on which of the world's countries use the United States dollar (USD) as their primary form of currency.
Countries with Flat Tax
Countries with Free College
Countries with Negative Interest Rates
Countries with Paid Sick LeaveList of countries that have paid sick leave, including details on which countries offer paid sick leave and countries where workers get paid sick leave.
Countries with Universal Basic Income
Countries without Central Banks
Countries without Credit ScoreList of countries that do not track credit scores, including countries without credit scores, countries where credit scores do not matter, and countries that don't use credit scores.
Countries with the Most Expensive BeerList of countries with the most expensive beer, including the most expensive beer in the world and the most expensive alcohol in the world.
Credit Rating by CountryData regarding credit rating by country, including which countries have the highest credit ratings, which countries have the lowest credit ratings, and which countries have defaulted on their bonds.
Debt to GDP Ratio by Country
Disposable Income by CountryData and analysis on disposable income by country, including which countries have the highest disposable income, countries where people have the most disposable income, and various forms of income to consider when evaluating income.
Economic Complexity by Country
Economic Freedom Index by Country
ECOWAS Countries
Education Spending by Country
EEA Countries / Countries of the European Economic AreaList of countries that belong to the European Economic Area (EEA), including a description of the organization and its intersection with the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).
Effective Corporate Tax Rate by Country
EFTA Countries | European Free Trade Association
Emerging Countries
ePacket Countries
Eurodollar CountriesData regarding Eurodollar countries, including the definition of a Eurodollar country and the difference between Eurodollar countries and Euro countries.
European Countries with the Lowest TaxesList of European countries with the lowest taxes, also known as the countries with the lowest taxes in Europe. Which country in Europe has the lowest taxes? Find out here.
Exports by Country
Fastest Growing Economies
FATCA CountriesInformation about countries using the Foreign Account Taxation Compliance Act (FATCA), including the difference between a FATCA Model 1 country and a Model 2 country, what FATCA countries are, and more.
FATF (Financial Action Task Force) CountriesDetails on what the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is, what it does, which countries are a part of it, and which countries the FATF has blacklisted.
FDI by CountryInformation regarding Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) countries, including FDI rates per country, countries with the highest FDI inflow, and countries with the highest FDI outflow.
First World CountriesDetailed list of countries that classify as First World countries, including history and definition of the term First World and its related terms, Second World and Third World.
Fossil Fuel Subsidies by CountryData and analysis on fossil fuel subsidies by country, including which countries give the biggest fossil fuel subsidies and which countries provide the most subsidies to fossil fuels.
Fourth World CountriesList of countries considered to be Fourth World countries, in rough observance of the First-, Second-, and Third-World guidelines established by the French demographer Alfred Sauvy in 1952.
GDP Growth by CountryCountries listed by GDP growth, from the countries with the highest rate of GDP growth to the countries with the lowest GDP growth. Which country has the fastest GDP growth? Find out here.
GDP per Capita by Country
Gini Coefficient by Country
Global North CountriesInformation regarding the countries of the Global North, as well as the Global South and the Brandt Line.
Global South Countries
GNI per Capita by CountryInformation and analysis about Gross National Income (GNI) per capita by country, from the countries with the highest GNI per capita in the world to the countries with the lowest GNI per capita in the world. Computed using the Atlas method and Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).
GNP/GNI by Country
Google Pay Countries / List of Google Pay CountriesList of countries where Google Pay is accepted, list of Google Pay countries.
Government Budget by Country
G-24 Countries / Group of 24 CountriesList and details of the countries in the Group of 24, alternately known as the G-24 (often abbreviated G24).
G-77 Countries / Group of 77 CountriesList and details of countries in the Group of 77, also known as the G-77 (often abbreviated G77).
High-Income CountriesList of countries that fall into the high-income category, as ranked by the World Bank Country and Lending Groups.
Highest Paid Government Leaders in the WorldList of countries with the highest-paid government leaders, which countries have the highest-paid government leaders, and which government leaders are the highest paid.
Highest Taxed Countries
Hip Replacement Cost by CountryData and comparisons of hip replacement cost by country, including which countries charge the most for hip replacements, countries in which hip replacements are expensive, and countries with the highest hip replacement costs.
Home Ownership by CountryData and analysis on home ownership by country, including countries with the highest percentage of home ownership and countries where the most people own their homes.
How many Countries are in the World Bank in ?List of countries that are members of the World Bank, including years each country joined the World Bank, total number of countries in the World Bank, and World Bank countries.
Income Inequality by CountryData and information on income inequality in each of the world's countries, as measured by the Gini coefficient.
Inflation Rate by CountryData on inflation rate for 180+ countries, including which countries have the highest inflation rates, which countries have the lowest inflation rates, and definitions of the 3 types of inflation index.
Internet Cost by Country
Leading Trade Partners by Country
Least Developed CountriesList and details of the least-developed countries in the world in terms of human development and economic self-sustainability.
Legatum Prosperity IndexDetails and rankings of each country's place in the Legatum Prosperity Index, including their rankings in more than a dozen subcategories.
List of Tariffs by Country
Low-Income CountriesList and details of which countries are classified as low-income countries (low-income economies) according to the World Bank Country and Lending Groups
M-Pesa CountriesDetails on countries in which the M-Pesa mobile banking payment system is available, including Kenya, Tanzania, and DR Congo. M-Pesa is one of the most popular mobile-based financial services in the developing world.
Major Countries Currencies
Manufacturing CountriesInformation on the top manufacturing countries in the world, as well as the importance of manufacturing to a country's economy and the main products made in each of the world's leading manufacturing countries.
Market Economy Countries
Median Income by Country
Medical Bankruptcies by Country
Middle-Income CountriesList and details of which countries are classified as either upper-middle-income countries or lower-middle-income countries according to the World Bank Country and Lending Groups
Millionaires by CountryInformation of the number of millionaires by country, including the country with the most millionaires in the world and the total number of millionaires in the world.
Minimum Wage by Country
Most Developed Countries in AfricaDetails regarding what
Most Developed Countries in Latin AmericaDetailed profiles of the Latin American countries that are at the forefront of Latin America's rising level of economic development.
Most Expensive Countries to Live InData and analysis regarding the countries with the highest living expenses in the world.
Most Powerful Countries
Most Productive CountriesInformation and analysis about the world's most productive countries, with a specific focus upon the most economically productive countries in the world, with analysis of economic metrics such as GDP per capita and GDP per hour worked.
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) Countries
Natural Resources by Country
Net International Investment Position by Country
Newly Industrialized Countries
OECD Countries
OFAC Countries
Personal Savings Rate by CountryInformation on the saving habits of people in various countries, including countries in which families save most of their income and why some people have trouble saving money.
PMI Index by Country
Poorest Asian Countries
Poorest Countries in Africa
Poorest Countries in Europe
Poorest Countries in North America
Poorest Countries in South AmericaList of the poorest countries in South America, sorted by factors including overall GDP and GNI per capita.
Poorest Countries in the World
Poverty Rate by Country
Public Sector Size by Country
Purchasing Power Parity by CountryData and analysis on Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) conversion factor by country, including a definition of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and which countries have the highest and lowest Purchasing Power Parity conversion factors.
Remittances by Country / Countries that Receive the Most RemittancesDetails of which countries' citizens living and working overseas send the most money back to family and friends still living in their home country.
Richest African Countries
Richest Asian Countries
Richest Countries in North America
Richest Countries in South America
Richest Countries in the WorldDetails on the richest countries in the world, as measured by GDP per capita and GNI per capita.
Richest European Countries
Sanctioned Countries
Savings Rate by Country / Gross National Savings Rate by CountryData on the Gross National Savings Rate for most of the world's countries.
Second World CountriesDetailed list of countries that classify as Second World countries, including a history and definition of the term Second World and its related terms, First World and Third World.
Semi-Periphery CountriesList of countries classified as semi-periphery countries based upon world-systems theory, which was popularized by Immanuel Wallerstein in the 1970s. Under world-systems theory, every country fits one of three classifications: core, semi-periphery, or periphery.
Shillings Countries
Small Island Developing States
Social Mobility by Country
Sovereign Wealth Funds by Country
Standard of Living by Country | Quality of Life by Country
Stock Exchanges by Country
Stock Market Capitalization by Country
Tax-Free CountriesDetailed information about every country in the world that has no income tax and a list of no-tax countries and territories.
Tax Haven Countries
Tax to GDP Ratio by Country
Tax Treaty Rates by CountryLists and details of countries that have agreed to a tax treaty with the United States, as well as the tax treaty rates those countries have agreed to, from 5% to 15%.
Tier 1 CountriesA list of countries that are considered Tier 1 for purposes of online advertising, as well as a quick definition of not just Tier 1 countries, but Tier 2, Tier 3, and beyond as well.
Traditional Economy Countries
UN Funding by CountryData on the level of United Nations (UN) funding provided by various countries, including countries that contribute the most money and countries that owe the United Nations money.
Underdeveloped CountriesList of underdeveloped and (to use the more official term) least-developed countries as defined by multiple sources.
Unemployment by Country
US Dollar Exchange Rate by Country
US Foreign Aid by Country
US Oil Imports by Country
US Tax Treaty Countries
US Trade Deficit by Country
VAT Tax by CountryData on the Value-Added Tax (VAT) in various countries, including countries with the highest VAT taxes.
Wealth Inequality by Country
Wealth per Adult by Country
Which Countries are on the Gold Standard in ?Information about which countries use the gold standard, which countries used the gold standard in the past, and which country invented the gold standard.
What Countries have Four-Day Work Weeks in ?List and details of countries in which the work week is four days long rather than the traditional five-day work week.
Which Currency is the Most Valuable in ?Details on which countries' currency is worth the most and has the highest value. Includes comparisons with the British pound, the US dollar, the Euro, the Russian ruble, and more.
What Country has the Highest Paid Government Leader in ?Details on countries with the highest-paid government leaders, including which government leaders make the most money and which countries pay their government leaders the most.
Workforce Participation by Country
World Trade Organization (WTO) CountriesList of every country currently in the World Trade Organization, as well as countries that are observers, but not WTO members. Also includes brief description and history of the WTO and recent presidential administrations' stance on it.
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