Average Net Worth by Country 2022

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By 2020, the average wealth of Switzerland per capita totals $673,960. Swiss billionaires who earn above this include Ernesto Bertarelli at $8.6 billion and Rahul Blocher at $7.1 billion. Average is about $64,824 USD (62448.85 Swiss Francs) per year.

United States

The average net worth in America equals $505,420 per capita as of 2020. By the end of 2021, the average net worth reported is $748,800. The number of millionaire households in this same year totaled 13.61 million people. The 2020 average household income in America is about $67,521.

Hong Kong

The average Hong Kong net worth totals $503,340 by 2021. About 7.4% of people living in this region are millionaires. The average monthly salary totals a about 36,600 HKD per month, which equals approximately 4664.51 USD.


The average net worth of the Australian people is $482,760 in 2021. A report in 2022 reveals that the “average” Australian person would need to earn more than $300,000 per year to feel “rich.”

More specifically, they would need to earn $326,900 per year to perceive themselves as wealthy. The median income (average of the middle set of income reports) for AU totaled $49,805 during this period. A quarter of the AU people, however, wouldn’t consider themselves rich unless they made $500,000 or more.

The Netherlands

In 2021, the average net worth was $377,090 for this nation. In 2019, the Dutch people had approximately 223,000 millionaire households. Average Dutch annual income totals approximately €36,500 ($42,300).


The average net worth per capital totals US$376,070 as reported by 2021. Average gross monthly income totals about 44,513, which equals to 47,445.52 USD. Denmark’s net financial wealth ranks highest in the European Union in 2021. The top billionaire in the country is worth about $13.6 billion in 2022, and the country has 307,000 millionaires as of 2020.


In Belgium, the average net worth of a person totals about $351,330 in 2021. The amount of average income per year totals 54,327 USD or 50,961.44 Euro annually. More than 28,500 Belgium people have a net worth of at least $5 million in 2022, which doubles what it would have been 10 years prior to this time.

New Zealand

2021 reports indicate that NZ has a net worth by country of $348,200. The highest NZ billionaire has a 2022 net worth of approximately 9.4 billion. The country has approximately 225,487 estimated between 2019-2022. This number has reached as high as 306,823 in 2020.

Average Net Worth by Country 2022

Average Net Worth by Country 2022