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Countries with Paid Sick Leave 2024

Worldwide Paid Sick Leave Rankings

Most nations within the European Union have the best sick pay benefits in the world. However, Japan, Canada and Australia make provisions for employees to receive 66%, 55%-80%, or 100% of their pay.

The United States, by the way, is the only developed country that doesn’t offer any guaranteed sick days. So far, this only existed during the Covid-19 pandemic that led to the 2020 quarantines. California, New York, and other states may have permanent paid sick leave plans, however.


Sweden companies usually provide sick pay instead of the usual wage for the first two weeks an employee is ill. After two weeks, workers can apply for Försäkringskassan's illness benefits. Sweden's employees can receive between 25% and 100% of their salary for a maximum of a year.


Icelandic employees can receive a minimum of two days of sick leave for every month they work. They may receive 100% of their salary for time off because of an illness, some of which may come from an employer or the Social Insurance Administration. For this reason, the Compensation Experts ranked this country as the location with the top paid sick leave in the world.


Norway offers sickness benefits for up to a year. Workers that still cannot work after this time might receive additional assistance. Employers will cover the first 16 days.

The European Commission’s Employment, Social Affairs & Inclusion determines the amount paid to sick employees based on their salary from the previous three months. They might receive up to 100% of their pay for at least 31 days.


According to the European Commission, the maximum amount of sickness benefits (DKK 4,460) divided by the regular number of hours worked per week is the most amount employees receive. It’s based on a 37-hour work week. As a result, workers receive up to DKK 120.54 hourly compensation. This may extend up to 22 weeks or longer, depending on the situation.


Germany follows similar rules as other countries connected to the European Commission.

Workers may receive sick pay during the time when a medical expert has confirmed an inability to work. This could occur for about 78 weeks over a three-year period per sickness. An employee might receive additional paid sick leave time under certain conditions, including new illnesses.


Employees may receive compensation of between 80%-100% of their salary, depending on whether the illness is work-related or not. Slovenia follows the same guidelines concerning this as several other European Union countries. The employer usually pays for the first month.


Employees in this country will receive payment at least 62% of their salaries. Employers would pay at least the first two days. Then, SoDra funds activate, paying about 62% of earnings based on what workers had earned in the previous three months. Organ or tissue problems related to donations might make a person eligible for up to 77% of their salary.


Employers usually pay the first 15 days at 70% of a worker’s income. Then, remaining days are paid at 50% to 60% of their salary for up to one year by their health insurance.

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JapanGovernment/Social Insurance
FranceGovernment/Social Insurance
ItalyGovernment/Social Insurance
CanadaGovernment/Social Insurance
IrelandGovernment/Social Insurance
GermanyEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
SpainEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
BelgiumEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
SwedenEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
GreeceEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
AustriaEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
DenmarkEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
FinlandEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
NorwayEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
LuxembourgEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
IcelandEmployer and Government/Social Insurance
United KingdomEmployer
New ZealandEmployer
United StatesDoes Not Provide Paid Sick Leave

Which countries have paid sick leave?

Over 98 countries require paid sick leave, including 10 days of paid leave for citizens of the Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Singapore. Slovenia has unlimited sick time, and Lithuania requires up to 15 months of leave.

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