Binance Countries 2022

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Binance is a company that hosts a cryptocurrency exchange and has had a history of trading in the market of digital assets. This company was once registered in China, but in 2017 became registered in the Cayman Islands. Its founder, Changpeng Zhao, was a developer of trading software, and developed Binance to offer a new company to trade cryptocurrency.

By 2021, the company was being investigated by the Department of Justice the United States and the Internal Revenue Service of the United States for tax fraud and money laundering. Additionally, the United Kingdom has ordered all activity from Binance to be ceased in the countries of the UK. As such, the list of Binance countries is getting smaller every year.

Countries Binance is Available In

To date, the list of countries that Binance is available to is longer than the list of countries that have banned it. However, the countries that have banned it are the nations with the biggest markets and largest trade centers in the world. It remains a very popular trading platform, but account holders have complained about having accounts frozen or temporarily closed. In some cases, accounts have permanently closed with little public explanation.

Lack of public transparency pointing to the cause of frozen accounts is not uncommon in the cryptocurrency world, as much as the world is a publicly viewed one. The blockchain is not something that can be concealed easily, but the politics and legal steps that occur with individual accounts is not always something the public becomes aware of. Little information is available as to why accounts are closed or frozen. The issue may not always be that of the company Binance, but the individuals themselves, as is often the case when accounts close or are frozen.

Still, the list of Binance countries does get shorter and it will stem from the allegations of tax fraud and money laundering. With Binance changing headquarter locations from China to the Cayman Islands, there is a lot of speculation around the legitimacy of its work. The Cayman Islands are a tax-neutral location where international trade comprises a large portion of its revenue, and 85 percent of the world’s hedge funds are based on an area where the population is 65 thousand.

The Cayman Islands is a British Governing Territory, and Binance Labs is a significant investor here. Yet, the United Kingdom has banned Binance Labs from operation in the United Kingdom.

Countries That Have Banned Binance

Seven states in the United States have banned Binance on the grounds of regulation violations after the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network sought compliance from Binance on multiple levels of cryptocurrency trade. Some states do permit trade here.

The United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ordered that all activity with Binance be halted in the country in 2021. Then, the FCA asked hedge fund firms to register per new anti-money laundering regulations and Binance did not participate. In the same month, the same body in Japan, the Financial Services Agency, banned Binance for the same reason.

Thailand’s SEC, as well, has not only said no to Binance but filed a criminal complaint against them for operating without a license. In other countries, like Canada, Binance is permitted to operate in certain regions, but some regions within the country have banned any operation of the company at all.

Binance Countries 2022

Binance Countries 2022