US Foreign Aid by Country 2020

Foreign aid is money that is given by the United States government to governments of other nations. According to the Congressional Research Service, there are five categories of foreign aid: economic assistance, humanitarian aid, multilateral economic contributions, bilateral development aid, and military aid.

The U.S. provides aid to countries that are recovering from war, developing countries, and countries that are strategically important to the U.S. In 2017, the U.S. spent over $50 billion on foreign aid – just over 1% of the federal budget.

There are several governmental agencies that provide foreign aid. This includes the Department of Defense, the Department of State, the Department of the Treasury, the Department of Energy, and the Peace Corps, just to name a few.

Many countries all over the world receive foreign aid from the United States, but there are a few that receive significant amounts. Iraq received over $5 billion in 2016, Afghanistan also receives over $5 billion, Israel received over $3 billion, and Egypt and Jordan each received over $1 billion in aid. These countries receive a significant amount of military aid. In fact, all of Israel’s $3.1 billion was in military aid.

Other nations have received economic and development aid. Afghanistan receives more than any other nation, but countries in Africa received about 32% of U.S. aid. Nations that benefit include Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. About 31% of U.S. aid is spent in the Middle East, while 25% is spent in Asia.

Compared to other nations, the U.S. by far spends more foreign aid than anyone else. Germany is the next largest donor, but the U.S. spends over $10 billion a year more than this nation. When considering foreign aid as a percentage of GDP, the U.S. is one of the lowest spenders among all developed countries.

Country Obligations Disbursements Population 2020
Iraq$1.17 Bn$870.86 Mn40,222,493
Jordan$1.16 Bn$855.80 Mn10,203,134
Syria$819.37 Mn$694.29 Mn17,500,658
Ethiopia$806.91 Mn$815.35 Mn114,963,588
Afghanistan$760.17 Mn$809.57 Mn38,928,346
South Sudan$749.53 Mn$752.51 Mn11,193,725
Nigeria$739.50 Mn$717.92 Mn206,139,589
Dr Congo$672.06 Mn$437.97 Mn89,561,403
Yemen$633.60 Mn$551.54 Mn29,825,964
Kenya$591.36 Mn$613.60 Mn53,771,296
Lebanon$590.68 Mn$257.68 Mn6,825,445
Niger$573.04 Mn$157.48 Mn24,206,644
Bangladesh$520.16 Mn$311.77 Mn164,689,383
Uganda$482.71 Mn$433.58 Mn45,741,007
Somalia$461.83 Mn$406.41 Mn15,893,222
Tanzania$422.35 Mn$422.66 Mn59,734,218
South Africa$393.44 Mn$362.68 Mn59,308,690
Pakistan$370.37 Mn$438.37 Mn220,892,340
Colombia$265.90 Mn$198.08 Mn50,882,891
Sudan$260.77 Mn$223.87 Mn43,849,260
Ukraine$247.30 Mn$231.72 Mn43,733,762
Mozambique$220.40 Mn$300.80 Mn31,255,435
Mali$215.90 Mn$197.37 Mn20,250,833
Egypt$214.35 Mn$148.90 Mn102,334,404
Malawi$212.42 Mn$327.72 Mn19,129,952
Haiti$207.61 Mn$265.83 Mn11,402,528
Zimbabwe$201.36 Mn$169.33 Mn14,862,924
Senegal$180.36 Mn$156.33 Mn16,743,927
Zambia$180.08 Mn$331.35 Mn18,383,955
Rwanda$176.56 Mn$123.08 Mn12,952,218
Myanmar$172.18 Mn$139.38 Mn54,409,800
Russia$159.42 Mn$159.33 Mn145,934,462
Turkey$159.27 Mn$55.20 Mn84,339,067
Philippines$149.21 Mn$137.40 Mn109,581,078
Guatemala$148.85 Mn$169.42 Mn17,915,568
Ghana$141.31 Mn$185.71 Mn31,072,940
Nepal$134.57 Mn$156.92 Mn29,136,808
Ivory Coast$126.48 Mn$62.76 Mn26,378,274
Micronesia$119.01 Mn$64.22 Mn115,023
Tunisia$118.66 Mn$36.17 Mn11,818,619
Chad$113.08 Mn$79.15 Mn16,425,864
Honduras$111.54 Mn$125.19 Mn9,904,607
Madagascar$109.91 Mn$95.48 Mn27,691,018
Cameroon$105.92 Mn$67.09 Mn26,545,863
Libya$104.37 Mn$46.19 Mn6,871,292
Cambodia$100.30 Mn$68.23 Mn16,718,965
Burkina Faso$92.12 Mn$58.45 Mn20,903,273
Central African Republic$90.71 Mn$64.95 Mn4,829,767
El Salvador$88.23 Mn$110.19 Mn6,486,205
Liberia$86.35 Mn$217.38 Mn5,057,681
India$85.12 Mn$110.42 Mn1,380,004,385
Marshall Islands$84.38 Mn$41.87 Mn59,190
Vietnam$83.12 Mn$77.71 Mn97,338,579
Peru$82.78 Mn$55.89 Mn32,971,854
Georgia$77.77 Mn$102.04 Mn3,989,167
Palau$69.08 Mn$68.11 Mn18,094
Burundi$68.84 Mn$47.41 Mn11,890,784
Mexico$68.58 Mn$62.91 Mn128,932,753
Bosnia And Herzegovina$63.06 Mn$39.99 Mn3,280,819
Indonesia$54.33 Mn$291.58 Mn273,523,615
Morocco$53.11 Mn$61.93 Mn36,910,560
Dominican Republic$47.05 Mn$50.77 Mn10,847,910
Guinea$44.69 Mn$57.41 Mn13,132,795
Kyrgyzstan$44.21 Mn$45.09 Mn6,524,195
Swaziland$43.16 Mn$38.20 Mn1,160,164
Lesotho$42.73 Mn$53.07 Mn2,142,249
Sri Lanka$42.53 Mn$30.64 Mn21,413,249
Tajikistan$40.47 Mn$30.40 Mn9,537,645
Mongolia$38.93 Mn$15.67 Mn3,278,290
Sierra Leone$38.42 Mn$56.33 Mn7,976,983
Angola$38.24 Mn$40.59 Mn32,866,272
Thailand$37.97 Mn$34.70 Mn69,799,978
Moldova$35.08 Mn$34.70 Mn4,033,963
Benin$32.58 Mn$53.32 Mn12,123,200
Nicaragua$30.26 Mn$27.17 Mn6,624,554
Laos$29.56 Mn$8.15 Mn7,275,560
Namibia$29.38 Mn$34.45 Mn2,540,905
Jamaica$29.25 Mn$36.36 Mn2,961,167
Botswana$27.39 Mn$21.52 Mn2,351,627
Canada$26.09 Mn-$21.78 Mn37,742,154
China$25.74 Mn$32.50 Mn1,439,323,776
Armenia$25.59 Mn$26.90 Mn2,963,243
Venezuela$25.01 Mn$15.09 Mn28,435,940
Ecuador$24.84 Mn$16.71 Mn17,643,054
Uzbekistan$23.82 Mn$10.66 Mn33,469,203
Timor Leste$22.91 Mn$20.65 Mn1,318,445
Brazil$21.31 Mn$24.47 Mn212,559,417
Macedonia$21.07 Mn$24.70 Mn2,083,374
Mauritania$18.56 Mn$14.15 Mn4,649,658
Serbia$18.27 Mn$18.44 Mn8,737,371
Kazakhstan$17.03 Mn$17.46 Mn18,776,707
Paraguay$15.96 Mn$18.89 Mn7,132,538
Costa Rica$15.69 Mn$9.66 Mn5,094,118
Albania$15.50 Mn$16.29 Mn2,877,797
Republic Of The Congo$15.08 Mn$2.66 Mn5,518,087
Djibouti$14.80 Mn$10.96 Mn988,000
Azerbaijan$13.97 Mn$12.28 Mn10,139,177
Cuba$11.90 Mn$12.29 Mn11,326,616
Israel$10.77 Mn$11.03 Mn8,655,535
Malaysia$10.73 Mn$8.73 Mn32,365,999
Belarus$10.19 Mn$8.27 Mn9,449,323
Panama$9.79 Mn$10.77 Mn4,314,767
Dominica$9.48 Mn$5.08 Mn71,986
Gabon$8.48 Mn$866,0862,225,734
Algeria$8.36 Mn$2.25 Mn43,851,044
Austria$6.21 Mn$2.23 Mn9,006,398
Argentina$5.02 Mn$3.65 Mn45,195,774
Turkmenistan$4.54 Mn$3.55 Mn6,031,200
Papua New Guinea$4.35 Mn$8.40 Mn8,947,024
Togo$3.86 Mn$2.99 Mn8,278,724
Guyana$3.60 Mn$3.61 Mn786,552
Poland$3.21 Mn$3.21 Mn37,846,611
Kuwait$3.07 Mn$4.02 Mn4,270,571
Vanuatu$2.82 Mn$3.50 Mn307,145
Czech Republic$2.72 Mn$53,73110,708,981
Belize$2.70 Mn$3.92 Mn397,628
North Korea$2.58 Mn$3.58 Mn25,778,816
Trinidad And Tobago$2.52 Mn$119,6081,399,488
Gambia$2.44 Mn$13.14 Mn2,416,668
Fiji$1.96 Mn$2.31 Mn896,445
Bolivia$1.79 Mn$1.04 Mn11,673,021
Eritrea$1.54 Mn$752,0063,546,421
Samoa$1.33 Mn$1.86 Mn198,414
Hungary$1.32 Mn$1.09 Mn9,660,351
Greece$1.26 Mn$404,30510,423,054
Comoros$1.23 Mn$1.15 Mn869,601
Tonga$1.18 Mn$1.33 Mn105,695
Montenegro$1.04 Mn$685,480628,066
Iran$917,676$5.48 Mn83,992,949
Hong Kong$564,000$699,0007,496,981
Chile$558,102$2.65 Mn19,116,201
Solomon Islands$524,998$764,229686,884
South Korea$517,754$631,93351,269,185
Cape Verde$475,518$10.09 Mn555,987
Guinea Bissau$258,508$388,7651,968,001
Equatorial Guinea$171,014$1.12 Mn1,402,985
Saint Kitts And Nevis$162,566$51,86753,199
United Arab Emirates$116,128$116,8129,890,402
Saint Lucia$99,988-183,627
Sao Tome And Principe$24,748-$24,748219,159
Saudi Arabia$17,899$58,25734,813,871
Bulgaria$13,599$1.19 Mn6,948,445
Romania$7,886$1.43 Mn19,237,691
Antigua And Barbuda--$83,61497,929