Poorest Countries In The World 2021

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The poorest countries in the world might not be as obvious as you may have assumed. However, if you figured that every country listed as one of the world's poorest countries is also a third-world country or a nation with a public debt problem, you are not that far from the truth. While there are instances in which the two overlap, it is not fair to automatically assume that all of the world's poorest countries are also underdeveloped. This is mostly due to the negative connotations associated with countries classified as third world nations.

Money is not solely for elaborate funding or exuberance. The hardest part about a world that revolves around money is that it becomes a necessity, to the point where countries cannot sustain a permanent state of cleanliness, invest in industries that could help the country flourish, or develop specific attributes that would elevate a developing country to a place of prosperity. It takes an awful lot of time, energy, and money to raise a country from the ground up, and without a national budget that is reasonable, countries fall short of funding.

Poorest Countries

The world's poorest countries are classified as low-income countries. This is based on gross national income (GNI).

As stated on our low-income countries page, "GNI per capita (formerly GNP per capita) is the dollar value of a country's final income divided by its population. Its income is the sum of value added by all resident producers and product taxes not included in the output valuation plus net receipts of primary income from abroad. The numbers provided on this page are GNI per capita converted to current U.S. dollars using the World Bank Atlas method divided by the mid-year population. GNI is converted to U.S. dollars at official exchange rates for comparisons across economies. The Atlas method applies a conversion factor that averages the exchange rate for a given year and the two preceding years adjusted for differences in inflation between the country and the Euro area, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States."

According to the World Bank, low-income countries are nations that have a per capita gross national income (GNI) of less than $1,026.

Based on this, the ten poorest countries and their GNI per capita in current U.S. dollars are:

  1. Somalia - $130
  2. Burundi - $280
  3. Mawali - $380
  4. Mozambique - $490
  5. Madagascar - $520
  6. Central African Republic - $520
  7. DR Congo - $530
  8. Afghanistan - $530
  9. Sierra Leone - $540
  10. Liberia - $580

Below are the world's poorest countries, all in the low-income category, and their GNIs per capita.

Here are the 10 poorest countries:

  1. Taiwan (-)
  2. Tanzania (-)
  3. Tuvalu ($36.70 Mn)
  4. Montserrat ($62.05 Mn)
  5. Nauru ($103.47 Mn)
  6. Kiribati ($173.66 Mn)
  7. Marshall Islands ($183.00 Mn)
  8. Cook Islands ($290.19 Mn)
  9. Palau ($310.25 Mn)
  10. Micronesia ($329.90 Mn)

Poorest Countries In The World 2021


Poorest Countries In The World 2021

Country GDP (IMF '19) GDP (UN '16) Per Capita
Taiwan$601.43 Bn--
Tanzania$61.03 Bn--
Tuvalu$49.00 Mn$36.70 Mn$36.70 Mn
Montserrat-$62.05 Mn$62.05 Mn
Nauru$114.00 Mn$103.47 Mn$103.47 Mn
Kiribati$187.00 Mn$173.66 Mn$173.66 Mn
Marshall Islands$220.00 Mn$183.00 Mn$183.00 Mn
Cook Islands-$290.19 Mn$290.19 Mn
Palau$310.00 Mn$310.25 Mn$310.25 Mn
Micronesia$383.00 Mn$329.90 Mn$329.90 Mn
Anguilla-$337.52 Mn$337.52 Mn
Sao Tome And Principe$477.00 Mn$342.78 Mn$342.78 Mn
Tonga$493.00 Mn$401.46 Mn$401.46 Mn
Dominica$542.00 Mn$581.48 Mn$581.48 Mn
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines$864.00 Mn$765.32 Mn$765.32 Mn
Samoa$902.00 Mn$822.23 Mn$822.23 Mn
Vanuatu$942.00 Mn$837.52 Mn$837.52 Mn
Saint Kitts And Nevis$1.06 Bn$909.85 Mn$909.85 Mn
Turks And Caicos Islands-$917.55 Mn$917.55 Mn
British Virgin Islands-$971.24 Mn$971.24 Mn
Gambia$1.74 Bn$985.83 Mn$985.83 Mn
Grenada$1.27 Bn$1.02 Bn$1.02 Bn
Sint Maarten-$1.07 Bn$1.07 Bn
Guinea Bissau$1.54 Bn$1.12 Bn$1.12 Bn
Solomon Islands$1.51 Bn$1.13 Bn$1.13 Bn
Comoros$726.00 Mn$1.15 Bn$1.15 Bn
Somalia$7.90 Bn$1.32 Bn$1.32 Bn
Saint Lucia$1.97 Bn$1.40 Bn$1.40 Bn
Seychelles$1.65 Bn$1.43 Bn$1.43 Bn
Antigua And Barbuda$1.72 Bn$1.46 Bn$1.46 Bn
San Marino$1.62 Bn$1.59 Bn$1.59 Bn
Cape Verde$2.04 Bn$1.64 Bn$1.64 Bn
Belize$2.00 Bn$1.74 Bn$1.74 Bn
Central African Republic$2.29 Bn$1.81 Bn$1.81 Bn
Djibouti$2.39 Bn$1.89 Bn$1.89 Bn
Bhutan$2.84 Bn$2.21 Bn$2.21 Bn
Lesotho$2.81 Bn$2.24 Bn$2.24 Bn
Greenland-$2.28 Bn$2.28 Bn
Aruba$2.88 Bn$2.67 Bn$2.67 Bn
Timor Leste$3.15 Bn$2.70 Bn$2.70 Bn
Liberia$3.22 Bn$2.76 Bn$2.76 Bn
Andorra-$2.86 Bn$2.86 Bn
Burundi$3.57 Bn$2.87 Bn$2.87 Bn
Curacao-$3.12 Bn$3.12 Bn
Suriname$3.68 Bn$3.28 Bn$3.28 Bn
Guyana$3.83 Bn$3.44 Bn$3.44 Bn
Sierra Leone$4.00 Bn$3.67 Bn$3.67 Bn
Cayman Islands-$3.84 Bn$3.84 Bn
Eswatini$4.66 Bn$4.01 Bn$4.01 Bn
Maldives$5.75 Bn$4.22 Bn$4.22 Bn
Montenegro$5.44 Bn$4.37 Bn$4.37 Bn
Togo$5.59 Bn$4.45 Bn$4.45 Bn
Barbados$5.21 Bn$4.55 Bn$4.55 Bn
Mauritania$5.57 Bn$4.67 Bn$4.67 Bn
Fiji$5.32 Bn$4.67 Bn$4.67 Bn
Malawi$7.44 Bn$5.32 Bn$5.32 Bn
Eritrea$7.72 Bn$5.41 Bn$5.41 Bn
French Polynesia-$5.42 Bn$5.42 Bn
Bermuda-$6.13 Bn$6.13 Bn
Liechtenstein-$6.19 Bn$6.19 Bn
Monaco-$6.47 Bn$6.47 Bn
South Sudan$3.15 Bn$6.53 Bn$6.53 Bn
Kyrgyzstan$8.33 Bn$6.55 Bn$6.55 Bn
Moldova$12.04 Bn$6.77 Bn$6.77 Bn
Tajikistan$7.70 Bn$6.95 Bn$6.95 Bn
Niger$9.72 Bn$7.53 Bn$7.53 Bn
Haiti$9.60 Bn$7.65 Bn$7.65 Bn
Republic Of The Congo$11.16 Bn$7.78 Bn$7.78 Bn
Rwanda$10.21 Bn$8.47 Bn$8.47 Bn
Guinea$12.62 Bn$8.48 Bn$8.48 Bn
Benin$11.18 Bn$8.89 Bn$8.89 Bn
New Caledonia-$9.45 Bn$9.45 Bn
Armenia$13.11 Bn$10.57 Bn$10.57 Bn
Equatorial Guinea$12.43 Bn$10.68 Bn$10.68 Bn
North Macedonia$12.88 Bn$10.75 Bn$10.75 Bn
Mozambique$15.37 Bn$10.93 Bn$10.93 Bn
Namibia$13.96 Bn$10.95 Bn$10.95 Bn
Malta$15.13 Bn$11.00 Bn$11.00 Bn
Mongolia$13.70 Bn$11.16 Bn$11.16 Bn
Madagascar$12.73 Bn$11.22 Bn$11.22 Bn
Bahamas$13.26 Bn$11.26 Bn$11.26 Bn
Chad$11.37 Bn$11.27 Bn$11.27 Bn
Brunei$13.32 Bn$11.40 Bn$11.40 Bn
Burkina Faso$14.88 Bn$11.70 Bn$11.70 Bn
Albania$15.96 Bn$11.86 Bn$11.86 Bn
Mauritius$14.81 Bn$12.22 Bn$12.22 Bn
Nicaragua$12.61 Bn$13.23 Bn$13.23 Bn
Palestine-$13.40 Bn$13.40 Bn
Gabon$16.71 Bn$13.86 Bn$13.86 Bn
Mali$17.83 Bn$14.00 Bn$14.00 Bn
Jamaica$16.15 Bn$14.06 Bn$14.06 Bn
Georgia$17.21 Bn$14.33 Bn$14.33 Bn
Senegal$25.32 Bn$14.60 Bn$14.60 Bn
Botswana$19.65 Bn$15.57 Bn$15.57 Bn
Laos$20.15 Bn$15.81 Bn$15.81 Bn
Zimbabwe$22.29 Bn$16.12 Bn$16.12 Bn
North Korea-$16.79 Bn$16.79 Bn
Bosnia And Herzegovina$20.15 Bn$16.91 Bn$16.91 Bn
Papua New Guinea$21.45 Bn$19.69 Bn$19.69 Bn
Cambodia$26.98 Bn$20.02 Bn$20.02 Bn
Cyprus$24.64 Bn$20.05 Bn$20.05 Bn
Afghanistan$19.99 Bn$20.24 Bn$20.24 Bn
Iceland$24.54 Bn$20.27 Bn$20.27 Bn
Nepal$28.92 Bn$20.91 Bn$20.91 Bn
Zambia$24.61 Bn$21.06 Bn$21.06 Bn
Honduras$24.65 Bn$21.52 Bn$21.52 Bn
Syria-$22.16 Bn$22.16 Bn
Estonia$31.03 Bn$23.34 Bn$23.34 Bn
Trinidad And Tobago$22.44 Bn$24.09 Bn$24.09 Bn
Uganda$30.37 Bn$25.31 Bn$25.31 Bn
Yemen$29.08 Bn$25.37 Bn$25.37 Bn
El Salvador$26.99 Bn$26.80 Bn$26.80 Bn
Paraguay$42.35 Bn$27.17 Bn$27.17 Bn
Latvia$35.72 Bn$27.57 Bn$27.57 Bn
Bahrain$38.95 Bn$32.18 Bn$32.18 Bn
Cameroon$39.22 Bn$32.22 Bn$32.22 Bn
Bolivia$43.69 Bn$33.81 Bn$33.81 Bn
Turkmenistan$50.35 Bn$36.18 Bn$36.18 Bn
Ivory Coast$45.25 Bn$36.77 Bn$36.77 Bn
Azerbaijan$45.25 Bn$37.85 Bn$37.85 Bn
Serbia$52.42 Bn$38.30 Bn$38.30 Bn
Jordan$44.26 Bn$38.65 Bn$38.65 Bn
Dr Congo$48.46 Bn$40.34 Bn$40.34 Bn
Tunisia$36.20 Bn$41.70 Bn$41.70 Bn
Lithuania$54.24 Bn$42.77 Bn$42.77 Bn
Ghana$68.26 Bn$42.79 Bn$42.79 Bn
Libya$44.96 Bn$42.96 Bn$42.96 Bn
Slovenia$55.09 Bn$44.71 Bn$44.71 Bn
Macau$58.05 Bn$45.31 Bn$45.31 Bn
Belarus$60.95 Bn$47.41 Bn$47.41 Bn
Lebanon$58.28 Bn$50.46 Bn$50.46 Bn
Croatia$61.25 Bn$51.23 Bn$51.23 Bn
Uruguay$60.23 Bn$52.42 Bn$52.42 Bn
Bulgaria$67.04 Bn$53.24 Bn$53.24 Bn
Panama$70.16 Bn$55.19 Bn$55.19 Bn
Costa Rica$60.46 Bn$57.44 Bn$57.44 Bn
Luxembourg$69.63 Bn$58.63 Bn$58.63 Bn
Oman$79.46 Bn$63.17 Bn$63.17 Bn
Myanmar$65.67 Bn$65.70 Bn$65.70 Bn
Uzbekistan$49.20 Bn$67.78 Bn$67.78 Bn
Guatemala$82.33 Bn$68.76 Bn$68.76 Bn
Ethiopia$90.97 Bn$70.31 Bn$70.31 Bn
Kenya$99.25 Bn$70.53 Bn$70.53 Bn
Dominican Republic$84.84 Bn$71.58 Bn$71.58 Bn
Sri Lanka$84.16 Bn$81.32 Bn$81.32 Bn
Sudan-$82.89 Bn$82.89 Bn
Cuba-$89.69 Bn$89.69 Bn
Slovakia$109.86 Bn$89.77 Bn$89.77 Bn
Ukraine$134.89 Bn$93.27 Bn$93.27 Bn
Ecuador$106.29 Bn$98.01 Bn$98.01 Bn
Morocco$121.35 Bn$103.61 Bn$103.61 Bn
Puerto Rico$103.51 Bn$105.03 Bn$105.03 Bn
Angola$92.19 Bn$106.92 Bn$106.92 Bn
Kuwait$136.94 Bn$110.35 Bn$110.35 Bn
Hungary$168.78 Bn$125.82 Bn$125.82 Bn
Kazakhstan$164.21 Bn$135.01 Bn$135.01 Bn
Qatar$193.50 Bn$152.45 Bn$152.45 Bn
Algeria$183.69 Bn$159.05 Bn$159.05 Bn
Iraq$225.26 Bn$160.02 Bn$160.02 Bn
Romania$244.16 Bn$186.69 Bn$186.69 Bn
New Zealand$210.47 Bn$187.52 Bn$187.52 Bn
Peru$232.08 Bn$192.21 Bn$192.21 Bn
Greece$219.75 Bn$192.69 Bn$192.69 Bn
Czech Republic$246.16 Bn$195.31 Bn$195.31 Bn
Portugal$239.47 Bn$204.84 Bn$204.84 Bn
Vietnam$260.30 Bn$205.28 Bn$205.28 Bn
Bangladesh$314.66 Bn$220.84 Bn$220.84 Bn
Finland$276.57 Bn$238.50 Bn$238.50 Bn
Chile$295.61 Bn$247.05 Bn$247.05 Bn
Egypt$299.59 Bn$270.14 Bn$270.14 Bn
Colombia$336.60 Bn$282.46 Bn$282.46 Bn
Pakistan$278.02 Bn$282.51 Bn$282.51 Bn
Venezuela$76.46 Bn$291.38 Bn$291.38 Bn
South Africa$371.30 Bn$295.44 Bn$295.44 Bn
Malaysia$373.45 Bn$296.53 Bn$296.53 Bn
Singapore$372.81 Bn$296.95 Bn$296.95 Bn
Ireland$381.57 Bn$304.82 Bn$304.82 Bn
Philippines$356.68 Bn$304.91 Bn$304.91 Bn
Denmark$349.52 Bn$306.90 Bn$306.90 Bn
Israel$381.57 Bn$317.75 Bn$317.75 Bn
Hong Kong$381.72 Bn$320.91 Bn$320.91 Bn
United Arab Emirates$427.88 Bn$348.74 Bn$348.74 Bn
Norway$427.04 Bn$371.07 Bn$371.07 Bn
Austria$459.59 Bn$390.80 Bn$390.80 Bn
Nigeria$444.92 Bn$404.65 Bn$404.65 Bn
Thailand$516.66 Bn$407.03 Bn$407.03 Bn
Iran$484.66 Bn$425.40 Bn$425.40 Bn
Belgium$531.81 Bn$467.96 Bn$467.96 Bn
Poland$593.29 Bn$471.40 Bn$471.40 Bn
Sweden$547.12 Bn$514.48 Bn$514.48 Bn
Argentina$477.74 Bn$545.87 Bn$545.87 Bn
Saudi Arabia$762.26 Bn$639.62 Bn$639.62 Bn
Switzerland$707.57 Bn$668.85 Bn$668.85 Bn
Netherlands$914.00 Bn$777.23 Bn$777.23 Bn
Turkey$706.24 Bn$863.71 Bn$863.71 Bn
Indonesia$1.10 Tn$932.26 Bn$932.26 Bn
Mexico$1.24 Tn$1.08 Tn$1.08 Tn
Spain$1.43 Tn$1.24 Tn$1.24 Tn
Russia$1.61 Tn$1.25 Tn$1.25 Tn
Australia$1.42 Tn$1.30 Tn$1.30 Tn
South Korea$1.66 Tn$1.41 Tn$1.41 Tn
Canada$1.74 Tn$1.53 Tn$1.53 Tn
Brazil$1.96 Tn$1.80 Tn$1.80 Tn
Italy$2.03 Tn$1.86 Tn$1.86 Tn
India$2.97 Tn$2.26 Tn$2.26 Tn
France$2.76 Tn$2.47 Tn$2.47 Tn
United Kingdom$2.83 Tn$2.65 Tn$2.65 Tn
Germany$3.96 Tn$3.48 Tn$3.48 Tn
Japan$5.18 Tn$4.94 Tn$4.94 Tn
China$14.22 Tn$11.22 Tn$11.22 Tn
United States$21.34 Tn$18.62 Tn$18.62 Tn

Poorest Countries In The World 2021