Exports By Country 2021

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Exports in international trade are goods or services produced in one country that are sold to another country. The producer and seller of the good or service is the exporter and the country buying is the importer.

Exports are extremely important for a country’s economy. Exports offer companies and firms more markets for their goods than what’s available in their home countries. Additionally, economic trade is a major component of diplomacy and foreign policy between governments.

Governments encourage exports and generally want to increase exports over imports. Exports create jobs, bring in higher wages, raise the standard of living for a country’s residents, and increase foreign currency reserves and liquidity. Governments will typically use trade protections that consist of tariffs to raise the price of imports to give their industries an advantage in markets. Additionally, countries also negotiate trade agreements with other countries by reducing trade protections and creating mutually beneficial trade relationships with other countries.

Countries that have natural commodities to produce valuable exports have a comparative advantage, which is when a country produces an export for a lower opportunity cost than other countries. For example, India’s population is the country’s comparative advantage because many of the people speak English, allowing them to be affordable call center workers. Some countries have the perfect climate to grow certain crops, such as Jamaica has the right climate to grow coffee, giving the country an edge in exporting coffee.

1. China

Aside from the European Union, China is the world’s largest exporter. In 2017, China exported an estimated $2.16 trillion worth of goods and services, primarily electronic equipment and machinery. This comprised about 19.6% of China’s total GDP that year. In 2018, China’s exports made up about 12.9% of the global total.

2. United States

The U.S. is the second-largest exporter in the world, with an estimated $1.58 trillion in exports for 2017. The largest exports of the U.S. are planes, spacecraft, pharmaceuticals, helicopters, and refined petroleum. One of the reasons that the United States is behind China in exports is because many goods cannot be produced in the U.S. for a price comparable to that in China.

3. Germany

Exporting an estimated $1.40 trillion worth of goods and services in 2017, Germany is the world’s third-largest exporter. As one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, Germany’s main exports include automobiles (notably BMW and Volkswagen), pharmaceuticals (Bayer), machinery, electronics, and chemicals. Germany is the third of three countries to have exports above $1 trillion behind China and the United States.

4. Japan

Japan’s exports for 2017 were valued at an estimated $683.3 billion. Japan’s major exports include automobiles (third-largest manufacturer of automobiles), automobile parts, and electronics (Nintendo, Panasonic, Sony, and many more). About 20.2% of Japan’s exports go to the United States and about 17.6% goes to China.

5. South Korea

South Korea is the fifth-largest exporter of goods and services in the world. South Korea’s 2017 estimate of exports was $577.4 billion. South Korea is dependent on and its economy is driven by exports, as the country does not have rich natural resources. Its largest exports include electronics, automobiles, computers, ships, and petrochemicals. Notable companies for exports include Samsung, LG, KIA, and Hyundai.

Exports By Country 2021


Exports By Country 2021

Note: Exports compares the total US dollar amount of merchandise exports on an f.o.b. (free on board) basis. These figures are calculated on an exchange rate basis.
Country Exports 2021 Population
China$2.16 Tn1,444,216,107
United States$1.58 Tn332,915,073
Germany$1.40 Tn83,900,473
Japan$683.30 Bn126,050,804
South Korea$577.40 Bn51,305,186
France$551.80 Bn65,426,179
Netherlands$526.40 Bn17,173,099
Italy$499.10 Bn60,367,477
Hong Kong$496.90 Bn7,552,810
United Kingdom$436.50 Bn68,207,116
Canada$433.00 Bn38,067,903
Mexico$406.50 Bn130,262,216
Singapore$372.90 Bn5,896,686
Taiwan$344.60 Bn23,855,010
Russia$336.80 Bn145,912,025
Switzerland$336.80 Bn8,715,494
United Arab Emirates$314.70 Bn9,991,089
Belgium$309.10 Bn11,632,326
Spain$301.50 Bn46,745,216
India$299.30 Bn1,393,409,038
Saudi Arabia$231.30 Bn35,340,683
Thailand$228.20 Bn69,950,850
Ireland$225.10 Bn4,982,907
Australia$224.50 Bn25,788,215
Poland$221.40 Bn37,797,005
Brazil$217.20 Bn213,993,437
Vietnam$214.00 Bn98,168,833
Malaysia$188.20 Bn32,776,194
Sweden$169.70 Bn10,160,169
Indonesia$168.80 Bn276,361,783
Austria$161.80 Bn9,043,070
Czech Republic$157.40 Bn10,724,555
Turkey$157.30 Bn85,042,738
Denmark$113.20 Bn5,813,298
Norway$102.80 Bn5,465,630
Hungary$98.72 Bn9,634,164
Iran$91.99 Bn85,028,759
Slovakia$80.57 Bn5,460,721
South Africa$78.25 Bn60,041,994
Puerto Rico$73.16 Bn2,828,255
Romania$64.92 Bn19,127,774
Chile$64.51 Bn19,212,361
Philippines$63.23 Bn111,046,913
Portugal$62.60 Bn10,167,925
Israel$60.60 Bn8,789,774
Argentina$59.69 Bn45,605,826
Finland$59.60 Bn5,548,360
Iraq$56.74 Bn41,179,350
Qatar$56.26 Bn2,930,528
Kuwait$54.09 Bn4,328,550
Kazakhstan$49.29 Bn18,994,962
Peru$42.47 Bn33,359,418
Nigeria$40.81 Bn211,400,708
New Zealand$37.35 Bn4,860,643
Ukraine$36.85 Bn43,466,819
Bangladesh$35.91 Bn166,303,498
Colombia$34.30 Bn51,265,844
Angola$33.82 Bn33,933,610
Algeria$33.15 Bn44,616,624
Bulgaria$32.05 Bn6,896,663
Oman$31.90 Bn5,223,375
Slovenia$30.23 Bn2,078,724
Greece$29.23 Bn10,370,744
Venezuela$29.16 Bn28,704,954
Lithuania$26.38 Bn2,689,862
Morocco$24.57 Bn37,344,795
Belarus$24.20 Bn9,442,862
Egypt$23.53 Bn104,258,327
Pakistan$21.94 Bn225,199,937
Libya$19.72 Bn6,958,532
Ecuador$19.12 Bn17,888,475
Luxembourg$18.40 Bn634,814
Croatia$15.76 Bn4,081,651
Azerbaijan$15.69 Bn10,223,342
Panama$15.48 Bn4,381,579
Serbia$14.69 Bn8,697,550
Bahrain$14.33 Bn1,748,296
Tunisia$14.22 Bn11,935,766
Estonia$14.02 Bn1,325,185
Ghana$13.75 Bn31,732,129
Latvia$12.34 Bn1,866,942
Paraguay$11.53 Bn7,219,638
Uzbekistan$11.38 Bn33,935,763
Ivory Coast$11.08 Bn27,053,629
Sri Lanka$10.93 Bn21,497,310
Costa Rica$10.55 Bn5,139,052
Guatemala$10.53 Bn18,249,860
Cambodia$10.45 Bn16,946,438
Dominican Republic$10.33 Bn10,953,703
Myanmar$10.07 Bn54,806,012
Trinidad And Tobago$9.67 Bn1,403,375
Papua New Guinea$9.53 Bn9,119,010
Uruguay$8.98 Bn3,485,151
Dr Congo$8.60 Bn92,377,993
Honduras$8.17 Bn10,062,991
Zambia$8.11 Bn18,920,651
Bolivia$7.99 Bn11,832,940
Jordan$7.73 Bn10,269,021
Botswana$7.58 Bn2,397,241
Turkmenistan$7.39 Bn6,117,924
Mongolia$6.20 Bn3,329,289
Kenya$5.80 Bn54,985,698
Brunei$5.78 Bn441,532
El Salvador$5.76 Bn6,518,499
Equatorial Guinea$5.41 Bn1,449,896
Republic Of The Congo$5.24 Bn5,657,013
Tanzania$5.19 Bn61,498,437
Cameroon$5.16 Bn27,224,265
Gabon$5.08 Bn2,278,825
Bosnia And Herzegovina$4.80 Bn3,263,466
Mozambique$4.77 Bn32,163,047
Namibia$4.71 Bn2,587,344
Iceland$4.60 Bn343,353
Lebanon$4.05 Bn6,769,146
San Marino$3.83 Bn34,017
Sudan$3.81 Bn44,909,353
Zimbabwe$3.76 Bn15,092,171
Nicaragua$3.61 Bn6,702,385
Georgia$3.53 Bn3,979,765
Liechtenstein$3.22 Bn38,250
Ethiopia$3.08 Bn117,876,227
Mali$3.04 Bn20,855,735
North Korea$2.98 Bn25,887,041
Cyprus$2.90 Bn1,215,584
Uganda$2.90 Bn47,123,531
Cuba$2.88 Bn11,317,505
Laos$2.88 Bn7,379,358
Madagascar$2.80 Bn28,427,328
Burkina Faso$2.80 Bn21,497,096
Malta$2.63 Bn442,784
Senegal$2.55 Bn17,196,301
Chad$2.44 Bn16,914,985
Moldova$2.42 Bn4,024,019
Mauritius$2.33 Bn1,273,433
Armenia$2.23 Bn2,968,127
New Caledonia$2.21 Bn288,218
Guinea$2.12 Bn13,497,244
Suriname$1.98 Bn591,800
United States Virgin Islands$1.81 Bn104,226
Syria$1.79 Bn18,275,702
Kyrgyzstan$1.77 Bn6,628,356
Benin$1.76 Bn12,451,040
Curacao$1.61 Bn164,798
Mauritania$1.61 Bn4,775,119
Guyana$1.47 Bn790,326
Malawi$1.44 Bn19,647,684
Jamaica$1.31 Bn2,973,463
French Polynesia$1.25 Bn282,530
Faroe Islands$1.18 Bn49,049
Niger$1.18 Bn25,130,817
Macau$1.14 Bn658,394
South Sudan$1.13 Bn11,381,378
Guam$1.12 Bn170,179
Lesotho$1.03 Bn2,159,079
Togo$1.00 Bn8,478,250
Monaco$964.60 Mn39,511
Albania$960.90 Mn2,872,933
Haiti$960.10 Mn11,541,685
Bahamas$934.70 Mn396,913
Northern Mariana Islands$914.00 Mn57,917
Rwanda$908.90 Mn13,276,513
Sierra Leone$836.80 Mn8,141,343
Somalia$819.00 Mn16,359,504
Nepal$818.70 Mn29,674,920
Tajikistan$794.70 Mn9,749,627
Afghanistan$784.00 Mn39,835,428
Fiji$758.60 Mn902,906
Eritrea$635.70 Mn3,601,467
Bhutan$580.00 Mn779,898
Yemen$501.20 Mn30,490,640
Seychelles$495.40 Mn98,908
Belize$483.40 Mn404,914
Barbados$482.50 Mn287,711
American Samoa$428.00 Mn55,100
Montenegro$422.20 Mn628,053
Greenland$407.10 Mn56,877
Solomon Islands$319.00 Mn703,996
Guinea Bissau$281.20 Mn2,015,494
Falkland Islands$257.30 Mn3,533
Maldives$256.20 Mn543,617
Aruba$246.30 Mn107,204
Saint Lucia$204.20 Mn184,400
Gibraltar$202.30 Mn33,698
Liberia$202.10 Mn5,180,203
Cape Verde$158.60 Mn561,898
Djibouti$155.50 Mn1,002,187
Nauru$125.00 Mn10,876
Central African Republic$118.50 Mn4,919,981
Palau$117.50 Mn18,169
Gambia$109.70 Mn2,486,945
Burundi$100.30 Mn12,255,433
Micronesia$88.30 Mn116,254
Kiribati$84.75 Mn121,392
Andorra$78.71 Mn77,355
Antigua And Barbuda$61.30 Mn98,731
Saint Kitts And Nevis$58.40 Mn53,544
Cayman Islands$55.30 Mn66,497
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines$51.30 Mn111,263
Dominica$47.40 Mn72,167
Vanuatu$43.90 Mn314,464
Grenada$43.40 Mn113,021
Samoa$27.50 Mn200,149
Turks And Caicos Islands$24.77 Mn39,231
British Virgin Islands$23.00 Mn30,421
Timor Leste$20.00 Mn1,343,873
Bermuda$20.00 Mn62,090
Comoros$18.40 Mn888,451
Tonga$18.20 Mn106,760
Sao Tome And Principe$10.87 Mn223,368
Saint Pierre And Miquelon$6.64 Mn5,766
Montserrat$5.70 Mn4,977
Anguilla$4.20 Mn15,117
Cook Islands$3.13 Mn17,565
Wallis And Futuna$47,45011,094
Marshall Islands-59,610

Exports By Country 2021