Crime and safety are important factors that can impact a country's social, economic, and political stability. This category includes metrics such as homicide rate, robbery rate, incarceration rate, and police-to-citizen ratio. Corruption, terrorism, and human trafficking are also included.


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Child Trafficking by CountryData and analysis on the incidence of child trafficking by country, including the percentage of human trafficking victims who are children, countries with the highest rates of child trafficking, and countries where child trafficking happens the most.
Countries with the Most Car AccidentsInformation on which of the world's countries have the most traffic accidents, including discussion of the leading causes of traffic accidents.
Countries with the Most Serial KillersList of countries ranked by number of serial killers, including serial killers by country and countries with the most serial killers.
Crime Rate by CountryData and analysis about the overall crime rate of every country in the world, including the factors that influence crime rate by country, and identifying the countries with the highest crime rates in the world.
Drug Use by CountryData and statistics on drug use by country, including which countries have the highest drug use, countries that use the most drugs, and which country is the drug capital of the world.
Femicide Rates by CountryRates of femicide per country, including countries with the highest femicide rates and countries with the lowest femicide rates.
Gun Deaths by CountryData, information, and analysis regarding the number of gun deaths in every country of the world, including gun deaths in the United States.
Gun Violence by CountryData and analysis on the level of gun violence in every country in the world, including the total firearm-related deaths, firearm-related homicides, firearm-related suicides, and unintended firearm-related deaths for each of the world's countries.
Heroin Production by CountryData on production of heroin per country, heroin production by country, countries that produce the most heroin, and leading heroin producers.
Kidnappings per CountryData pertaining to the number of people kidnapped around the world, sorted by the country in which the kidnapping took place.
Mass Shootings by CountryInformation, data, and analysis regarding the number of mass shootings in the United States as compared to the number of mass shootings in every country in the world.
Missing Persons Statistics by CountryDetails on the number of missing persons in various countries, including a reveal of the country with the highest number of missing persons and details on the legal definition of a missing person.
Most Cocaine Use by CountryDetails on the percentage of people in each country who use cocaine, an illegal, yet widely available drug.
Most Dangerous Countries in the WorldDetails and data on the most dangerous countries in the world, created using an inversion of the Global Peace Index.
Most Dangerous Countries for Women
Most Dangerous Countries in AfricaInformation detailing which countries in Africa are the most dangerous according to sources including the Global Peace Index.
Most Dangerous Countries in EuropeInformation on which countries in Europe are the most dangerous to visit or live in.
Most Dangerous Countries in South AmericaDetails of which countries in South America are the most dangerous for both tourists and permanent residents.
Most Violent Countries
Murder Rate by Country
Opiate Usage by Country
Police Killings by Country
Police Spending by Country
Police Training Requirements by CountryLearn the differences in police training requirements from one country to another, including comparisons of how long it takes to complete police training in the United States, Norway, and more.
Rape Statistics by Country
Recidivism Rates by Country
Red List Countries
Road Deaths by CountryPer-country comparisons of the number of road deaths in various countries,
Safest Countries in AfricaData on the safest countries in Africa, including Africa's safest countries and which country is the safest in Africa
Safest Countries in AsiaDetails on which Asian countries are the safest, based upon Global Peace Index scores and national crime rates.
Safest Countries in EuropeDetails on the safest countries in Europe, including Europe's safest countries and which European countries are the safest.
Safest Countries in North AmericaDetails on the safest countries in North America.
Safest Countries in OceaniaDetails on which countries in Oceania are the safest, including the absolute safest country in Oceania: New Zealand.
Safest Countries in South AmericaData and analysis regarding the safest countries in South America, including Global Peace Index ratings as well as various crime statistics.
Safest Countries in the WorldDetailed data on which countries are the safest in the world, including data from the Global Peace Index, US News, and TravelSafe Abroad.
School Shootings by Country
Stabbing Deaths by Country
State Sponsors of Terrorism
Terrorism Statistics by CountryData on the number of terrorist attacks in different countries, including analysis of which countries receive the most terrorist attacks.
Violent Crime Rates by Country
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