Child Trafficking by Country 2023

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What Percentage of Human Trafficking Victims are Children?

Globally, one of the biggest problems is human trafficking. It is something that impacts hundreds of countries all over the world, including developed countries, and a significant proportion of human trafficking victims are children. According to information that has been published by the United Nations office on drugs and crime, approximately one out of every five victims of human trafficking are children. Unfortunately, the most common form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation. Approximately 80 percent of all human trafficking victims, including children, are victims of sexual exploitation. The second-most common form of human trafficking is forced labor. Even though a lot of people believe that slavery is dead, there are lots of situations where slavery is still a significant concern.

What Are the Most Common Parts Of the World Where Child Trafficking Occurs?

Even though just about every country on earth deals with child trafficking, there are two parts of the world where child trafficking is incredibly common. Child trafficking is very common in Africa, particularly West Africa, where approximately 100 percent of all human trafficking victims were children. Child trafficking is also very common in the Mekong region. The Mekong region is very close to Vietnam and Laos, and child trafficking is still a significant problem in this part of the world. Intra-regional and domestic trafficking are included under the umbrella of child trafficking.

What States in the United States Have the Highest Rates of Child Trafficking?

There are several states in the country where child trafficking is incredibly common. The states with the highest rates of child trafficking include Delaware, California, Missouri, Michigan, and Texas. These are also states that have very high rates of human trafficking, where approximately 3.5 out of every 100,000 people in the state are victims of human trafficking. Even though a lot of efforts have been undertaken to try to reduce the rates of child trafficking in these areas, it is still very common. California had the highest rate of human trafficking, including child trafficking, in the United States in 2019. During this year alone, California had more than 1,500 cases of human trafficking reported.

How Can Child Trafficking Be Stopped?

There are several ways to slow the rate of child trafficking, but the best way to deal with this issue is to educate children. It is important for parents to talk with their children about grooming and extortion. It is also critical for parents to talk to their local government officials about how to strengthen legislation to reduce the rates of child trafficking. People who live in areas with high rates of human trafficking should consider donating money to local organizations that fight child trafficking. By pooling resources together, it is possible to significantly slow the rate of child trafficking. Even though it is very difficult to bring this despicable practice to an end in all corners of the globe, there are steps everyone can take to protect children worldwide.

Child Trafficking by Country 2023

Child Trafficking by Country 2023