Geography is the study of the physical features and human activity on the Earth's surface. This category contains metrics such as land area, natural resources, and topography, along with groupings of states by their location in the US.


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10 Letter States
11 Letter States
12 Letter States
13 Letter States
Four Corners States
4 Letter States
5 Letter States
6 Letter States
7 Letter States
8 Letter States
9 Letter States
All Four Seasons States
Appalachian Mountains States
Average Snowfall by State
Average Temperatures by State
Best Weather by State
Black Belt States
Border States
Central Time Zone States
Coastal States
States with the Most Coastline
Coldest States
Contiguous States
Continental United States
Corn Belt States
States with the Most Counties
Darkest States
Deadliest Highway by State
Driest States
East Coast States
Eastern States
Eastern Time Zone States
E-ZPass States
Best State for Fall ColorsList of states with the best fall foliage
Flattest States
Flyover States
Frost Lines by State
Great Lakes States
Great Plains States
Gulf States
Highest Elevation by State
Hottest States
How Many States are in the United States?
Immigrants by State
Landlocked States
Lower 48 States
Mega Millions States
Mid-Atlantic States
Midwestern United States
Mild Winter States
Most Beautiful States
Most Rural States
Mountain States
Mountain Time Zone States
New England States
Northeast States
Northern States
Northwest States
Pacific Time Zone States
Panhandle States
Plains States
Public Land by State
Rust Belt States
Snowbelt States
Snowiest States
Southeast States
Southwest States
United States by DensityThe United States contains a variety of population densities.
United States by AreaAreas of the United States
States that End in O
States that End in Y
States that Have An X
States without National Parks
Sunbelt States
Sunniest States
Top Places to Visit by State
Tri-State Areas
West Coast States
Worst States to Live in
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