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TikTok Users by Country 2024

# of Users
United States113.3M
Saudi Arabia26.4M

Even though it can be difficult to compile data from all over the world, the United States appears to have the most Tik Tok users in the world. It is estimated that the United States has more than 136 million people who engage with the popular video platform regularly. Even though Tik Tok is owned by a Chinese company, it is difficult to figure out how many people actually use the platform in China. Given the sheer population of China, there is a chance that the video platform might be more popular in China; however, China censors the internet, and it can be difficult to figure out how many people in China use Tik Tok.

What Country Has the Second-Most TikTok Users?

It is believed that Indonesia has the second-most TikTok users in the world. It is estimated that approximately 99 million people in Indonesia use the platform regularly. As Internet access continues to grow in Indonesia, it is possible that more people in Indonesia could begin to use the platform as well.

Brazil is believed to have the third most TikTok users in the world. It has been estimated that approximately 74 million people in Brazil use TikTok to watch videos. The platform is growing quickly in South America, as more people gain exposure to everything that TikTok is able to produce. There are other countries that are slowly expanding the number of people who use TikTok as well.

Why Has TikTok Gotten So Popular?

There are several reasons why TikTok has become such a popular way for people to share videos with one another. First, the application is very easy to use. People do not need to have a lot of skill to figure out how to create a video using TikTok. Second, the videos are not that long. People have very short attention spans today, and most people do not want to sit there and watch a video that is several minutes long. With TikTok, people can produce relatively short videos, and they can watch as many of them as they would like. Finally, there are a lot of special effects that people can add to their videos through TikTok. This makes it easier for people to attract followers, build a strong base, and even monetize the content they produce.

Is TikTok Popular in Europe?

Even though TikTok is popular in the United States and Asia, it doesn't have nearly the same following in Europe as it does in other parts of the world. For example, the United Kingdom is estimated to have approximately 23 million people who use TikTok regularly. Germany and France each have approximately 19 million people who use the popular video platform regularly. These numbers pale in comparison to other parts of the world, but it is entirely possible that TikTok could begin to grow in popularity in Europe in the foreseeable future. It will be interesting to see where the platform goes from here.

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Which country has the most TikTok users?

The United States is estimated to have the most Tik Tok users in the world, and it's believed that there are around 136 million people who use the platform on a regular basis.

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