iPhone Market Share by Country 2023

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Which Country Has the Largest iPhone Market Share?

In general, there are two major phone providers in the world. They are iOS, which is closely tied to Apple and iPhone, and Android, which is largely tied to Verizon. Even though the iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices in the world, not every country has a high number of iPhones located within its borders. Japan is the country with the highest average percentage of iPhone users. More than 60 percent of all mobile device users in Japan use iPhones. The United States also has a very large percentage of iPhone users, with approximately 60 percent of all people in the United States using an iPhone. In Japan and the United States, the vast majority of people who do not use iPhones use Android devices.

What Other Countries Use a Lot of iPhones?

There are plenty of other countries that use a large number of iPhones as well. Examples include the United Kingdom, Germany, and China. At the same time, these are all countries where Android is more popular than the iPhone. For example, in the United Kingdom, there is a relatively even split. Even though there are slightly more people who use Android devices than iPhones, both are very popular. In Germany, only about a third of people use iPhone devices. The others use Android devices. In China, about 20 percent of people use iPhones. The rest of the population uses Android devices. Of note, there are a small number of people in these countries who do not use either iPhone or Android devices.

Why Do Some Countries Prefer One Device Over Another?

There are a lot of reasons why someone may prefer an iPhone or an Android in a specific country. For example, there are some situations where iPhone or Android may have a difficult time getting regulatory approval to release new devices. This can make it difficult for people living in those countries to get access to the newest products.

There are other situations where there might be issues with individual cell phone makers or carriers. Apple and Android often enter a new market because they are closely tied to a cell phone manufacturer or provider in that country. If they do not have close ties with a company native to that specific country, they may have a difficult time securing a release.

Which Is More Popular, iOS or Android?

It may surprise some people to hear that Android is actually the most popular operating system for smartphone devices in the world. Android has approximately 87 percent of the global market share. The remaining goes to Apple, which is responsible for about 13 percent of the global market share. Even though Apple is one of the most valuable companies in the world, it is not the most popular smartphone manufacturer. There is also a large possibility that Android could increase its market share during the next few years, as new devices come out.

iPhone Market Share by Country 2023

iPhone Market Share by Country 2023